Who exactly knows when the good natured grass roots campaign to elect General James “Chaos” Mattis for President began.  One knife hand meme here, one “have a plan to kill everyone you meet” quote there and before you know it anyone to ever wear the uniform really wanted this man to become President.  I wrote an article 3 years ago titled, Top 5 Reasons General Mattis Should be President and went viral to the tune of over 300,000 reads.  Only problem was the military community is relatively small and most of the country had never heard of the man.  If you still don’t know who I’m talking about first smack yourself in the face and then let me introduce you to your current Secretary of Defense.  Known as the “Warrior Monk”, it is no exaggeration to assume that in whatever room he currently walks in our current White House he is the smartest man present.  It is also no exaggeration to assume that in whatever room he walks he has already calculated a plan to kill those unlucky enough to be not the smartest man in the room.  More importantly, this man who has dedicated his life to service of this country over self would be just what the doctor ordered in the turbulent years to come.  Friends, Americans, and countrymen lend me your ears.  Here are three  reasons James Mattis should be President in 2020.

He’s Neither Trump or Obama nor Bush or Clinton

The sum of my adult life has been privy to increasing partisan rhetoric that has gotten to the point where I have to decide which street gang I want to join at the next political rally.  Look, I know politics has always been a dog eat dog fight but we’ve gone from Jets vs Sharks dance fighting in the 80’s and 90’s to Gangs of New York blood baths.  

This stuff is out of control and James Mattis knows it. During a recent interview with CBS Mattis noted that Americans are beginning to lose respect for one another and it’s a problem. When his cell phone number was leaked a little while back a kid from a high school newspaper called and left him a message for an interview.  Remarkably, General Mattis called him back.  In this remarkable interview Mattis said:

“I get very very concerned when I hear people start characterizing their opponents as stupid. I still understand that because politics is a little rough and tumble at times, but I don’t buy it and when they start calling each other either crazy or evil. You and I, we don’t compromise with crazy people or evil people. And so, I don’t think that’s helpful. Generally speaking, just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t make them crazy or evil…there’s no reason to get all worked up as if someone is evil or crazy. For one thing, none of us are perfect and all-knowing, so this might be their right, and that’s why I don’t care for ideological people. It’s like those people just want to stop thinking.”

Drink in that statement my fellow Americans and tell me if that goes down like a cool glass of water on parched summer day.  Drink of St. Mattis my friends and he will end your thirst for civility.

My Boy’s Wicked Smart

Now when I say the man is wicked smart I’m talking Good Will Hunting “how do you like them apples smart.”  You know what just watch the scene for context and imagine Trump is his friend trying to pick up the girl, the snooty dude from Harvard is Obama, and Mattis is Matt Damon.  The analogy almost literally fits to a tee.

The truth is that stories of this man’s intellect are legendary as is his ability to inspire.  I could remind you of the story where he served duty on Christmas Day as a General so that the younger officer with a family could go home.  I could point out how you will always see him carrying his own bags or perhaps just listen to this next video of this impromptu speech.  “Warning: men if you are wearing sweatpants or silkie shorts you may want to cover with a blanket because there is a Category 5 motto boner coming.”

Whether you like or loathe Donald Trump I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief that James Mattis will be in the room on this nation’s toughest days.  Let us not forget the latest of his most famous quotes when asked by a reporter, “What keeps you up at night?”  Without further explanation or emotion Mattis simply stated, “Nothing, I keep other people up at night.”

He Will Bring Healing to a Nation in Need

I know by this point many of you are wondering why I said President in 2020 rather than 2024.  What does this mean for Donald Julius Trump you ask?  Well, I’m not making any claims or predictions but it is entirely possible DJT is not going to be our President in 2020.  It could be impeachment, resignation, a strong GOP primary contender, or even just good old fashioned defeat.  Heck, there’s even the fact that dude is oldest President to ever serve and he’s not exactly hitting the treadmill very much.  All I’m saying is that it’s possible that a post-Trump era comes sooner rather than later.

If that is true, then the last thing we need is for the political pendulum to swing back hard left.  Not even from a partisan standpoint, but how much more division be it another Obama or Trump can America really take.  I’m a moderate with political multi-personality disorder and so the notion of a James Mattis Presidency strikes well with me in the wake of these turbulent years.  Someone yells, Antifa power to the left then another yells alt-right is alright with me, then a President Mattis just walks into the Oval Office a bald eagle lands on his shoulder and he just screams “Merica.”  


What started with a meme could actually be a reality now.  The entire nation knows who this man is and if you literally don’t I’m not sure I want you voting anyway.  The man is currently 6th in line for the Presidency as we speak but if that’s the manner he ascends to the Presidency then we would need him more than ever at that dire moment.  It feels good to consider America.  It feels good to have a President who is smart enough to play chess with Putin because he has been a student of history his entire life.  James Mattis for President is no longer a meme but a mission.  A boy can still hold on to his dreams can’t he? James Mattis for President in 2020.

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