“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.” Those were the famed words of Winston Churchill who famously opposed the appeasement of Adolph Hitler in the 1930’s. Remarkably, both Liberal and Conservative Americans would look at history and support Churchill’s strong words and actions. Unfortunately, Liberal and Conservative Americans can’t seem to agree on the modern perils of appeasement and its going to end poorly for everyone if something doesn’t change. I’ve watched many of my conservative friends forsake previously cherished conservative principles to appease the whims of the current President. That’s right boys and girls, I’m going to say some tough words about your MAGA buddy and you’re just going to have to be OK with that.

Then again, cheer up, because I’ve also watched many of my Liberal friends forsake reason and order to appease violent mob rule here in America. Friends, it does not matter what your political orientation may be when it comes to appeasement. I see little difference between tyranny of a tyrant or tyranny of the mob. Feed them your political opponents all you want, but the crocodile will come for you sooner or later. The political prosecution of the Pink Polo Punisher and his wife for defending their perimeter is a dangerous attempt to use our legal system as a means of appeasing the mob and mark my words, it will end poorly for everyone. Appeasement in the face of tyranny by any other name is still appeasement. Neither the mob or the tyrant will be satisfied until it has taken a bite out of you too.

Alexander Hamilton Was Right

I find the modern fascination with Alexander Hamilton and the embrace of the man by the progressive left a bit amusing as of late. The popularity of the musical, Hamilton, has made him the darling of everyone who never actually read anything the man ever wrote. The cast is remarkably diverse and with lyrical rhyme leading the way, you come to the conclusion that Hamilton always stood up for the little guy. Little do people realize that Alexander Hamilton would have burned the current mob rule in America down to the ground with a passion.

If you support the abolition of the Electoral College, then Alexander Hamilton would have been your worst enemy. If you support ballot initiatives that attempt to govern by the rule of the many, Hamilton would oppose you at every turn. Oh, by the way, he also bought and sold slaves for his wife’s family, though not a slave owner himself. Are you feeling betrayed yet by the singing and dancing version of the man that you’ve come to love? But I mean, the musical was great, right?

Now, personally, I like Alexander Hamilton because of his contempt for mob rule. It wasn’t just him as the founders where quite emphatic about setting up a Republic for this very reason. Fear of mob rule and inflamed passions is also the reason Senators are elected for 6 years while the House of Representative is elected every two years. The Senators were supposed to bring cooler heads to the game, because they wouldn’t be subject to the immediate whims of the mob. Our justice system was set up the same way. Go back and watch or read To Kill a Mockingbird. Spoiler alert, the mob is the bad guy in that classic. You can’t simply prosecute someone because a tyrant or a mob demands it.

James Madison believed that the wide open terrain and vast physical distance of America would prevent a mob from mobilizing quickly. Well, welcome to modernity, social media, and flash mobs. A mob can form in an instant and appeasing them will do little good once they have a taste of victory. You saw the same thing take place in the temporary Democracy of CHAZ or CHOP. They literally turned on each other and began to kill one another, because mob rule is no rule at all. Political violence in America is not sometimes bad because its always bad. The founders set up cooling mechanisms and we would do well to allow those mechanisms to play out. Again, if you enjoy singing the little diddies from the musical Hamilton, I implore you to go back and read what the man actually wrote.

About the Pink Polo Punisher

Honestly, I’m not sure if I included the picture of the now famous couple just to get you to read a little about Alexander Hamilton. However, if it worked, then the clickbait would have been worth it. Then again, the political prosecution of this couple is an egregious form of appeasement to the mob. I don’t know the couple and the fact they seem to be pretty rich lets me know that they are going to be just fine. What they obviously lack in tactical proficiency, they can make up for with armed security going forward. Seriously, in the picture below, the Pink Polo Punisher sent his wife down to do riot control while he provided overwatch from afar and Karen doesn’t seem to happy about pulling that patrol.

If you support today’s announcement that they would be charged with a felony and prosecuted, then I’m going to submit that you have never been confronted by an angry mob. We were confronted plenty of times in Iraq and I’m here to tell you, despite the fact that we Marines could have likely “wasted the Mfers” Samuel L. Jackson style, you are not confused about the danger of a mob. It is clear, present, and palpable when you are grossly outnumbered. I don’t think this couple knew what they were supposed to do, but their survival instincts told them that they should do something. That right to self-preservation in the face of clear and present danger should not be infringed.

Stand your ground laws have gotten a bad rap lately, particularly because of poorly qualified people like George Zimmerman putting himself in situations he can’t handle. The Pink Polo Punisher and his wife did nothing of the sort. They were in their house doing whatever rich people do all day when the gates to their castle were broken down. They may not have realized it, but they actually did the mob a favor by brandishing their weapons.

