I know without a shadow of a doubt, that every follower of Islam does not support, condone, or justify terrorism.  I walked Muslim lands as a Marine and I know for a fact you people are into porn and liquor just as much as Americans.  Access is all the poor fellas are lacking, but since kids outside the wire were trying to sell it to Americans left and right I think you may very well be doing just fine on supply.  Nor do I subscribe to the notion that Muslims are trying to outbreed the west for a slow and subtle take over.  Maybe Muslims just like to do it, everyone likes to do it, why can’t the Muslims like to do it.  But peaceful Muslims of the world, let me have a chat with you real quick.  Because I’m going to be more honest with you right now than most would be in the public forum.  In my mind, I have an instant association bridge with Islam and terrorism.  Try as I might, I could attempt to block the bridge and act enlightened but it would be just that.  An act.  Tonight, some piece of human trash set up an explosion at an Arianna Grande concert in England and killed near 20 people.  I don’t know if the terrorist was Muslim, but for that matter I don’t even know what an Arianna Grande is.  Sounds like a candy bar to me, but I could be wrong.  But if in the name of the murderer are the phrases, Ali, Muhammed, or Akbar I’m going to in my mind instantly strengthen the bridge that associates terrorism with Islam.  It’s not my fault and it’s not your fault.  Moreover, if the dude was screaming Allahu Akbar as he killed everyone, let’s not be coy any longer about the mental associations we are all making.  Honesty helps the world advance more than polite politically correct lies.  Perhaps it is best we just talk about it.

Crazy White People

There is a specific reason why I am racing to get this article out before we know any details about the attacker tonight.  Because it strengthens the credibility of my honest admission.  My first thought is that the attacker was Muslim and he was screaming Allahu Akbar as he cleared his path to 72 Virgins.  Which, sidebar here for a minute because I never understood the 72 virgin thing.

I mean this is eternity we are talking about here right?  The fact that you have 72 virgins sounds nice, but bro, after the first year of eternity I’m pretty sure you fresh out of virgins.  After the first millennia, you are no better off than a retired Mormon polygamist.  My Christian faith tells me I get eternity knowing my creator of all things courtesy of unwarranted and gracious grace without merit of my own righteousness. The whole 72 virgins things just sounds like a lot of work for eternity.

But yes, white people kill and murder people all the time and in some pretty weird ways.  It is entirely possible the bomber maimed his fellow man because he felt Arianna Grande disrespected his cat and refused to Snapchat a nude picture of her wearing a diaper.  I can say as a white male myself, that white psychopaths are just weird.  When a person named Muhammed kills I expect to find radicalized Islamic material in their home.  When a crazy white person kills I honestly don’t know what to find.  Dead kittens, an unnecessarily large Cabbage Patch Kid collection, or a shrine to Bea Arthur’s panties?  Last one totally hypothetical.  But when crazy white go unhinged it seems about as reasoned and ideologically organized as what you see below.

It’s Not Our Fault

When I say it’s not our fault, I address that to both Muslims and non-Muslims.  Listen, if every time someone yelled the word “Bazinga” when I was kicked in the gonads I would start wearing a cup before I watched the Big Bang Theory.  Association is human nature and while the polite might mask it in politically correct language it is still taking place.  Psychologist have been writing about this phenomenon for centuries.  I’m sorry, but when I hear a Muslim name I associate Islamic terrorism.  It could be that the Ali Bakr was just as crazy as your white dude eating skittles off the dead bodies of hookers.  But when Ali screams “Allahu Akbar” as he kills I can’t help where my mind goes.

It’s not my fault or your fault that these terrorist keep yelling “Allahu Akbar” as they commit atrocities and it’s not my fault or your fault that we associate Allah with such incidents.  It’s basic psychology.  I’m just more honest about it than most.  When I’m on a plane and Muslim looking men board, I don’t think they are going to blow up the plane.  But I notice them and I don’t know how to deprogram that.  So best we talk about it, huh?

muslim refugees iraq europe

I am a Christian, and if white people before they committed atrocities starting yelling “Jesus is Awesome” before they blew up or gunned down women and children I would understand your association. I do think Jesus is awesome.  Why shouldn’t I be able to stand up and yell, Jesus is awesome?  But try standing up on a plane and yelling Allahu Akbar and see what kind of reaction you get.  Beyond an assumption about an entire faith, it is a human reaction to obvious association that has been intentionally offered by the terrorist themselves.  Get the terrorist to start singing Rocky Top as they commit atrocities and watch how quickly that horrid Tennessee orange is banned from flights. One more video for fun.

