Dr. Strangelove would be the movie if you find yourself wondering why the title of this article and the featured image feels familiar. Or more specifically, Dr. Strangelove: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. It’s a classic move I hope is still enjoyed by today’s generation but most likely not. A rogue Air Force General orders a nuclear strike against the Soviet Union and well, hilarity ensues. A dark satirical movie now included in the national film registry, it brings up a few ironic points that I think are prevalent during the recent debate on national reciprocity. Or perhaps I just like the movie and dug a way to working it in. Either way, it’s my blog, come to terms with it. Looking back on the Cold War and having grown up during it’s hey day, Wolverines, I find it remarkable that we all might have a reason to love the bomb. Sure, it’s likely to hand the planet over to an emerging race of apes one day but as for the Cold War, the bomb is pretty much the only reason the world didn’t kill each other in numbers that would make WW2 casualties seem insignificant. As greedy, evil and aggressive as man might be, the nuclear age created a scenario of war that just seemed unthinkable. But let’s talk guns and why those who worry and fear them should just stop and learn to love national reciprocity.

If Guns Scare You Please Don’t Carry One

First off to my gun fearing fellow citizens, know that I respect you. This is the land of the free, home of the brave and birthplace of bacon. Not sure about that last one, but I’m claiming it for us. American’s like what they like and those who don’t like guns have a right to do so. More than a right, if guns terrify you I’d go so far as to say you have a moral obligation not to carry a gun. I’m not talking about the reverent fear and respect that most gun owners do have for them. I’m talking about this below.

Last year, reporter Gersh Kuntzman was made famous by reporting his first encounter firing an AR-15. In his findings he reported, “The recoil bruised my shoulder, which can happen if you don’t know what you’re doing. The brass shell casings disoriented me as they flew past my face. The smell of sulfur and destruction made me sick. The explosions — loud like a bomb — gave me a temporary form of PTSD. For at least an hour after firing the gun just a few times, I was anxious and irritable.”

Now, personally I diagnosed Kuntzman with getting a moto boner and not knowing what to do with this strange new feeling. However, Gersh Kuntzman brother I don’t really want you carrying a gun. It’s your right to do so if you choose, but if you fear guns this much then you will be doing your civic duty by sticking a can of mace in your purse as an alternative. Guns require an awesome responsibility and respect to handle appropriately. Every year, many lives are lost not due to the guns themselves but negligence and a failure to master the tool. If you can’t do this pew life well then the pew life isn’t for you my friends. No harm, no foul and that’s the cold hard truth with some cheese on it.

national reciprocity

So What about Concealed Carry Holders?

Currently there are all sorts of stats that show how concealed carry holders are actually some of the most law abiding people on the planet. I don’t want to get into what sources you find credible, so go find your own stat and source you will believe on that. However, it is in my observation of both data and human behavior remarkably true. Applying for a government permit to carry a gun when you intend to perpetrate violent misbehaviors with it is like linking and sharing your computer screen with your pastor before you get ready to look up porn. You just don’t do that people, you don’t, but God be watching you!

The overwhelming majority of concealed carry holders, like 99.98% or 99.97% or 99.5% depending on which stat you believe don’t commit crimes with their guns or any felony crimes at all to speak of. Moreover, your average concealed carry holder has likely committed to the training, practice and documentation necessary to match the respect they have for this powerful tool. I live close to a rifle range and I hear the pew from my backyard everyday. My kids as me if they should be scared and I answer no, because those are the people who will know how to appropriately use this weapon. These are the concealed carry holder type. Fear those whose first time they go pew is when they need the pew most. 

national reciprocity

The concealed carry holder is not the person to leave their gun on the coffee table when they have a 3 year old in the house. That’s Cleetus and Cleetus likely doesn’t have a permit. The concealed carry holder is not the person to place their Glock in the waistband of their sweatpants with no holster. That’s Carl and Carl likely doesn’t have a permit. But what you need to understand is that Cleetus and Carl are going to do that anyway and they are likely doing it regardless of your gun laws. What you need to understand is that responsible gun owners don’t like Cleetus and Carl anymore than you do! Your gun laws will still catch Cleetus and Carl, however, your gun laws are unfortunately catching the responsible concealed carry holder who took a wrong turn into New Jersey. The man who is statistically improbable of committing a crime.

If It’s a Right then It’s a Right

Believe what stat you want, but the likelihood of you who fear guns getting harmed by a concealed carry holder is super low. But let’s look at it this way America. I do not fear walking into a room full of Muslim men because I know the statistical likelihood that one of them is going to be a terrorist is remarkably low. Yet most importantly, were I to be fearful I need to get over it because freedom of religion is a right in the United States of America and one that needs not check my level of fear for it to be so. Guns are a right and your fear of them doesn’t diminish it one bit. Your need for them doesn’t diminish it one bit. And state lines ought not to diminish them either.

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I live in Washington State, although the cooler more Montana looking part. Yet, if a resident of Seattle, just for example, say wanted to protest Donald Trump and dress up like a puppet vagina and scream from the top of her lungs she has that right under freedom of speech. Never mind the fact that the site of such a spectacle would indeed terrify me. I’m a married man with kids and no stranger to the female reproductive organs, but one that starts screaming like a banshee is just bone chilling. If, however, in her rebellious glee she were to prance over the state line into Idaho should this walking flower be arrested if Idaho interprets a constitutional right differently? Is that not the purpose of the constitution but to enshrine rights for all Americans?

I originally come from the South and in my parents generation they attempted to enact laws locally that violated the constitution. Consequently, African-Americans were cautioned about the dangers of travelling in certain regions. Why, through force of law or state should any American have to fear travelling to any part of the United States of America while exercising a constitutional right? Why, in modern society should a concealed carry holder who is exercising a constitutional right fear travelling to parts of the United States of America?

In Conclusion

I decry any law or force of state that makes criminals out of saints. The drug war is ridiculous. Locking someone up because they are too poor pay a speeding ticket and then adding more fines on top of it for having the audaciousness to be too poor to pay for being locked up is ridiculous. Sending any concealed carry holder to prison for crossing a state line is in my opinion a violation of a constitutional right based on fear not supported by the data.

You are arresting the person least likely to commit a crime and most likely to help you out for crossing a state line. What is going on with concealed carry holders simply would not hold water with any other constitutional right. Keep in mind, I think the right extends far past the concealed carry holder but if you fear guns to the point you can’t handle your first moto boner that’s a discussion for which we are not quite ready. The House of Reps has passed national reciprocity, you should encourage the Senate to do the same whether you love or fear guns. Do it for the right if nothing else. Do it so that we are not making criminals out of saints. 

national reciprocity

National reciprocity will stop making sinners out of saints and should you be one to fear guns I’d advise you to consider that you are safer with it than without it. Cleetus and Carl are a threat to us all, but concealed carry holders are just exercising a right. They don’t deserve to go to jail and nor can they be expected to detour around entire states. Some fear certain religions and yet, freedom of religion is a thing. Some fear certain types of speech and yet, freedom of speech is a thing. Perhaps it’s time for you to stop fearing guns and learn to love national reciprocity because rights by any other name are still a thing in the United States of America.

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