Malhuer National Wildlife Refuge

Gather around my fellow patriots, lovers of the 2nd Amendment, and advocates for limiting the powers of the Federal Government.  As you may know by now, the son of Cliven Bundy and about 150 fellow “Patriots” have occupied the Headquarters for the Malhuer National Wildlife Refuge. They have put out the call for militiamen to come join them so by week’s end they could hit a few hundred or so. Now, as a bearded gun-owning conservative male myself, I see how this group can be enticing.  I too believe the Federal Government oversteps its reach on a regular basis and I too believe the mass of citizens have an obligation to oppose tyranny.  But what I am about to tell you will be hard to swallow and yet, if you consider yourself intellectually honest and not just looking for a “good time i.e. revolution,” I applaud you for proceeding forward.   No, these men are not domestic terrorists as much as the left would like to liberally apply that title, but the truth is actually much worse.  If you are on the fence about whether to support this then let this just be a gentlemanly discussion about it.  But if you got your finger on the trigger ready to kill a cop over this, read it with a harsher grizzled tone.

Show Me 100 Million Supporters

The American Revolution is often used as a rallying cry for modern “Patriots” and I wholeheartedly think that is a fantastic idea.  In fact, I say we emulate to the tee.  It is estimated that during the Revolution, only about 1/3rd of Americans were actually hardcore Patriots.  Another third were loyalist with allegiance to the crown and the other third were just going with the flow although likely complicit with the patriots.  So my fellow modern “Patriots”, show me that we have currently reached that third threshold where armed revolution has become necessary.

In a nation of over 300 million people, show me 100 million who think it has gotten so bad we need to start shooting law enforcement officers whose only crime was to catch the shift where a particular arrest warrant was to be executed.  As a general rule of thumb, I make it my practice not to support armed insurrections in a representative democracy that can’t at least gather more support than Justin Bieber has Facebook fans.  But honestly, I don’t think this movement in Oregon could even top Pee-Wee Herman’s 1.4 million fans.


I don’t know much about the Bureau of Land Management in the West that seems to keep causing these dust-ups, but they may very well be horrible and worthy of national attention. But until we can get at least 1/3rd of the Nation behind you, how about we take a less cop killer path shall we?  After all we still have these things called elections in the meantime and I think the founders might have put them there like a safety valve for the very government that they themselves created.  But we can still follow the Revolution here in protest.  Our founders threw tea in the harbor in protest, so why not do the same as opposed to killing cops.  This is the Oregon version, so perhaps dress up like lumberjacks and throw flapjacks into the sea.  You think I’m kidding, but I’m actually serious. I’ll help tackle the issue with you and bring attention to it as much of America is just unfamiliar with the BLM.

There is a Process to Revolution and Tyranny

In American History, when that 1/3rd threshold on any particular matter starts to be reached among the American public, funny things start to happen.  Persons in power begin to lose elections, laws begin to change, and the face of Government itself is altered.  Oh I know, the only reason you don’t have such broad support for threatening law enforcement is because people like me who might dissent are just sheep.

Never mind that I am a gun owning male who believes the 2nd amendment does play a role in checking the government.  Never mind that I am a Marine Veteran of Iraq and as patriotic as they come.  Never mind that if you read the sum of my online writing you will see I do quite well thinking for myself.  But if I dissent from your view, just call me and the masses “sheeple” which will make it all that much easier for you to feel good about imposing your individual will on us.  After all, it is always easier to kill a haji, gook, jap, or kraut than it is to kill a human or at a very minimum just dismiss what they have to say.

 Malhuer National Wildlife Refuge

But pardon me for having standards and not jumping into bed with whatever the Cliven Bundy family is pissed about this year. Pardon me for believing you are doing more harm to conservative vision than good.  Pardon me for having the mystical clairvoyance to see that when you start firing up law enforcement with your ARs and AKs, that you will drastically alter the populations perception of “assault” weapons.  Revolution might be necessary one day in America, but you are going to have to do a little more erotic constitutional foreplay than Land Management in the west to get my Yankee Doodle Dandy up and ready to kill a cop.

