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I must confess that I love Science Fiction.  I am not sure whether that has come across in my writing at all, but I am indeed a fan of Science Fiction and in fact Science itself.  Consequently, when I use the term terraforming I know full well what I mean, but you may not.  So rather than try to explain it myself I am going to quote Nobel Prize winning Scientist Dr. Wiki Pedia and define terraforming as “(literally, “Earth-shaping”) of a planet, moon, or other body is the theoretical process of deliberately modifying its atmosphere, temperature, surface topography or ecology to be similar to the biosphere of Earth to make it habitable by Earth-like life.” Thus, with that definition in mind, I would like to take you down the road of banned American Flags and the terraforming of America.


Now, first of all let me just go ahead and note that of course the latest example of such behavior took place in California. I am not saying California is a brothel of progressive thought, but I’m just saying 10 bucks will get you a gender neutral, non-state, non-ethnic, non-militant lap dance from the Greendale Community College non-offensive mascot at almost any 7-11 in the Golden State. See below for non-Community fans. But if you live in California and you are one of my readers, then I am not talking about you. Unless I am in which case this is awkward.  But still, I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.  Seriously, I would.

UCI mascot

The point is, the most recent example of flag banning took place at the University of California Irvine which will hence forth be referred to as UCI as UCI is much easier to type. It appears that some student council of sorts at UCI voted to ban the American Flag from its main lobby for fear that the American flag might trigger responses in some students.  You see, they wanted it to be an inclusive place and should the ole Star Spangled Banner make some turn and walk away, well that is just more than their conscious could bear.


Now, I feel like I need to digress here and explain that I am actually a pretty big fan of immigration and honestly have a softer approach than many.  I think immigrants both legal and illegal contain individuals and families that have much to offer America. If my family was threatened by drug violence in my homeland and such a palpable land of hope such as America existed a short walk away, well, to be honest not much would stop me from securing the safety of my family.  That is just me, but we can agree to disagree.

That being said I am a literally hawk on Border Security.  You see, I could care less how many immigrants come across the border just so long as those that cross are known to us.  Illegal immigration is a problem not in the fact that who is crossing the border, but that we have no way of knowing who that is? That is an absurd problem for a nation to have.  It is foolishness and a bi-partisan American failure of epic proportions.  That being said, if a family wants to work, pay taxes, and become an American, regardless of how you got here, I say God Bless America.  After all, there are plenty of natural born citizens who have contributed little to nothing to this nation and their only street cred is they popped out of their momma’s star spangled hoo ha.  Moving on.

Ignorance Abounded by Foolishness

Normally, I wouldn’t bother to comment on the ramblings of a few college students in California of all places.  However, the absurdity of these actions attracts me and absurdity is my muse. I truly believe most of these college kids are just ignorant. They are ignorant of the world and the specifically the blood shed to ensure that flag flows in this land.   My six grade teach called me ignorant once to which I took great offense until she explained that ignorance was merely the act of not knowing.  So these kids.  These sheltered little kids are just ignorant.  They are not the first of the young people of our world to attach themselves to trendy enlightenment.  They are just the most currently popular. They know nothing of the sacrifice and can not fathom of seeing the below images knowing a brother for life is in them.

ban the flag?

Honestly, that is all this is.  A few kids, breaking out of their parents Southern California houses thought they have seen the world and its injustice and they must correct its wrongs.  Perhaps they sit under a tenured college professor who speaks of the evil of America and tells them the rest of the world is but kittens seeking to innocently nurse at their momma cat’s teet until America comes along and slays it. Ignorance ladies and gentlemen.  Ignorance. But let’s talk about the foolishness.

The Danger of Foolish Thought

Here in lies the danger. The truth is that America is the undeniable behemoth on planet Earth. I believe us to be a good people, I truly do.  However, given our role in the world even when we take a dump that means someone on Earth has to catch it. I’m sorry, but it’s true. We simply cannot brush our teeth in the morning without it having worldwide implications on the market.  So while the world cannot conquer it, they would most certainly seek to transform it.  For why wouldn’t they?  America would do the same to them.