In Conclusion

Look, I don’t know who committed this horrible crime.  I don’t know what was the motivation that caused children to not go home to their parents, husbands to their wives, and wives to their husbands.  It is just evil, plain and simple. But I’m going to tell you that my first thought, and yours if you are honest, is that it is an act of radical Islamic terrorism.  Granted, it might be a white guy whose skid marks in his underwear told him to do it.  But I’m just being honest with you.  My mind went Islamic terrorism in about 0.002 seconds.

And when/if it turns out a man named Muhammed or some variation of Ali committed this act don’t judge me for thinking what you are thinking. Talking about it is sure to do more good than suppressing it.  For even the most liberal social justice snowflake will defend you in public and then go home into their closet and whisper to their Rachel Maddow body pillow that they think it was the Muslims.  How can we combat irrational profiling if we can’t admit it and talk about it.

Gender neutral boot camp

Every time an atrocity like this happens it’s a tense wait between crazy white people and Muslims to see who did it.  What if it didn’t matter because we can just talk about it?  I am a white male and I think the perpetrator of this massacre was linked to Islamic radical terrorism.  I have zero evidence, but a long history of Muslim men screaming in the name of their faith as they commit similar acts.  It’s basic association and it’s not my fault or yours.  It’s the murderous trash who own the blame.  Get the terrorist to stop explicitly claiming the name under whom they commit murder and I’ll quit the association.  I don’t mind associating white dudes with violence, but we are apparently too disorganized in our depravity and insanity to come up with a unified inspiration.  When we get our act together I’d be happy to chat about the obvious associations to our depraved violence.  Prayers to the victim’s families and to the peaceful Muslims of the world from this white guy, good luck on the crazy white guy/muslim terrorist lottery.  May the odds be ever in your favor.

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5 Replies to “When Terrorist Quit Yelling Allahu Akbar I’ll Stop Associating Islam with Terrorism”

  1. remember the beltway sniper in DC? everyone just new it was some crazy old white dude, all my friends who were of a non Caucasian persuasion were poking fun at me from the second or third event……then vim badda bing it turned out to be a black guy. so the shoe is now on the other foot…..totally craptastic….it will go back and forth just as it always has…we have more crazies for a while…then they have more crazies…

  2. Interesting take, and I agree with much of what you say with regards to perceptions. I disagree with the “white guys don’t do this” argument though: I grew up with a constant threat of terrorism from white Christian men – members of the IRA. My first thought last night was that the Provos had gone and stepped up the attacks again.

    I also remember back in ’04 a mosque blew up in Basra region. Everyone assumed the US had bombed it (locals and British Army) and a large battle commenced in response. It turned out militants had been storing a weapons cache there and it blew. Everyone went straight to US military committing war-crimes though. Because that’s what we’re used to.

  3. Well stated argument. But it minimalizes the link. The link is much stronger than that. Radicalization of subgroups is historically part of Islam. And it’s an “institutional” element of Islam.

  4. People try to straddle that line between “Yup another Muslim terrorist just killed a pile of people” and “not all Muslims are bad”. The not bad Muslims are irrelevant. Most colonials didn’t support the war for independence. Most Germans weren’t Nazis. Most Russians weren’t Bolsheviks…and most Iraqis weren’t ISIS, and here ISIS had 2/3rds of Iraq and half of Syria – and will again as soon as we leave (again). You (in general) have to address what’s in their book, it’s all there, plain and clear. Islam needs a reform, like Christianity and Judaism did, and the reformers (because there’s a bunch, they’re on MEMRI) have to be supported. Oh and the birthrate numbers is “a thing”, demographics is non-political and a bitch. Hopefully the reform comes soon.

  5. I like the argument with the exception of the false equivalence to”white” people… really not the same bro… but I get why you felt you had to do it.

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