In Conclusion

Honestly, no one else could do what the men in Oregon are doing and it sounds absurd when you replace “patriot” with any other group in America.  Just this week, in Jackson, Mississippi a black city councilman suggested that cops from neighboring counties who chase suspects into his county should be assaulted with bottles and bricks because he made the individual discernment himself that they were outside of their jurisdiction.Sanctuary cities which harbor illegal immigrants by rejecting the enforcement of federal immigration laws often draw conservative criticism.  Imagine if hipster liberals took up arms in San Francisco to prevent the arrest of an illegal immigrant the courts convicted of a crime.  No seriously, that is really funny to imagine San Francisco hipsters taking up arms.

hipster meme

Currently relevant and poignant, what if Muslim-American citizens took a particular constitutional position on the freedom of religion cause and set up an armed “no go” zone here in America. So what if a small group of people who look like me and with whom I likely politically agree with 75% of the time, by their own individual discernment, decided the Federal Government has no authority in a particular area, say Oregon, and they then took up arms to occupy and defend that territory?  You can’t just throw the word “Patriot” in front of it and make it ok, but then again that was how our Government passed the Patriot Act so perhaps there is something to it.

I’ll tell you what proponents of armed revolution, let me help you out.  If you can get 99,999,999 Americans to support firing upon local and federal law enforcement in support of your unilateral interpretation of constitutional law, I’ll promise to be your 100 millionth follower and we will reach that one-third threshold together.  But until then, I will spare you the politically charged title of “domestic terrorist” because when a minority of people whom I didn’t elect to represent me impose their will on me and my fellow Americans under threat of force, I usually just call them tyrants.  And to me, that is much worse.  My true fellow Patriots, do not support these men in Oregon for I fear they will actually be the ones to bring about they tyranny we all have long feared.

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48 Replies to “The Armed Oregon Militiamen Occupying the Wildlife Refuge are not Domestic Terrorists, They Are Actually Much Worse”

  1. Jeff, I am going to agree with part of your opinion, and disagree with part. Just to set the tone, I am retired Army and retired LEO.
    I don’t think any of these people want to kill cops. I would hope that no law enforcement officers would view orders to fire on any of these folks as legitimate.
    We have a few major problems here. The BLM is a bureaucracy NOT established by Congress, yet wields tremendous power. In recent years, they seem to have chosen to exercise that power with no oversight. Even Gov. Greg Abbott is having trouble with them on the Red River.
    The Oregon situation appears to be the culmination of a fight that has lasted over 30 years. The Hammonds actually beat BLM in court a few times. Various sources call into question the current BLM case, including a main witness and the fact that AFTER serving an initial sentence, BLM appealed and got a judge to impose the full sentence!
    The last seven years of governmental abuse of the Constitution has driven many people to unprecedented levels of anger. The fact that Donald Trump, of all people, is ahead in the polls is testament to that. American citizens are fed up. Don’t be surprised if the Hammonds have more support than you suspect. Obama, and by extension Hillary, cannot afford another Waco in his last year in office.

    1. Thats cool man, thanks for the comments. I do agree that there is something about the BLM that doesn’t seem right. Most Americans who don’t live in western states likely know very little about them. I think there is much that needs to be done to get the general public awareness about it. I also don’t think that these guys want to kill cops, but that is the logical conclusion of what it would mean to resist arrest while armed. I fear it could get messy for all and actually become the excuse to take action that really hurts freedom and liberty. I always love dissenting opinion on this blog. All is welcome brother.

    2. I was surprised it took this long for the feds to grossly abuse the definition of a “terrorist” to suit their own local squabble with fellow citizens. I don’t think this about killing cops either, it’s about having this important discussion about federal bullying and using “terrorism” a a means of silencing political dissent. If you really want to have a valid write up on this one, you should come to Oregon and do some real reporting on the issue, that would help Americans have honest discussion and be informed to make appropriate actions and solutions.

