Hillary Benghazi

“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to  get its pants on.”  Winston Churchill   Knowledge of the political process tells me that Hillary Clinton has been the victim of political slander, stretched truths, and attack ads designed to discredit her to the American public.  Yet, for that matter so was George W. Bush, Barrack Obama, Mitt Romney, John Kerry, John McCain, Bill Clinton, Bob Dole, George Senior, and I think you can see where I am going here. That is just a bi-partisan reality no matter what Rush Limbaugh or Rachel Maddow will tell you. That being said, we unfortunately live in the age of information where truth is not determined by its own virtue anymore.  The lies of the internet now circle the world 100 times over before the truth even wakes up from its wet dream of the era where people actually cared about it, to say nothing of actually getting its pants on.   And so it is with Hillary.

The Vice of Leadership

George W. Bush totally did cocaine.  Oh yeah, and Obama too.  The past 16 years, we have been led by men who did cocaine and probably did it a lot. This is a fact.  An incontrovertible fact.  Which means of course they did pot too, probably drank a lot and if my detective skills are up to par, I bet they got it on with a bunch of women while coked up as they skipped out on their National Guard service or walked around college dressed like a Kenyan. And then there is Clinton, the dude.  Aww man, now we know Clinton liked to get it on.  As the American public, we might not be able to define the word, “is”, but I am willing to bet you there are a hundred or so women across this country with non-disclosure agreements signed that can define it quite well.

Hillary 2016 Benghazi

Look, would I preference my Presidents to have “just said No” to cocaine growing up?  Sure, why not if for no other reason than all the D.A.R.E classes I sat in thanks to Daddy Bush.  But who am I to judge what others did in the 60’s, 70’s, or perhaps even 80’s.  As long as I don’t have to watch a video of my current President dancing at Studio 54 dressed up like a glitter fairy, I can forgive and forget what happened in times gone by.

Clinton private email server

And yes, I would be encouraged by a little sexual restraint for the man occupying the oval office.  I’m talking to you, Bill.  I know you are human and yes, I can’t prove that Reagan didn’t give out the Gipper to the ladies on a regular basis. Or perhaps just the same lady and he kept forgetting about it.  But Bill, you got caught, so you have to own this one until you are outdone, ok.  When President Chris Christie gets caught covering women in deli meats and hot wings in the oval office then all will be forgiven.  Yet, I think we have to be honest that the moral characteristics that we have come to impute upon the President of the United States has likely always been a bit of a stretch.  They are human, much as we, and they like to do it and are capable of moral failure whether we like it or not.

My Personal Problem with Hillary

It has nothing to do with the fact that she is a liberal or a Democrat. I am much more moderate than you would think and despite the sky is falling warnings, the past 6 years of Obama have not literally destroyed America.  We can survive liberals or conservatives in this country and the day we can’t is the day we wake up and realize we are already long dead as a nation.  Nor is it Hillary’s track record for association with public scandal.  Again, anyone including the staunchest conservative has to at least acknowledge that at least some of what they have heard about her is untrue, just like with any other candidate. But as a matter of personal opinion, it is more the following.

When I first started blogging, I was put in contact with a group of bloggers for a website who will remain nameless.  I wrote a couple of pieces for them, which were rejected as being too edgy because one of the bloggers for the website who is in his 20’s was President of his College Republic chapter at a prestigious university. No lie, I was told he has Presidential aspirations and thus, he has to be careful with what words he associates.  In his freaking 20’s!  Look, if one’s words and actions in their 20’s could rule them out for President, then my White House campaign was done and over by 22.  Honestly, this guy would have a better chance of getting my vote if he was caught snorting cocaine off a dead hooker in Vegas for at least then, I would know he is not a robot.  But to guard your association in your 20’s for hopes of being President in your 40’s makes Jack a dull boy and in my mind, a piss poor President.  It is calculating and I don’t like it as a matter of personal preference.  Plus my blog is way bigger than his now, so suck on that Mr. Future President.

Hillary email

The past 15 years were an attempt by Bill and Hillary to re-enter the White House and nothing more.  Now I am not saying they had to move back to Little Rock, Arkansas when it was over.  I’ve been to Arkansas many times, and believe me, I get it. I also recognize it is a bit naïve of me to wish for a President like Maximus who shunned the idea to which George Washington would reply, “That is why it must be you Maximus!”  However, I don’t think she ever cared to Senator for the people of New York and I don’t think she ever cared to be Secretary of State.  Her ambition for the White House smells like Donald Trump’s lust for hair products and I don’t like it.  Granted that is not journalism, but you are reading a blog titled Unprecedented Mediocrity, so come to terms with it as you must.

My Political Problem with Hillary

Embassies will get attacked, they might even get overrun, but it should only be after Samuel L. Jackson has yelled from a rooftop to “Waste the ……”   Benghazi was a spectacular military and diplomatic failure.  It didn’t happen in London, Paris, or Beijing.  No, it happened in freaking Libya.  I have absolutely no training as a diplomat, but even I would have known to beef up security in the same country that assassinated Doc Brown in the Mall parking lot.  Honestly, I don’t really think the Sec of State personally arranges such security, but to see an ambassador’s body dragged through the streets was no minor loss.  If you are the Principle of an elementary school, it won’t do to say you only lost 4 kids today, and as Secretary of State, I feel she got off way too easy for what should have been a high-profile post.  Someone failed in spectacular fashion, and when in doubt, the buck stops at the top.  You can’t just dismiss it because you like her.

Benghazi libya hillary

I believe Hillary’s planned political ambitions stopped her from taking the responsibility commensurate with her position.  Which in turn leads us to her own private email server.  Secretary of State was never the goal for Hillary.  It was the White House or bust and she knew it the first day she hooked up her private email server.  I don’t care what personal junk is on there and neither does the bulk of America. She could be having secret orgies with the entire Supreme Court for all I care as long as they take it easy on Ginsgburg’s frail body. But state secrets?  It seems like they were there unsecured.  Correspondence that could help us understand the tragedy in Benghazi?  I think it is there.  Yet, it would appear that transparency has taken a back seat to Hillary 2016.  And I don’t like it.

president clinton 2016

I don’t care if she is a liberal or conservative.  I actually trust GOP frontrunner Donald Trump less.  In fact, I believe we will have a Democrat as President in 2016 because of Trump and his narcissism.  He can’t win the general election and he will ultimately go 3rd party because this is and always was about him and not America.  So the entire country needs to pay close attention to the Democratic field and for the love of  Bald Eagles don’t give her a free ride to the nomination.  Be it Webb, O’Malley, or whoever else, it should not be Hillary Clinton.  I would say Bernie Sanders, but I fear he is like the really awesome roller coaster that has you screaming with joy until you realize the tracks end in mid-air.   It is not partisanship, it is character.  George W. and Slick Willy Clinton?  Cool dudes who deserve their own sitcom.  Hillary and Trump?  Minions who deserve their own secret lair under a volcano.  These are my opinions people. There are many like it, but this one is mine and you should have your own.  You will hear many of them throughout this election cycle as to date, I have only scratched two candidates off my list.  First Trump, and now Hillary.  Oh for the days when the candidates just did cocaine.

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