Do you want the fathers of raped women to take justice into their own hands?  Mr. Judge because this is how you get the fathers of raped women to take justice into their own hands.  Now, I say little girls because as a father to two little girls myself I don’t know that I will ever be able to see them as anything but.  Yes, I know they will grow up all though there is a small part of me that hopes the rapture comes before they hit their teen years.  I simply can’t imagine what I would do if I knew the identity of a man who raped my daughter, but I’m pretty sure it involves a pair of jumper cables, a weed eater, and perhaps a sack full of angry cats.  What restraint I would have would be based on the fact that we live in a nation of laws where justice can have its due course.  Surely when the man had his day in court retribution would be handed out and my daughter could sleep in the peace that our justice system values her as a woman.  That was until the Judge in the case of the Stanford College swimmer gave him a sentence of 6 months in the county jail, reduced to 3 with good behavior.  Anyone have a set of jumper cables I can borrow?

A Judge That Should be No More

Clearly what this young man did was despicable, but this article is not really about him at all.  He is guilty, there were eyewitnesses who saw this man raping the unconscious girl behind a dumpster none the less, and was in fact found guilty.  Rather, it’s about this judge.  This grown man was elected to dispense justice on behalf of the citizenry so we don’t have to do it ourselves.  As a judge, we ask him to make value judgements on right and wrong and make no mistake about it, this judge gave insight into what he values in life.  Here is the man below in front of books that clearly tell him a woman’s virtue is moot if the rapist is a good swimmer at an elite school.


When handing down this painfully light sentence for an atrocity such as rape, the judge said that a long prison term would negatively affect this young man’s life.  He was smart, a stand-out swimmer at Stanford, and had no criminal record therefore he should get a light sentence.  Well Mr. Judge, I’m a smart guy, I qualified at the highest level of Marine Combat Swim Qualification, and I don’t have a criminal record.  Are you telling me I get one rape?  I get a freebie to assault a woman and all it will cost me is summer vacation at the county jail.


That’s absurd and total miscarriage of justice.  It’s like when the Catholic Priest abuse scandal was going on and all the Cardinals and Pope met at the Vatican to address the issue.  With great pomp and resolve, they announced a zero tolerance policy for child sexual abuse.  Now, that sounds great but a big part of me was like, what the hell was the policy before that?  What, do you get one kid at graduation or something. Its ridiculous, this judge is ridiculous and every effort to remove this man from the bench should be taken.  Every day in this country, powerless women will fall victim to stronger men and the one hope they have when it is over is that justice will be done.  Mr. Judge, you robbed our daughters of that protection.

To the Swimmer and His Father

The father of the rapist who no doubt loves his son was famously quoted as saying that his son had already paid a heavy price for “20 minutes” of action.  Well daddy, give me 20 minutes with you and I’ll give you a different kind of action if you ever talk about the rape of my daughter in such a cavalier manner.  I have two daughters and a son.  If my son did something like this I would love him none the less and I would visit him in jail every day that I could.  But I would not ask another father to bear the burden of watching his daughter’s rapist get off practically with a slap on the wrist.


And to douchy college frat boy rapist, we have other matters to settle.  I’m a fair man, so I’d give you a warning.  When you get out in 3 months you better disappear.  You better make like Carmen San Diego, you better be harder to find than Waldo, and you had best be ready for justice.  I’m sorry, I know that sounds like tough talk, but it makes my blood boil to even think of it.  I can forgive you in time as Christ forgives us all, but a judge that would only give you 3 months simply didn’t give me enough time to reach that level of sanctification.

But to you Mr. Judge, you exposed every girl in this nation to danger.  You showed the world that you value the career of a young rich man over the sanctity of a girl’s right to consent.  You saved a rich kids future, but you abandoned rape victims across this nation.  To the people of California, I can’t help you recall this judge but on behalf of fathers everywhere I hope you hippie progressives find a way to make it happen.  Otherwise, I’m investing in a pair of jumper cables and new weed eater just in case.

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11 Replies to “The Stanford Rapist’s Judge Abandoned Little Girls Across this Nation”

  1. Good read, glad it wasn’t my daughter. If it happens to yours I’ll bring the weed eater . This judge is an absolute joke.

        1. I’ll get the cats. I’ve also go one of those, almost novelty, jumbo Sea bags full of old uniforms. Dump the clothes and we could get the perp, and the cats in there at the same time.

  2. This situation echoes the first scene from The Godfather. Bonasera comes to Don Corleone because the court system has not provided justice in the matter of his wronged daughter.

  3. OMG… I just can’t with this judge or this guy. I don’t have a weed eater or cats, but will definitely contribute to a gofundme to replace yours when you use on this guy.

  4. The only thing that comes to mind is “fuck his future,,the judge and this asshats father”! Sorry, not a very eloquent response but as the father of a 7yo daughter that is about all that comes to mind. I have begun talking with my daughter about defending herself (to the extent her age allows) and will train her as she grows older and believe me when I tell you she will know how to throw a punch.

    – the dad needs a good beating because we know where the kid got this from.

  5. Many of us Californians would gladly beat the kid to death with the judges severed limbs if we could. Just so you’re aware.

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