Ok, let’s get this part out of the way.  A State Department official gave an interview saying we couldn’t kill our way out of ISIS and that job creation is part of the solution.  Yes, it is indeed helpful when combating terrorism for lands that breed terrorism to have robust economies and viable alternatives to the lure of Jihad life.  I mean, the same can be said for street gangs in America.  Where family life has broken down, schools offer poor education, and economic hardships are ever present, the gang life has a certain lure.  Consequently, programs that strengthen families through evidence based interventions, schools that insist their teachers actually teach, and economic investment in these neighborhoods have proven to work for many.  That is a fact.  That being said, I fear this administration is about to make one of the grossest miscalculations in history second only to the idea that Hitler just wanted Austria then he would go back to his painting career.  I only pray that it is not so.

The Obama Administration

Now, if you read my writings enough, you will know that I have at times criticized the President.  However, I want you to fully know where this is coming from.  You see, if you read all my writings, which please do so by the way, you will see that my criticism of the President has really be limited to a few key areas.  I am not a fan of his executive action on immigration, but I support a friendly immigration policy. Some of these hard working immigrants offer more to America than some natural born citizens whose only credential is that they once existed in the parents star spangled private parts.

White House on ISIS

Moreover, I don’t like his efforts to restrict guns and ammunition in violation of the 2nd Amendment.  Then mostly, I just lament the way he has handled the ISIS threat.  Look, outside of that, I don’t really care too much about the other policy differences.  All political viewpoints are welcome here on Unprecedented Mediocrity.  I don’t think Obama is an evil man at all.  I think he is just a very liberal President. I know that may not sit well with some, but we can all be civil about it and if you think he is a secret Lizard Alien, then more power to you.

The Absurdity of it All

If you were noticing the featured picture in this article and wondered what the classic movie, Friday had to do with it all, let me explain. You see, in the movie there is this funny quote where Smoky is talking to Ice Cube and the quote goes as follows, “ I know you don’t smoke weed, I know this, but I’m going to get you high today.  Because it’s Friday, You Ain’t got no job, …. And you ain’t got sh*! to do.”  I even attached the video if you need a visual reference.

Now let’s talk about how the quote didn’t go.  Smoky didn’t say, “ I know you don’t rape children, I know this, but we going to murder some children and burn people alive today.  Because it’s Friday, You Ain’t got no job…. And you ain’t got sh*! to do.”  Honestly, how absurd would that be?  Moreover, I think this highlights the absurdity of it all and the nature of the miscalculation of this current administration.

Potentially, it is entirely possible that the part-time jihadist has joined ISIS like the kid who wants to be cool joins a gang because he doesn’t have much else to look forward to.  However, everyone has seen the internet meme going around that says, “Everyone wants to be gangster until it is time to do gangster stuff.”  These part-time jihadist wannabes are not the problem we face here with ISIS.  Keep in mind, that ISIS was so violent they were repudiated by Al Qaida.  Yes, the same people who blew up the World Trade Centers said, woah, You ISIS guys are sick. And in walks the miscalculation of the Obama administration.

Evil is Its Own End

Evil is not looking for a job, a state, or friend.  Ladies and Gentlemen, evil is looking for the perpetuation of itself.  The man that would rape and behead a child as is a documented fact with ISIS displays the same heart as those that would walk them to a gas chamber in Nazi Germany.   Not every German was a Nazi and not every Jihadist is a member of ISIS.  However, to end the Nazi threat, we had to plow through a lot of Germans to end that particular evil.

Iraq children ISIS

I cannot imagine the horror that is taking place in the lives of children in Syria and Iraq. I have traveled the world and literally watched children play Spiderman on 4 different continents and you know what?  They all looked like innocent kids playing Spiderman regardless of language or skin color. They are children people and anyone of us would weep if we had to witness what is taking place with our own eyes.

Mr. President, American can’t solve every evil in the world, but that doesn’t mean we have to sit by and do nothing just for the sake of being consistent.  Whether or not you blame President Bush for this mess or not is no consolation to the children who are being tortured right now why you are President.  However, if you are waiting for ISIS to just polish up their resumes so they can get a job, then you will be the appeaser of evil for our generation.  We didn’t want this either Mr. President, but it is here and like it or not, you are the President while children burn in a cage we could easily destroy.  Evil doesn’t want a job Mr. President.  They want what only good men have the courage to protect.

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