    3. Even Greg Abbott is have trouble with the BLM? Really? Lunatic Texas Governor who thinks the US Government is going to invade Texas is having problems with the BLM.

      It is obvious Greg Abbott is having problems remembering to take his meds.

  2. I think you are wrong in your assessment.
    Because it will require a whole lot less then 1/3.
    For the simple reason you will never ever again find that many men. Who have the slightest inkling of the moral belief fiber and intellectual prowess the forefathers had. they were studied men well read. ( no tv back then ) they were fluent in many languages including Latin. If they seen what we tolerate. They would puke. They dam sure wouldn’t serve that warrant.
    If liberty is ever to be saved. It will require some martyrs such as these men. The government would be wise to back down. Least there be another shot heard round the world. I am ashamed of were we are at and what we have allowed in this country. But I wouldn’t take up arms as of yet. BUT if the government attacks and harms these peacfuly armed men holding a sit in protest. I would recomsider.

    1. Peaceable armed man holding a sit-in in protest. I agree with that assessment!
      I would add were else do you find a protest against true tyranny. Rather then these stupid black lives matter people who really do threaten cops.

    2. Yes, many of our founding father’s were very well read. Unlike yourself, if your grammar and spelling are anything to go by.

  3. Back when the revolution took place their was not 300 million people . Just bringing this up as a point . The government and big business is squeezing all sorts of companies out of existence.
    We need to start holding our government responsible for someone there actions . I don’t agree with killing any law enforcement officer for doing his or her job but there has to be some action in this country or Rome will fall

  4. I use the one third, 33% because that represents the portion of the General colonial public thought to support the revolution. Yes, only 3% military aged males may have fought, but they could do so knowing they were executing the will of the people via the one third, 33% and more that complicitly supported the patriots. So for our modern nation of 300 plus million, there is not even close to one third that support these militia actions. No where near it!

  5. I believe in the Constitution and all that it entrails, I have a few patched up holes to support that but taking over a Federal building while armed doesn’t seem to look for a peaceful solution. I am sure many have gotten to the point of being fed up. I have many times but I hope these folks dont back themselves into a corner. The first wave of LEO or two may back down or be reluctant to engage but eventually there will be enough to exchange shots and then what??? Will the Feds suddenly declare their mistake and quit? As much as I would like to see them John Wayne it and right triumph over wrong I don’t see this turning out like the movies. So far we are still a democracy and although I don’t know much about the BLM, elections are still held and it appears there hasn’t been enough politicians bought to change the way things work.

  6. Jeff is wrong on three major points. First the protestors are not advocating killing cops. Second it is the government saying the ranchers are “domestic terrorists” for setting a backfire to stop a lightning induced range fire. Third, you do not need 1/3 of the population to effect change, you only need one (consider Rosa Parks).

    1. Rosa Parks expressed the growing sentiment of a nation. I would say well over 1/3rd of America supported the move for civil rights and that is why it happened. They are not “advocating” killing cops, but cops will be the ones eo enforce the orders of the court. These orders not to start a firing squad and start killing people. Cop will be asked to clear this area out and arrest those who resist so they can have their due process in court? I’m just taking the armed militia at their word when they say will not be moved.

      1. Cops aren’t forced to uphold unjust laws. Would you let them put you in jail and take your land?

        1. Can an individual unilaterally decide when a law is unjust? What if the cop just so happens to disagree about a particular law and the thinks it is fine? Due process settles these debates, not a gun. If I believed I had the moral high ground high-ground, i would fight them in the courts before I asked others to die for my personal opinion over what is just and unjust in a world where people often disagree.

