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As January draws to a close, so does the sixth month of Unprecedented Mediocrity.  Consequently, since this a personal blog/website and not just a mill for articles, I like to from time to time take a detour away from addressing a particular topic and just type about stuff. After all, this is as the heading on the page indicates, A Blog About Stuff.  I have been surprised and blessed by how much traction this blog has gotten despite me generally having no idea what I am doing on the internet. At the end of this six month period, I have gained over 190,000 page views of which I am simultaneously thankful for each one and a little OCD that I couldn’t end it on a smooth even 200,000.  I like clean numbers. Occasionally, I get amused as I will get an email asking who they should talk to at Unprecedented Mediocrity about writing jobs and what not as if I am a large company of some sort.  So yes, I am writer, author, CEO, and janitor of Unprecedented Mediocrity.

The Beginning

If you take a look at my About page on this blog, I think it captures just how much I truly had no idea what I was doing.  While I will indeed update the page and make a few modifications here and there, I plan to actually keep that portion of the about page as a constant reminder that I have already exceeded the expected possibility.  It is a funny thing that when I first started writing, it was exciting when 50 people would read an article.  Truthfully, it still is, but after having several articles reach over 15,000 views and many articles in the thousands, blogging has this funny way of playing with your emotions.

-Facebook is the best way to spread

However, it is honestly more about putting my thoughts out there exposed to the world and feeling this rawness and vulnerability. I can only assume it is the same feeling Michael Moore feels when he is trying to find cover and concealment large enough to hide from a sniper.  It is exciting really. I actually started the blog after being encouraged by several to take up writing because I apparently made funny Facebook posts.  The final straw that led me to do this was the encouragement of I guy I just refer to as Utley. So thanks Utley, as I told you before, I give you 100% of the credit and exactly 0% of any profits.  To be clear there are currently 0% of any profits to split at this point. But still, you get nothing.

The Journey

It is true that there are lots of ways to monetize a blog.  However, that is not really my goal at this point. I mean I have a few ads running, but they pay pennies and if I am lucky I’ll be able to buy a good steak by next Christmas. Now, if you have followed this blog for anytime, you know that I write heavily about military and Veteran issues.  These are just things that I am passionate about and will continue to make regular appearances on Unprecedented Mediocrity.  However, that is not all that this blog is about despite those being some of my more popular pieces. However, a lot of my writing will simply be dictated by current events.

In fact, one of my top 3 articles I ever wrote was titled, Ebola Nurse:  The Most Selfish Hero You Will Ever Meet.  It had nothing to do with the military and did quite well. I also wrote about the news that I was having a son and even my son’s actual birth back in December.  So, this blog has had all sorts of stuff in it the first 6 months and I promise that the future holds even more stuff.  After all, this a blog about stuff.

Kaci hickox ebola


It has also not been my goal to convince you of a particular line of thought.  I am pretty independent minded and I honestly am just reflecting to you where I am at this particular juncture in life.  If you follow the blog long enough, you may very well find that my views change over the years as I am constantly learning.  However, I refuse to get forced into one of the seemingly only two camps our society has created for us.  No one bothered to ask me what I thought when they were making these camps. Would is surprise you that I am a staunch supporter of the 2nd amendment while simultaneously of the belief that there is some truth to Climate Change?  Moreover, I support an aggressive and violent military, but would argue against Torture.  In addition, I am unashamedly a follower of Jesus Christ, but confess I often do a horrible job of doing said following.  Hey, I am just proof that God’s grace covers a lot.  Like really, a lot.

The Future

You likely have heard me use the phrase a, “A Future Without Precedent”, often on this blog.  It is a phrase I have held onto and will use it as a guide.  I mean, if having no idea what I was doing these first 6 months got me here, then imagine what is possible when I learn a thing or two.  So I am inviting all to take this journey with me.  The more we grow the Unprecedented Mediocrity community together, the better the dialogue gets.  I know by name those whom have regularly commented on the blog and the facebook page and am thankful for your continued support.

Look, you don’t have to agree with me to be a part.  I have said it before, that is not one of those sites you go to just to have the same old thinking regurgitated by people who think the exact same thing as you.  The greatest compliment I can get on an article is to be told that you loved the article, but you just disagreed with everything I wrote.  That is a win for me. Consequently, invite others to the blog.  You can share the Facebook page directly to draw more of your friends in.  You can sign up to receive posts by email.  After all, Facebook algorithms limit what you see, so email guarantees you get every article.  You can follow me on twitter @Jeffed0311.  I even have a Google Plus page that I often forget to post to because well, it’s Google Plus.  Send me an email at Jeff@unprecedentedmediocrity.com  So I say again, let’s walk this journey together.  If you have article ideas, feel free to send them in. If you have a product or service you want me to review, send me a free sample and I’ll write about.  Not drugs people.  Don’t send me drugs no matter how delicious you think your crack may be. I actually hate the computer I use, so if you want to send me a computer, I will name you Unprecedented Mediocrity’s person of the year.

So here we go people.  Get excited about the next 6 months of stuff.  That is your stuff, my stuff, our stuff and really, just all sorts of stuff. Something big awaits us all.

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  1. Happy anniversary Jeff. I look forward to new articles. My opinion, which counts for squat, is that you are doing great. Keep it coming, Shane.

  2. i have to say i agree with your intent and execution, which means i don’t agree with everything you write, but enjoy and look forward to your posts nonetheless. I just enjoy reading thoughtful commentary on our society, and life, free of personal agendas. it may be the teacher in me, or the marine 0311, but yours has quickly become one of my favorite reads. keep up the great work and best wishes.

    1. Thanks Don. I appreciate the feedback. I’ll keep working to make the teacher and the grunt in you proud!

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