The Black Rifle Coffee NYT Interview Is A Courageous Journey Up The Arch Of The Moral Universe

On July 4th, I made the following post: “Without exception, reservation, or qualification, I will always be proud of the United States of America. That’s not to say that we do not have some great moral evils in our past. How this great nation could simultaneously enshrine the notion that all men are created equal and are endowed by their creator certain inalienable rights while simultaneously making other men property of those men is beyond me.

Yes, the ramifications of that injustice persist today as you cannot have two families walk down those very opposite paths and wind up at the same destination. With each generation, we are getting closer to merging those two timelines. I don’t know if it will happen in my lifetime, but I can either commit myself to pulling them closer together or pushing them further apart. As for me and my household, I will commit my days to pulling them together.

Manifest destiny led to some pretty terrible atrocities against the native people and friends, we’ve had airplanes longer than women have had the right to vote in this country. Despite acts of inexplicable gallantry, men of color could not command white men in what we call the greatest generation. My mom went to segregated schools in the south and as such, it was not that far back in history, one generation, where black and white kids couldn’t go to the same schools. American has gotten much wrong, but that is only because our nation is infested with humans and we are fallible fallen creatures. Which brings me to my point.

I will always be proud of America because we have always shown that we are willing to self correct. Let’s face it, just 60 to 75 years ago, humans conquered other humans and did terrible things to one another on an unprecedented scale. That’s humanity’s story, not the singular story of the United States. I’ve travelled the world in both war and peace and I’m here to tell you, the rest of those people outside our borders are not exactly acing the humanity test either.

Friends, the world is not getting it right and neither are we. However, we are always self correcting. Slowly and painfully, we are riding that long arch of the moral universe that bends towards justice. We fight and argue with each other and that’s largely because we liked each other more before we knew that our countrymen thought about every single topic on the internet. January 6th was a travesty, but I’m here to tell you that if it were any other country, if our democratic institutions were just a bit weaker, our elected government would have fallen. We still have a lot of self correcting to do and I’m not foolish enough to think that I’ll see perfect in my lifetime. However, sooner or later, we self correct and for that I will always be proud of the United States of America.

I want to make it clear that you can be both patriotic and critical of this country. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that any citizen not looking to pass off a better country to his kids is nowhere close to patriotic. Any man who is not committed to the process of self correction doesn’t fit my definition of manliness and any company that is unwilling to alter their trajectory is not a healthy one. Either we ride the arch of the moral universe or we get steamrolled over by it to the detriment of our children.

Black Rifle Company’s NYT Interview Was Capitalistic Courage

To be clear, I don’t know the BRC crew and though I’ve “internet” met a couple of them over the years via this blog, I don’t know anything more about them than you can glean from the public forum. However, what we can all glean is that they are astute business men who have been riding the entrepreneurial journey and learning along the way. That’s why when they conducted the interview with the NYT times where BRC CEO Hafer said, “I hate racist, Proud-Boyish people. Like, I’ll pay them to leave my customer base,” I can’t help but think they counted the cost of the interview and made that decision intentionally. Which is courageous because no one is confused about what happens when you do in the public forum these days.

The Bible says that no King goes to war without counting the cost and if he can win. If he can’t, he goes and tries to make peace and terms. The BRC leadership team, which has branded themselves throughout conservative culture, wasn’t confused as to what the “internet” reaction was going to be. Keep in mind, we watched nearly the entire conservative veteran universe turn on General Mattis as a result of Trump’s scorn. Nearly ever veteran had a St. Mattis poster on their ceiling and loved the man until Trump didn’t. Say what you want about General Mattis, but don’t accuse him of lacking courage for making a stand. Say what you want about BRC, but don’t accuse them for lacking courage for making a stand.

What Did BRC Say That Was So Controversial?

Most of you likely didn’t read the article, but for those who did, what did they say that was so controversial? I read the article twice and to be honest, most of the article was a pseudo roast of them for leaning into conservative culture wars to begin with. It’s likely why liberals are using the same article to accost BRC. Sadly, conservatives are using the same article to roast them. Why? Because they told the racist not to wear their stuff while they do racist stuff? I’m confident that many read the headline to the article hoping it would affirm their worldview are are specifically just angry that it ended with Hafer’s calls to expunge them.

The reaction greatly affirms my opinion that our enemy is not either side of the political spectrum, but human nature itself. You see, the same liberals protesting in the streets of Portland lack the intellectual honesty to see that both a nation, man, or company can self correct. To have offended once is to have offended for all time according to them and that’s why the Democratic party is bleeding moderates. Meanwhile, the far alt-right is guided by the dogma that if you are not fully with me in my Boogaloo wet dream, then you are a libtard tree hugger. and my enemy. Meaning, if you are not with me I’ll zip tie you in the halls of Congress. How dare BRC want to distance themselves from that.

I find it all levels of humorous that conservatives railing about “cancel culture” are taking to Twitter to highlight to the world that they just cancelled their BRC subscription. Those type of conservatives are the political equivalent to the male porn star who does gay porn, but claims he’s not gay though and he just does it because the money is good. Meanwhile, when you sign up for cancelling a company because they told the racists to go away, that’s like the not gay porn star signing up to be an intern in the movie and volunteering for some extra shifts on the weekends. I think you cancel because you like it and the rage only drives you closer to who you know deep down inside you have really been all along.

The Moral Arch Of The Universe Demands Self Correction

Remarkably, the BRC has not done anything that requires apology in my opinion. They are still 2A freedom loving people, but the universe brought us all to point where we must self correct. That is every single one of us. I’m talking to the liberal who thinks a tweet from high school is enough to cancel a 30-year-olds career and the conservative who thinks a Democratic Republic is no longer preferable if his party doesn’t win. I’ve said it many times on this blog, but I’m convinced that people are not so opposed to tyranny, just so long as it is a tyranny to their own liking. This is true whether that is tyranny of the mob or tyranny of a tyrant. We all need a little self correction and adjustment in America right now as I’m quite certain none of us are doing this human thing 100% right.

America is at a crossroads in our history and either we are going to fight the moral arch of the universe that bends towards justice or we are going ride that bad boy to a more free and just society for all. In that same interview, Hafer said of the racists that “I would gladly chop all of those people out of my {expletive} customer database and pay them to get the {expletive} out.” Well, by virtue of all those saying they are leaving because he wanted the racist out, I think he did that. I think it will cost the BRC money and I think as a company, they recognized where it had gone too far and made a stand. They self corrected, not because they did something wrong, but they realized others were pushing them on a trajectory that their character was unwilling to let them go. Profits be damned.

That’s the good stuff America and that’s the type of self-correcting that always makes me proud of this country. Somewhere in America, I hope there are a group of progressive liberals who read this article and see the act of self-correction as a start to a healthy conversation rather than MAGA-karma. Equally, I hope there are right leaning conservatives who see this line in the sand and evaluate their own trajectory. If it is indeed true that the moral arch of the universe bends towards justice and we are indeed at a crossroads, then we are all going to be faced with similar decisions in our daily walks of life, business, and families. As for me and my household, we are not going to fuel the cultural divide.

I don’t know, something tells me that a company that would forgo profit to expunge racists by name knows a little something about the direction that moral arch of the universe is taking them. It doesn’t matter whether it is a new or late revelation, because it is here and that’s good enough for me. Hats off the BRC crew and to all those, both left and right, with the intellectual honesty to recognize this for what it is.

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Jeff Edwards


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