I have to admit, I’m a little juiced.  What I mean by that is, I started this blog under the honest assumption that it would be read by dozens and I could personally buy every reader a donut as thanks.  Well, 45 days and 16,000 donuts later, you are on your own for a donut.  Granted, that’s nothing in the internet world consisting of billions, but its great for me, so deal with it. I have had some moderate success for a 45 day venture and have been offered opportunities to write for other websites.  However, it’s at this point that the soul searching begins.  I’m the one on the far left by the way.  This is my profile pic, but when you read the article you’ll see why I posted my profile pic.

Its all about the views

Stats are a blessing and a curse.  My wordpress blog comes with site stats where I can tell how many people viewed my blog, which article they viewed, and how long they stayed on the site. To be honest, I figured things like this were possible, but never really knew in what detail. Maybe it would be better if I never knew.  At the beginning of this blogging experience, I was excited when a post reached 100 views.   However, having had a couple articles reach 4,000 plus, now I feel slightly exasperated if I don’t reach at least 1,000.  How silly.

So now, like a person with their first taste of a particularly delicious flavor of crack, I find myself seeking more.  So I write more articles, just giving myself a voice the things that are already floating around my head.  Surely I have something to offer that will make the internet go crazy. But this is where is starts to get murky, for maybe I just need to give the internet what it wants whether I think it or not.  In walks entrepreneurial punditry.

Low Hanging Fruit

If views were all I was concerned about, then there is low hanging fruit to be picked. I mentioned how I was invited to write for a fairly conservative site and this offer is actually a paying offer based off how many people view the article. I like money.  Money buys things I like right?  However, its not really that simple.

I do have some conservative leanings, but I am hardly the Glenn Beck Poster boy.  But in walks the low hanging fruit.  I could write an article based of what I truly think.  Then again, I could write an article that will make the conservative site go crazy. Decisions, Decisions.  I have written two articles with a fairly moderate voice and have gotten a good, but fairly mediocre response. However, if I were to write a post how Obama is an illegal alien President who should be impeached, well, I am buying a steak dinner the next month as a result.

So this is the question before me.  What will my voice on the internet be?  Will it be truth or pandering? Will it be what is on my heart or what I think will sell?  Slowly but surely, I start to understand some of the more famous pundits in the world.  I would listen to them , conservative or liberal, and think how in the world could they say such things.  But now I realize, such things pay.  They pay more than moderate things.  What to do, what to do?

The Way Forward

So when I look at my most popular articles, I think it starts to give me a way forward.  As it turns out, my most popular articles were actually things that matter most to me.  Sure, not every article is going to be a winner, but some have been.  Some have been shared hundreds of times on social media and that equal views.  After all, its all about the views.

I see now the opportunities to pander.  However, I got to ask myself, is that really what I want to do.  After all,  I have only made about $5 dollars total profit so far of the blog.  So if I am going to whore myself out for views at this point, that pretty much just makes me a cheap whore.  So what’s the way forward. What will Unprecedented Mediocrity be about?

It will be about as I originally designed it to be.  It will be namely about stuff.  But it will be my stuff.  The stuff that flies about my head and the stuff that inspires me, angers me, and makes me happy.  You will see a healthy dose of Veteran stuff as well, that’s who I am.  You will additionally see a healthy dose of faith stuff, I am but a sinner saved by the grace of Jesus Christ.  In addition, you will see plenty of absurd stuff as I am indeed somewhat absurd.  Also, I love my wife and family.  Its a personal blog, so you will see much about them.  Plus since I am prone to mistakes, what better way to atone than to public confess my love for my wife.  All the more so when I do something wrong.  Which is often.

So this is the way forward.  Namely Stuff.  My Stuff.  Stuff you will enjoy, but it’s Unprecedented Mediocrity, A Blog About Stuff.  What else would you expect.


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4 Replies to “The Art of the Entrepreneurial Pundit”

  1. Blogging is HARD! It seems like all you want to do at the start is write – express your opinion in your own space. But then you realize – no one is reading my stuff. And of course, it’s gotta be because no one knows about my stuff, so I need to tell them. Then, if they know, I must remind them to come back and read my new stuff, right? Oh, and BTW, please buy something while you’re here.

    I feel ya.

    My blog about fostering didn’t go over so well with DHS, but I get hits from all over the world. Most google some foster care key words, so I know that people need to hear what I need to say. I got more hits in the 6 months of not writing anything that I did the previous 6 months.

    Same for you – people need to hear what you have to say. You have a message. You write well. So, forget the stats and offers to tweak your message. Rock on! =)

    Oh, and always be real about your faith. It’ll preach!

    1. Thank, I appreciate the encouragement. I went and checked out your blog and I enjoyed reading what you had on foster care as well. You have great message to share. This blogging business can be fun, but it really is a whole new world i didn’t realize existed. I’ll just keep writing and see how this all turns out.

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