Free Veteran's Day Meals

Brace yourselves Marines, Ooh Rah week is coming.  Certainly for all Veterans, the second week in November holds special meaning, but for my fellow Marines we have the double your pleasure of our birthday on the 10th immediately followed by Veteran’s Day on the 11th.  Now, I’m going to make the clearly scientific and unbiased statement that Marines do birthdays better than any other branch.  It is true that the other branches have birthdays as well, but in my opinion they celebrate them like a 90 year old lady with dementia.  If someone reminds them it is their day, they might say oh yeah, yeah, that’s right.  But if you want the ultimate Stolen Valor test, just ask a Marine the birthday of the Corps and if he can’t tell you, time to pull out the cell phone brothers.  But Veteran’s Day is for us all and on this Wednesday, we will all gather nationwide in the mess halls that are whatever restaurant is giving us free chow.

It’s Kind of a Thing Now

In the past few years, the rush on free Veteran’s day meals has grown exponentially.  The first I heard about it was Applebees pulling it off and then before you knew it, most restaurants were offering something free.  I think it is a nice enough gesture and I don’t fault any establishment doing so.  Even though they all make you order off a special menu which limits the value of their gratitude for our service to about $10.99 or anything of equal or lesser value. But it’s cool, and I appreciate it.

Free Veteran's Day Meals

I honestly don’t know what I would expect otherwise from anyone on Veteran’s Day.  Rather than a personal acknowledgment, I think I would prefer it if the nation dug deep into military history itself and pondered how we got here as a nation.  I served in Iraq during a period where America totally dominated the battlefield in all aspects.  But go back a few decades and our Vietnam brothers were fighting an enemy they couldn’t see in their own jungle.  A few more decades and Marines were walking around with flame throwers on their backs gifting warmth to the Japanese entrenched in heavily fortified pillboxes.  We all serve when our generation is called, but I am astutely aware that my road to a free Veteran’s Day meal was paved by these men.  But let’s talk about that free meal.

I’m Going to Eat the Fool Out of Some Free Chicken Strips

Lest the deep thoughts I shared with you above make you think I plan to abstain, let me set the record straight.  After all, a guilty pleasure is only that if you indulge.  And oh yeah, I’m going to get me some of that free food.  Yes, I know the long lines seem like a lot of work for some free chicken strips, but this Veteran’s Day meal rush has become sort of a fun event where we all get to gather in the “mess hall”  and enjoy a free meal just because we can.  So as far as I’m concerned, I’m going to enjoy my meal like Private Pyle enjoys a donut.

Veteran's Day Freebies

If anything, I appreciate the restaurants for facilitating such an event more than the actual free food itself.  I can afford a nice lunch on my own and I don’t crave the overly peppy waitresses words of appreciation.  It has become a fun event, granted a guilty pleasure of sorts, but I think Veterans bear no shame in walking in for that free meal.  Grab you a free coffee on your way, a free donut from Dunkin, and if you got the time, go ahead and get your oil changed for free.  I’m not one to grossly take advantage of any Veteran discounts offered throughout the year, but Veteran’s Day is the one day we get to be shameless about it.  We didn’t ask for it, but if you want to play this game, we will chow down and play it with you.  At least all these establishments were not foolish enough to offer free booze on Veteran’s Day.

Standing Orders

So your standing orders from Unprecedented Mediocrity is to enjoy what you will this Veteran’s Day.  Go easy on the Stolen Valor accusations against the homeless looking guy eating for free as well.  There is a reasonable chance he is a Veteran even if he can’t produce an I.D. and even if he is not, let the man eat his free restaurant meal in peace.  If it really offends you that much, he can have my free meal and I’ll go buy my own.

Veteran's Day Free Meal

These meals are best enjoyed with brothers in arms with whom you served if possible.  Since I just relocated to the Inland Northwest from Memphis, I’m about 2,000 miles from my nearest war brother.  So I’ll join the other single vets at the bar and we will chat it up like we know each other.  And then finally brothers and sisters, don’t forget to tip.  I know this is a free meal, but keep it classy.  Apart from that, follow your stomach and let your taste buds be your guide.  Perhaps I’ll run into one of you in the mess hall.  If you are already a fan of this page by liking it below, you might even talk me into buying you a drink.

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