If Donald Trump is denied the GOP nomination and runs third party, is a vote for Trump a vote for Hillary?  He was robbed you say and the party establishment denied the will of the people.  Well, I’m with you then and if knowing the logical outcome you cast a vote for Donald as a 3rd party candidate then I salute you sir or madam.  You would know that splitting the conservative vote pretty much ensures a Hillary Presidency and yet, you would do it anyway out of principle now wouldn’t you?  So why is my principled vote for a 3rd party or write-in candidate abhorrent to you? I told you from day one this conservative-leaning man wouldn’t vote for Trump so you will have to pardon me if I act as if I am a man who simply means exactly what he says.

The Reckoning

I have sensed a strange disturbance in the internet force over the past week and it tells me that Donald Trump supporters who are certain he is closing in on the nomination are starting to panic over the notion that conservative leaning people like myself were serious when we said we would never cast a vote for Donald Trump.  The retort when I mention writing in a candidate, ahem Mattis, or perhaps considering a third party candidate is that any other vote is basically a vote for Hillary, although the name is typically changed to Killary in that conversation.


To which I then reply that’s not how any of this works.  I am typically then accused of being a “libtard” socialist media plant and often told to go do something sexual with Obama.  Literally, it always turns to me doing something sexual with Obama.  Seriously, what’s with the Obama sex fantasies.  But I do lean conservative, I do have a disdain for Hillary, and I would have voted for any GOP candidate this year over her.  Literally anyone except Donald J. Trump.  It is as if it was poor strategy to nominate an internally divisive candidate. Who knew?

Truth be told, I respect supporters of Donald Trump if they genuinely believe out of principle that he is the best man to “make America great again.”  But I’m here to tell you that I reject the 12-year-old schoolgirl antics that tell me if I don’t vote for Donald Trump then I can basically sit with fat marge at lunch because I apparently like how she smells and I obviously really want Valley to win the big homecoming game.  Sorry plastics, I’ll eat my Saulsberry steak and box of chocolate milk in solitude with principled resolve and like it just fine.  I am voting my conscience and I would never ask anything else of you.

The Two Party Conundrum

America will never break free of the two-party tyranny if we continue make it pitched battle between “us” and “them.” Your party, be it Democrat or Republican, has been so successful at crafting fear of the other guy that you hide under their legs screaming you will do whatever they please, just don’t let the bad people hurt them.  That mentality is killing America and yet, I have myself fallen subject to that same lie in many elections past.  The “red pill” v “blue pill” conversation has grown tired and it took an unpalatable pill choice like Trump v Clinton for me to wake up.

3rd Party Against Trump

A vote for a 3rd party or write-in candidate is a principled vote important to our Democracy that says you are not going to take it anymore, cue the Twisted Sister song.  Sure there is not a candidate that would seem to win, but when did moral courage and political dissent make victory a prerequisite? If 20 years from now my children ask me if I voted for Trump or Clinton in the disastrous 2016 election I will be proud to look them dead in the eye and say “neither.”

I don’t know when and how monumental political reform will come to America, but I know it won’t come as long as the two party system remains as it is. So yes, I am voting to “make America great again,” or for “hope and change”, I’m just doing it without the leash others would impose upon me.

A Vote for Hillary

Guys, Donald Trump is going to lose badly to Hillary Clinton in the general election.  Some analyst are suggesting it will be the biggest landslide since Reagan’s 1984 victory and before you consider that media bias hear this.  The mathematical sum of the people who voted for Obama twice is greater than the conservative movement minus all the people like me who can’t out of conscience cast a vote for Trump.  My third party or write in vote is not a vote for Hillary, but from day one, a vote for Donald Trump as the nominee just might have been. And the fascinating thing about it all is there will be no guessing about it as we find out in November.

If I didn’t know any better, I would say that Donald Trump is Hillary Clinton’s Manchurian candidate.  Set in motion to ensure a particular outcome for Hillary because it’s not like Trump donated massive sums to Hillary Clinton in the past or anything.  Well, Donald Trump is about to get a huge ROI on that strategic bet as she becomes President of the United States thanks to him.  But no, the guy and many like me who said from day one we could never support the guy advocating restriction of the press, war crimes, and unilateral constitutionally incongruent actions are not to blame for President Hillary Clinton.  I will be angry about a President Clinton too, but here is why.  Watch the 2 minute clip below to set the mood.

Don’t threaten me with a President Clinton to coerce my vote in November. Don’t tell me I am obligated to choose between Athens and Xerces.  Earth and Water.  You bring the heads of conquered GOP candidates to my blog, you insult my beloved General Mattis, and you threaten me with a Clinton tyranny I already sought to oppose? Oh, I have chosen my candidate carefully Persian, perhaps you should have done the same.  Madness you say to enable a Clinton Presidency?  This is Unprecedented Mediocrity!  Seriously, it would be really great if you could fall on your back like I kicked you after just reading that.  No obligation, just a personal favor and life-long dream.  If you are voting 3rd party or write-in candidate in November, use this to tell others why.  You are a man or woman of principle who no longer consents to play the game you have been told you always have to play.

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6 Replies to “A 3rd Party Vote is Not a Vote for Hillary Because THIS IS AMERICA!”

  1. A good read but might I suggest you look into the Libertarian Party and the candidate Gary Johnson

  2. I’m proud to have never voted for a Big Two candidate and this year is unlikely to change that. I could probably vote for Sanders, but I’m sure he will be done in by the DNC. My dream scenario is the establishment rigs things so you get Clinton and a Republican to be named later, then Trump and Sanders as independents and the ensuing chaos brings down the two party system.

  3. Actually, if enough people vote for a third party candidate, the Electoral College will either elect a third party candidate, or really, really pissed off a lot of people who have already been pushed to the limit.

  4. As a Californian, my vote really hasn’t mattered in a while. The Democrat always wins by 2-3 million votes in a winner-take-all state.

  5. Sadly, I do not believe anything short of a cataclysmic disaster of exponential proportion on US soil will break the us v them status quo. This applies not only to politics, but to governance, legal system, economic, and societal dynamics. Is there anything in our society that is not us v them?

  6. Ok first, STOP assuming that Hillary will be the DNC canidate. There are many many people on the left that hate her as much as the people on the right. Not to mention us poor independents that normally have to choose between the two sets of train wrecks. I have been voting for a little bit of time now and have voted for GOP, DNC and other parties. Sanders is as much of a third party canidate danger as Trump (the difference is Sanders said he would support HRC), but there is a large group of independents and Democrates that have already stated they will simply write Sanders name in on their ticket.

    Ok rant over… well almost Why did Jim Webb leave us?

    Further your article does underline what I have believed for a long time and that is the two major politcal parties have been putting smoke and mirror issues in front of us and not really solving problems and getting to the root cause of problems. This causes this big divide between us instead of solving the damn probably both groups of people are mad about. Which suits these two parties very well because it is always the other sides fault.

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