      2. Would the “cops” enforcing the law be the same ones who enforced it at Ruby Ridge? The ones who ordered a sniper to assassinate a mother with a baby in her arms?
        Would they be the same “cops” who intentionally forced an armed standoff in Waco when the local PD had told them they could easily arrest the leader when he came into town?
        The same “cops” who used a tank to inject flammable tear gas into a building occupied by a lot of mothers a children knowing that they were using open flame stoves and lanterns?
        The same “cops” who were responsible for burning alive said mothers and children?

  7. The real point here is that they’re actually accomplishing what they intended to. People are starting to look at the BLM now. A few days ago, most people didn’t know it existed. Sometimes you have to take drastic measures to get people to pay attention. I’m not saying I know who is right or wrong in this situation, but I hope the BLM gets investigated for any wrongdoing.

    1. I too hope it gets investigated. It seems like there is much going that the public may or may not be in support of.

  8. I partly agree and disagree, I’m not a retired vet nor am I enlisted with the military. I’m a 20 year old man who’s educated himself on the issues of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. With that being said I’m (probably) not going to be on the front lines fighting a tyrannical government, I will, however, be subjugating them from within by the route of politics and the game of power. This little act of rebellion has given me hope to take on such a large task, is it too soon to act? Most certainly so, but I’m certain that a couple hundred courageous men can spark a couple thousand. A couple thousand can spark a couple million, and a couple million can led us to the one third we need to stand up to tyranny.

  9. I read that the federal building the they have taken control of , is nothing but a visitor center and it was only about a dozen people that are involved and it was closed. I think the media is going make things worse with false reports

  10. Here’s my Take on this..

    Obama Wanted War: Yes.!

    This is Just the Move Obama was waiting for…


    Obama Ordered Hammond Ranch Destroyed..!

    This is how you start a Civil WAR.!!..

    This Civil War is all planned,..

    premeditated and IMPLEMETED by and for Obama’s Agenda
    of invoking His Gun Grab and MARTIAL LAW!

    .. This gov. Will kill you to get what it wants !

    God bless these militia men and women but .

    This is how tyranny works.!

  11. They are fucking terrorists. They showed up with guns and are trying to do politics through threats of violence. Terrorism.

    Assholes started 2 massive named fires to hide the evidence of the crime of poaching. Somehow the 3 crimes only added up to the mandatory minimum of 5 years, even though the arson was in the commission of another crime which should exponentially expand the repercussions. White Privilege means some loser judge decided to let these good old boys off with a smaller sentence. Justice means a Federal Judge over ruled the lower judge and imposed the mandatory minimum. But really, he should have given these assholes the maximum.

    And then the terrorists from the Bundy Terrorist Training Camp, who already sent a mission that killed 4 Las Vegas cops, decide that this situations sounds like their Range War manifesto and decide to pull their terrorist shit here in Oregon. Fucking losers.

    Here’s a thing:
    Don’t Poach.
    Don’t start massive wildfires.
    Pay your fucking taxes/range fees.
    Be fucking adults instead of whiner mooches.

    I really hope the feds give these losers one chance to surrender unconditionally before letting loose with Napalm. Fuck them. And they should wipe out the Bundy compound with Drones and hellfire missiles.

    Do you know what happens if the federal government falls. The country breaks up into fiefdoms controlled by the assholes with the largest standing armies. Some will be controlled by other countries, some will be controlled by corporations, and some will be controlled by military assholes.

    No 2nd Amendment. No 3rd Amendment. No 1st Amendment. No Constitution at all because there is no government to defend it.

    No Call of Duty, No 7-11 Nachos and Slurpees. No Star Wars 8 and 9. No Avengers 3 and 4. No final Game of Thrones book. No new video games, comics, tv, movies or porn.

    All able bodied men will be conscripted into the local army and have to do soldier shit all day while the guy at the top spends his time on coke-fueled raping bender.

    That is what you assholes are fighting for, ENSLAVEMENT. Fuck you.

    There are problems. And these problems can be summed up very easily. Corporate influence on the government. And the solution is very simple. Don’t vote for Republicans. Republicans are willing to throw every cause they claim to hold dear under the bus as long as the rich don’t have to pay higher taxes.

