Putin defies Obama in Syria

So there I was having dinner with Obama, Putin, and the rest of the world Illuminati.  They were plotting the course of nations when they asked me, “Jeff, what does the common man think about our plans in Syria?”  To which I replied, we don’t really know your plans, sir.  It is too hard for the average man to keep up with the amount of endless information available to us on the internet and then separate the truth from conspiracy, fact from fiction, and in many cases, right from wrong.  We often must merely act upon on meta-narrative we can see with our eyes and then color it in with what we have learned about life so far.  “Poor devils,” they told me and then George Bush senior scooted over in his wheelchair and put out a cigar on my forehead.

How I Long for the Good Ole Days!

I have written often on this blog that I think the Russians are the bad guys.  It satisfies my cold-war upbringing and keeps the world simple.  So when Putin started taking over places like Crimea and the Ukraine, I felt an odd peace about it.  Way to go Vlad my boy, let’s keep this stuff old school.  Truthfully, I don’t care whether the people of Crimea are part of Russia or the Ukraine.  I honestly have no idea what they would rather be.  But then again for that matter, I could care less if we ever see a modern state of Iraq and Syria that match the arbitrary borders drawn up post-WW1.


But I do care about ISIS.  I do care about their planned holocaust for the world, I do care about their mass raping of women and children, and I even care about their destruction of world heritage. So when the news broke that Russia was jumping into the fray in order to prop up their buddy Assad, I thought, way to go Vlad my boy, let’s keep this stuff simple.  We don’t like ISIS, you don’t like ISIS, let’s kill ISIS together now shall we. Except when Russia did strike in Syria today, they attacked the US trained rebel groups that we called “moderate” and were fighting the Assad regime instead of ISIS.  To which I replied, way to go Vlad my boy, let’s keep this simple and not get too cozy with each other shall we.  You are the bad guy after all.

The Course of Nations

I wrote the introductory paragraph with that Illuminati luncheon, not because I truthfully believe there is some secret group of wealthy men dictating the course of the world in a unified effort.  Rather, I believe there is an overt group of wealthy men, vying for control of the world’s resources and wealth in routinely opposite directions.  It is not a hidden worldwide conspiracy, but a struggle for influence.  On Facebook or this blog, we like to muse about their intentions as if we know, but we truthfully have little concrete fact.  We can and should discuss, but let’s quit pretending we get the Illuminati newsletter each month.  Syria is on bath salts right now and it is just as likely to go quietly into the night as it is to eat our face off.


As I mentioned, there is simply too much information out there and like the wheat and chaff, it is nearly impossible to discover truths on the internet these days.  I would actually preference if people have not actually been a part of one of these secret Illuminati luncheons that you preference what you are about to say with, “my hypothesis is.”  Because too often we state things we suspect as fact and argue with each other as if we know these matters with certainty.  The reports about a pipeline to Europe, a Syrian drought, or arming rebels through Benghazi could all be true or false.  We are still forced to interpret the world from what we know and fill in the blanks as best we can.

All the while, the truth is some legitimately very smart men in 2003 thought post-invasion Iraq was going to look totally different than it actually did when I was there with the Marines in 2003.  They supposed that by 2005 or so, George Washington would be on the Iraqi Dinar and people would abandon their tribal allegiance to support the Iraqi State.  Meanwhile, in 2011, some very smart men in this administration believed the Arab Spring would usher in peacefully Democracy without arms.  Longtime Russian Ally Assad would fall and by 2015, a statue of George Washington would be erected in Damascus.  Because surely, Russia wouldn’t join the fray because the West said Assad must go.  But Putin defied the West and I must say, way to go Vlad my boy, let’s not forget our roles here in my cold-war mentality.

It Doesn’t Have to be Partisan

There will always be a price of action as I think America found out as a result of the 2003 invasion of Iraq.  But there is also a cost of inaction as we are finding out now.  For the world doesn’t stand still if we decide not to act.  I don’t spend too much time blaming Obama or Bush, for I tend to think the world is just an ugly place to begin with and foreign policy at its best is merely each President trying out different cosmetics on his ugly girlfriend.  Try as they might with the makeup, but she still ugly.  We just have to fight the struggles of our current generation and trust the next to do the same.  We had this plan to degrade ISIS over time, but I fear we will never know if it would have worked because time in Syria seems to be running out.

russians in syria

So who cares if Putin wants to jump in bed with the ugly ISIS gremlin right now?  Play the role of wingman and take this one for the team Vlad.  ISIS is the worst evil we have seen in our day.  Raping children, burning people alive, and they have no plans to stop until someone kills them until they are dead from dying from it. I’ll give it to the friends at Gruntworks for eloquently summing up the answer in one simple shirt.  For sometimes, no matter how smart you might try to be about foreign policy, violence is indeed the answer.  If Putin has come to that conclusion sooner than we, is it any less the answer?  Click the picture to grab the shirt.

Russians attack isis

Putin is bringing violence to ISIS, presumably some point after they get done bombing the rebels we liked best first.  Seems like a dastardly move, but then again, those forces of wealth that dictate the course of nations rarely operate according to the logic of the common man.  To be honest, as long as Russia leaves the Kurds alone, I could care less.  There is little that makes me think a single one of those rebel groups will govern with any more compassion than Assad himself.  If Russia wants to hunker down and babysit the region for the awhile, then so be it.  We know how to deal with Russia, that is kind of our thing and I like it.  So as long as you get to ISIS eventually, I’ll have to say it again, way to go Vlad my boy, hurry this thing along now shall we.

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3 Replies to “That Weird Moment Where You Don’t Care if Russia Bombs Your Allies in Syria”

  1. When it gets right down to it you’ll only know for sure who to shoot when they come up your driveway with a gun because eventually all powerful people turn into tyrannts.

  2. I for one was a little naive in 03 thinking things would be better there after we left. like the guy in Full Metal Jacket said though, “poor dumb bastards, I guess theyd rather be alive than free”.

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