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You still got a little time there my captive lovers of the 2nd Amendment. I say captive because you live in the backwards state of Commiefornia and lovers of the 2nd Amendment because what’s not to love about the constitution? For those unaware, the state of California out of malice and frustration that the constitution limits their ability to restrict guns has set ammunition in its sights. As of the new year, all sorts of fancy restrictions on ammunition go into effect. Can’t drive ammo across state lines, background checks to purchase a bullet, ammunition registration and if you want to purchase bullets online it has to be shipped to a federally licensed vendor rather than your door. That’s right, California opted to throw a temper tantrum aimed at the 2nd amendment by instituting a poll tax, literacy test and the like on a constitutional right. But hey California, you still got a couple of hours left so how about you make a run on that ammunition? As for me, I think it’s time for creative civil disobedience.

Where is the Federal Government When you Need Them?

That might sound like an odd statement coming from a quasi-libertarianish voice, but the truth of the matter is that government does have a purpose and function. The 15th Amendment gave all men the right to vote regardless of race, color or previous condition of servitude. Sound fantastic except that in many southern states that didn’t go over too well. Frustrated by the audacious amendment, southerners out of malice and frustration instituted a series of poll taxes, literacy tests and basically anything they could think of to prohibit the free exercise of this now constitutional right.

california ammo law

The 24th amendment made poll taxes illegal, but there was still the matter of implementation on all matters concerning race. That was voting, going to school, drinking from a water fountain and you name it. I grew up in the south and I’m here to tell you that such notions of bitterness linger today. Just last week I was talking to a dear relative of an older generation who was discussing the removal of several Confederate statues in Memphis. Personally, I could care less as Jeff Davis and Nathan Bedford Forrest never bought me a fish sandwich so I don’t feel I owe them anything.

My relative, who is a good man, replied with “We should go through Memphis and take down every statue or mention of Martin Luther King. If they gonna take down our people we should take down theirs.” Having grown up in the south I wasn’t shocked at this statement and I simply moved on as I learned early on the fruitlessness of trying to educate the older generation on matters of race. If at this particular age he hasn’t evolved on matters of race then, well, paw paw just gonna have to go the grave a little bit of a racist. The point being, that if you gave local government the power to interpret constitutional rights you would certainly have them infringed on all levels. This is exactly what California is doing to its citizens and it is tragic.

Run on Ammunition

As one might expect, online ammunition sales from California have been shooting through the roof! Speaking with the owners of, nearly 50% of their recent purchases were coming from California and in wild numbers. While that might sound like it’s good for business, it truly represents a tragic turn of events. California has made ammunition the front lines in the war for constitutional liberty and websites like are the new freedom fighters. If a California resident should simply want to purchase a legal product and have it shipped to the privacy of their own home what is to do? Personally, were I to live in California I would consider it my patriotic duty to purchase as much ammunition as possible now. Not an affiliate ad, I don’t get paid if you click so purchase away. 

Because in the end, this is a fight for a right. Every act of defiance to protest the terrible rules in southern society that prevent African-Americans from voting, going to school or exercising their right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness were just. The federal government was right to step in with armed soldiers and escort African-Americans into school. Defiance of this California law is morally valid in my opinion. I’m not telling you to break the law. I’m just saying there could be some sort of path to civil disobedience here.

2018 new ammo law

Tomorrow it will be illegal to transport ammo across state lines. But what if, just as an example, lovers of the 2nd Amendment were to line up on the Nevada side of the California border. Then, what if we all threw ammunition across the border. Technically, we are in Nevada and it’s not illegal to throw ammunition in Nevada right? If we never cross over the California border can we be arrested? What if we tied one 5.56 to the legs of a bunch of carrier pigeons in Nevada? Are we to be blamed for not controlling the flight path of birds now? Lake Tahoe spans both Nevada and California. So if a toy boat with ammunition should accidentally drift across to the California side that’s just an accident? You are in Nevada and you can play with toy boats full of ammunition all you want.

It’s Time for Civil Disobedience

One might think it’s preposterous to draw any correlation between the civil rights movement this ban on ammunition. Maybe it is, I don’t know but it’s my blog and I can correlate what I want. However, the truth remains that citizens of another state are having their constitutional right creatively infringed. While the rest of the country typically enjoys laughing at California, we really should be spreading the word about what’s going on here. In fact, Facebook which is where many of you will be reading this article actively suppresses content like this. They are no fans of the 2nd Amendment, so if you are then you could do your duty by sharing this article.

california ammo law

In my opinion, these are oppressive laws that restrict a right and should you choose creative disobedience, well that’s Bea Arthur Panties approved strategy to me. I’m not telling you to break the law as I think I have to say that for legal reasons. But hey, I’m just saying. It’s only a few hours till the New Year arrives and I guarantee you that state is more packed full of ammunition than ever before. Come the new year, the California legislature will seek to make criminals out of good men and women. For shame. So who’s with me, anyone up for lining up at the California border and throwing ammunition over the state line? Anyone got any carrier pigeons we can borrow? Time for civil disobedience my friends of the pew, and best of luck to you out there in California.

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  1. Hey, dude. This is Johnny Newbill. Kilo, 2003, Iraq. Email me. I’d love to catch up. “Where is Cpl Jeff Edwards?”

  2. As long as we are just speaking of conjecture, what does the law say about private individuals buying ammo in other states, and shipping it to other private individuals in CA? Just spitballing here.

    1. Interesting idea. Is that UPS/FedEx shipping…I wonder if there is any reporting requirements.

  3. I won’t go anywhere I can’t take a rifle or handgun. California, the outdoors of which I still love, is out. Same for Canada. It makes the world smaller, but I won’t be disarmed. Great salmon in the Smith, the Keena, the Dean. I miss those fisheries.

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