    The more socialist our country is, the more the country does for the citizens with the taxes they pay, the better the economy does. The more we allow corporations and the rich to do whatever they want, the worse everything gets. The worse the economy craters.

    Fox News tells you to hate immigrants, gays, blacks, women, gays, the poor. They tell you all of your problems are their fault. But none of those groups sent your jobs overseas. None of those groups sold you a fraudulent mortgage.

      1. Google this before you pass judgement, it’s the full back story: “Patriot Militia Seizes Federal Complex in Oregon; Armed Insurrection Against federal Tyranny Begins”

        You are one extremely uninformed twerp blathering on about a situation you don’t know jack shit about! BEFORE you utter one more vowel……… Google what is in parenthesis! THEN – if you are capable of comprehension (which I have doubt) THEN you’ll understand the situation!

      2. Good Old Boy network work better for you?

        They cost taxpayers MILLIONS with the 2 MASSIVE named fires they started to hide evidence of their poaching. That should be 20 years easy.

        But their friend the judge gave them less than 5 years.

        That is shady underhanded crap.


      Google this before you pass judgement, it’s the full back story: “Patriot Militia Seizes Federal Complex in Oregon; Armed Insurrection Against federal Tyranny Begins”

      You are one extremely uninformed twerp blathering on about a situation you don’t know jack shit about! BEFORE you utter one more vowel……… Google what is in parenthesis! THEN – if you are capable of comprehension (which I have doubt) THEN you’ll understand the situation!

      You are NO prophet but you’re sure good at swallowing every drop of goo that the lame stream feeds you!

      1. They did poach and start wildfires. Your information is all lies. Who is most apt to be lying to you. News Sources (including Fox News) who want you to watch the commercials during the commercial break and maybe buy something from them, or the people who want you to join a cause and fight and probably die for that cause?

        The Fox News story, with massive amounts of comments from morons just like you, clearly says they were poaching.

        Don’t be a terrorist fighting to defend stupid criminals who need to be behind bars for a lot longer than 5 fucking years.

        1. Um… no. They didn;t start fires to cover up poaching. That’s false. They started one prescribed fire on their own land (a practice that has been done for centuries in the West) and it accidentally spread to 127 acres of federal land. MASSIVE? GTFOH. Have you seen 127 acres from the air? Its less than the size of one subdivision in surburbia. In the grand scheme of the federal land, 127 acres is a pimple. Additionally, they managed to put the fire out themselves. The second fire was a backfire that was designed to prevent a fire (that was ALREADY STARTED as a result of lightning) from reaching their home. They were fined $400k and put in jail for a year for that backfire (which was something that any firefighting organization would’ve done to save the ranch). That’s it. Next time, try to actually learn about the topic rather than regurgitate what you hear from MSNBC or democratunderground or dailykos.

          1. Actually I heard it on Fox News.

            You are a terrorist-comforting lunatic with sketchy information sources. You will understand when I don’t take your word for shit.

    2. Problem being that terrorists kill innocent people for no reason. These men haven’t even fired a shot. Maybe armed criminals but people calling them terrorists are just absurd.

      1. They are threatening to kill innocent people for no reason at all.

        The sentenced men are criminals who need to be in jail for much longer than 5 years.

        The losers who took a federal building with weapons are terrorists.

        1. Erich Holder was part of an armed protest that occupied government buildings. Did Obama have a terrorist as AG? Additionally, the sentenced men already served their time. They entered into a plea bargain and already served the time. Just because you don’t care about them, doesn’t mean that its right for the government to come along and appeal (after the time served and the men had admitted to guilt and therefore cannot then challenge the ruling) to serve even more time. That is the work of tyrants. You might not care now since its someone else’s ox being gored, but you should care if you allow the federal government to run roughshod over citizens like this. Because one day it might be you getting gored.