The mob had the opportunity to make an informed decision about how far they wanted to push the matter. Personally, I might have been waiting quietly on the roof until it was time to do my best Samuel L. Jackson impression. The Pink Polo Punisher and his wife are not people to be applauded or derided for doing what they thought was best when the mob was literally at the gates. This particular political prosecution of the two is nothing more than an attempt to appease and win over the mob and its dangerous. It’s one thing for politicians to go after one another vis-a-vis Clinton and Trump. It is something, however, altogether different for citizens to applaud the prosecution of one another over political matters. I’m sure the Pink Polo Punisher and his wife will be just fine, but America may not be if we continue to feed the crocodile with partisan political prosecutions.

America, Please Do Not Overcorrect

Finally my fellow Americans, I’m going to beg you not to over correct from the current state of mob rule in some cities. I would not enable a tyrant to bring law and order because of media induced fear. I’m not saying Trump is a tyrant and if you choose to vote for him, its cool. Just don’t act like the man is principled in his application of the law. I too want the mob rule to end, but I’m equally concerned about unmarked authorities detaining those who peacefully assemble. I’m convinced that what we are facing in America is not a Liberal problem or a Conservative problem. Rather, it is a human nature problem and while we’ve cleaned up our act over the past few thousand years, we are at our core DNA no different than our violent and tribal ancestors of the past. Hamilton, Madison, and multiple founders knew this and you would do well to remember it today.

Alexander Hamilton wrote about mob rule over 200 years ago and in doing so, he pointed out the mobs that destroyed the Greeks some 2,000 years before that. Human beings are quick to have their passions inflamed and a mob is but a tweet away at any given moment. Then again, so is a strong-armed leader promising peace and order. There are things I like about Trump and things that I do not like about Trump. The man is human and as such, he is not without fault. So please don’t give me the “leave Brittany alone defense.”

Appeasement by any other name is still appeasement. One of the great failures of my fellow right leaning citizens has been to justify and dance with Hamilton-esque dance moves to appease the whims of the current President. In general, Trump fears the mob as well. So when his core supporters speak out on an issue they care about, he listens. When we appease him, we are simply hoping that he will eat the Democrats before he eats us. Tyranny of the mob or tyranny of a tyrant, tyranny by any other name is still tyranny. Don’t tread on me and all that good stuff, but tread lightly with appeasing anyone in America.

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7 Replies to “The Political Prosecution of the Pink Polo Punisher Will End Poorly for Everyone”

  1. Great read again Jeff. What I have seen in the trenches of this era of street justice and protest has been almost indescribable, and that’s just in the last 90 days. The level of instant hate and violence towards police and anyone who doesn’t agree with the mob must surely be reminiscent of a time our parents and grandparents thought were in the past. The likelihood of a new officer beginning his career making it to the end without being prosecuted, killed, wounded, sued or fired is higher than ever. We can do everything right and legal and still come up on the short end of the stick. I have had to totally leave social media, which I used mostly to keep up with our platoon, because of all the hateful comments. My children and wife have become targets as well. Every career field with have its bad apples and I have always been a proponent that we have to police ourselves out here but it has literally gotten to the point where I have had to barricade and call 911 because the mob refused to allow us to arrest someone who had stolen firearms, pounds of dope, and were on parole at the time. A real no brainer got out of hand very quickly. This is all to common these days. Line of duty deaths are up 50% this year for officers. The fact that our elected leaders turn on us when the camera is rolling kills morale. If ordinary citizens know that when they call 911 no one will come then things will spiral out of control pretty quickly.

    1. Stay safe out there Gunny and keep doing the lord’s work on our behalf. My brother has been a cop in Memphis for nearly 20 years and thankfully,he is off the street on a task force now. He said he’s already seeing cops refuse to engage some criminals. People will regret letting mob rule win the day, that’s for sure.

  2. An outstanding read and very thought provoking. I must admit after reading it I was fired up to begin my day. Your writing is outstanding and it is very easy to see how you can make a living with your unique talent. You have a wonderful gift!

  3. As usual, well said. Keep up the good work, Marine. I’ll be in touch soon with my next request. Semper Fidelis.

  4. Jeff, more outstanding writing! You’ve touched on topics in this blog that are so important to what is currently transpiring in this country. I’m really interested in seeing you research Critical Social Theory and how it affects the Liberal Science (NOT POLITICAL Liberalism) and the Liberal thought that we’ve enjoyed for the last 500 years. I’ll hold my thoughts for now but if you wanna talk, let me know.

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