Full evil

Thus enters the terraforming.  You see, I don’t have a problem with liberals or conservatives.  However, the progressive idea that if America had a softer image in the world, then more countries would love us and the world would just share a coke with each other and eat skittles is just foolishness. Ladies and Gentlemen, I don’t want to say what that is specifically, but let us just say you will need to stand behind a bull with a shovel to take care of it.

The Smart Patriots

Patriots are smart people.  We are not Joe Dirt’s long lost cousin.  We went to college as well, we all have independent thoughts, and yes, even many Patriots are as liberal as Barrack Obama’s Che Guevara t-shirt.  I don’t know that he has one, but it just made for a funny example so roll with it.  However, what Patriots are not, is foolish. We love America and any of us can wear the flag, liberal or conservative .  By the way, the below design was again stolen from the people at Gruntworks11b.com.  Cool shirt. But point is, we can all wear it regardless of the political spectrum.

Flag Shirt

You see, I have enjoyed connecting with many of my fellow Veteran brothers on this blog and the truth is, many of them are liberal.  I love that.  Despite my Conservative ramblings, I am much more independent than I come across.  That being said, banning the American flag by college students is just pure ignorance.  However, any grown adult who supports that has now crossed the line into foolishness.  Honestly, you are but fools.  You are fools for thinking the world would not raise their flag over our land if they had the chance and you are fools for thinking there is any benefit to the end of the American nation state. Fools, I tell you, fools.

So in conclusion, let me just call you adults who support a flag ban fools one last time.  Now that that is out of the way, can we move on to a world where America is America and people come here for a reason?  Come one and come all.  However, leave your terraforming machines at home. I don’t care if America takes on the cultural characteristic of its population, just so long as American itself is not maligned.  The truth and idea of America is more important than the taco or the hamburger. However, I actually hope the flag does offend people so easily that they can’t sit in its presence.  For if that is the case, then the border security hawk in me has finally found its solution.  Line the border with Old Glory and let her do its job.  Offend away my lady, offend away.

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9 Replies to “Terraforming America One Banned Flag at a Time”

    1. good to hear man, we all need brothers. Especially those who chewed the same foreign dirt.

  1. “star spangled hoo-ha” oh my goodness! just when I thought I had heard it all. too funny.

  2. You do realize they didn’t prohibit people from wearing the flag or displaying it anywhere else on campus other than that one room?

    1. True, although the logic they used to me infers that they would if they could. to claim the American flag makes for a less inclusive environment seems foolish in America.

  3. You asked for someone from California to respond, so here goes. I am one of those conservative patriots who sit in this quagmire of liberal goo. Colleges in this state are like some underground laboratory developing different strains of ignorance which are resistant to even the most basic common sense. UC Irvine is actually one of the most conservative colleges in this state, which should tell you something when their students operate in this level of ignorance. But it’s also not just ignorance. There is a concerted effort to make people feel bad about being American. We’re not supposed to malign other people’s culture, complain they don’t speak English, make every accommodation for their religion, customs, etc. because we don’t want to be accused of destroying their culture. There is, however, no problem (in fact it’s seen as noble) destroying AMERICAN culture. You know, that culture which has melded a nation of immigrants into the country that saved the world from Fascism, that developed the strongest economy in the world, that used to have one of the greatest education systems in the world, that sent people to the moon, and that has historically been one of the free-est countries in the world when it comes to speech, religion, press, etc. Sure we have our problems, but when people are made to feel bad about their freedom and liberty, terraforming is much easier.

    1. Excellent comments. Honestly, I didn’t know that UCI is one of the more conservative colleges there. That does add an interesting twist to the story. I do wonder about what the more conservative areas of the State feel about getting dragged down some of the more progressive routes.

      1. I should clarify. To say UC Irvine is one of the most conservative colleges in CA is like saying it’s the least stinky garbage in the can. UC Irvine is located in Orange County which has long been an island of conservatism in a sea of liberalism. You still have the never-ending waves of liberalism lapping at its shores, so it’s no surprise there’s a stream of ignorance flowing through the campus. The conservative regions of the state are virtually powerless to effect change at the state level or in public education since the largest voter bases are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and to a lesser extent, the Sacramento region which are predominantly liberal to communist in their political leanings. And yes, UC Irvine, part of the University of California system, along with its brethren California State University system, are considered public universities in CA since they are partially funded by the state. It is incredibly frustrating at times.

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