          1. When Bundy, these assholes, or other assholes diverting rivers for their own public use, steal public resources, they are stealing from me because I am a citizen of this nation.

            You whiner assholes who don’t want to pay your fucking taxes/range fees or whatever, you want to steal land and resources that belong to all us, not just gun toting lunatics.

            Do you know what happens if your Might-Makes-Right stealing from the federal government plans are successful? Corporations move in, push you out, and exploit the resources of our nation however they want.

            You morons are chumps.

          2. Jared, you are a true liberal moron. The protestors are exercising a constitutional right of public protest while at the same time excercising another constitutional right of bearing arms. They have not threatened to kill or shoot anyone despite your allegations that have no bearing in fact.
            You refuse to research the matter yourself or you would know that the Feds are out of control. They are the ones that illegally diverted or fenced off water sources that the ranchers had legal court approved rights to use.
            The prosecutrs only appealed to lengthen their sentences after they still refused to sell the Feds their land upon completion of their sentences.
            The Western States have been fighting the illegal and tyrannical actions of the BLM for many years and the Hammonds have won in court a number of times. Some Sheriffs have actually have to resort to revoking the Feds powers of arrest in their counties as they had gotten so far out of hand.

        2. If the Hammonds were American Indians who were targeted by the Federal government, And it is obvious they were targeted so the government could seize their land, then you and the rest of the the Leftists wouldn’t be wailing “terrorist!” over a hundred supporters occupying a vacant visitor’s center. You would probably be organizing in support of them and the mainstream media would be almost 100% behind them.

          But people of pallor? Drone strike ’em!

          Amirite ??

  12. I will stand with you if you can correctly state what king of government we have. Without knowing the correct type what are we standing against. We are a constitutional republic not a representative democracy.

  13. Good points in your article and the replies. In my opinion though our culture today is much different. Today 40% of people are on fed government payroll – welfare or bureaucracy. And sadly, ignorance is much more prevalent while morality is much less common. So while I agree a “mandate” does not yet exist, in my opinion the number as expressed in total population can be much lower. The question of when does tyranny rise to the level that action is necessary is subjective. When that time does come I doubt it will be a widespread war. It would more likely be a large group of states expelling those states or areas which choose to follow a system of oppressive government control and mandated socialism. (Blue on your political maps) Of course there will be dislocation and chaos which will result in significant violence

  14. Jeff

    Your whole premise of getting 1/3 of 300 million people to agree on any on such ideal is flawed. We cannot even agree on the definition of what a patriot or a traitor is. If you look at the back story, their is “some” just cause from both sides on what should and should not have been done. There is clear over-reach on the governments behest as well the Bundy family. Somewhere in the middle lies the answer and I am just glad I am not the person who has to sort it out.

  15. If there is to be a fight for our 2nd amendment if we wait it will be too late for fighting

    1. Doubtless many American Tories, loyal to the Crown and eager to lick the hand that fed them, said the same thing about the Patriots.

  16. I personally love the BLM. I moved from Oregon to Illinois a number of years ago and out here there is only private land. There are no places that are publicly owned aside from designated parks and monuments. Most of the land is controlled by private interests who are by far more tyrannical than an agency which by nature allows the public to use the land with certain provisions. The Bundys aren’t patriots, they would far rather be in total control than share and have to agree to a regulated social order other than their own will. That isn’t democracy, it’s anarchy. They don’t believe in ‘freedom’ unless it means no one else’s opinion matters to them, which means they don’t truly believe in the constitution of this country, which was written to be a changing, living document by the way—claiming to be a Constitutionalist who believes in the original document without changing it is a complete misunderstanding of its intent, but I digress.

    The BLM is our government managing that which we the people publicly own and manage collectively. It doesn’t exist in the East or Midwest because so much time and personal buying power has transpired that it just doesn’t exist. These guys are arguing that the public should have no say over their actions, and that’s absolutely a path toward tyranny and not in the least a path toward freedom.

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