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Look, college kids are stupid and I get that.  You see, you may or may not be aware that it has been reported that members of the Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity from the University of Florida took it upon themselves to spit on and throw beer bottles at a group of wounded Veterans attending a Wounded Veteran retreat in Panama City Florida. Now, for all my Veteran followers, please apologize to the cat you just kicked, window you just broke, or excellent bourbon you spit out when you read that, but it appears true my brothers.  And I have to admit, I am a little pissed off.  Now, there are few pictures you will see regularly on Unprecedented Mediocrity.  It is not that I am being lazy.  No, it is simply that I want to portray a personal picture to convey a personal feeling on my personal blog.  Thus, if you haven’t learned yet, the above picture is the, you actually pissed me off picture. This is my platoon on our way to Iraq in 2003 and the unofficial picture of what’s inside a can of you know what.  ISIS was the recipient of this picture in prior posts and now you too Zeta Beta Tau, you have made the list.  You and ISIS, best buds I guess.  But let’s talk about the Fraternity of Zeta Beta Tau from the University of Florida.

Kids are Stupid

Actually, most kids are fairly stupid and some just take it to another level. You see, when the news broke this week what these Frat boys did to our brothers in arms, the nice part of me would have dismissed it as the stupidity of youth. Now, we have all seen Revenge of the Nerds and I don’t think that we ever really just had all that high expectations of Frat life. Yet, never in our wildest dreams would we have envisioned such disgusting behavior not seen since the travesties committed against our Vietnam Veteran brothers.

In this case, I don’t believe it is a product of a society opposed to war, but the by product of a society hardly touched by war. These little frat kids were 8 years old  or younger when I was in Iraq and they grew up in a society that honestly could have cared less about the past decade of war.  My heart continually breaks for what our Vietnam brothers experienced and I will have none of it in my generation.

ZBT Veterans panama city

Look, this is not an indictment of all Frat life. I was in a fraternity in college and I don’t think my fraternity would ever done anything like this and had they done so, I would have left immediately while leaving behind a trail of flames.But these nearly if not all the way criminal actions take it to another level.  Now, I did stupid stuff in college and to be honest, an 18 to 20 year old Marine Grunt will do plenty of stupid stuff as well. Why? Because young and dumb is more than a catch phrase, it is life.  Thus, I can have grace for kids being stupid as rich boy college kids who never bothered to serve this nation are more ignorant than malicious. You are just stupid and you can be stupid because you are a bunch of sheltered little kids and you have yet to pay the life tuition to not be stupid. But still, I got to tell you, what the University of Florida members of Zeta Beta Tau reportedly did was beyond disgusting and their must be a reckoning.

The Veteran Community

Now, I also feel like I have to state the following. Members of Zeta Beta Tau, man you are lucky. God had grace on you as either these wounded veterans showed unsurpassed restraint or the nature of their injuries made retaliation a poor option, but you are lucky. For I feel like I can speak for all Veterans when I say you warranted a beat down of epic proportions.  It is not that Veterans are walking around angry ready to snap on anyone.  Rather, it is just that we have not forgotten how to do so.


How I wish any of those Veterans would have had but a Bat or Thundercat signal to throw up to their fellow vets and there would have been a reckoning not seen since Fallujah, Ramadi, Marjah, or Sangin. Look here brothers of Zeta Beta Tau, I don’t know how many brothers you have at the University of Florida, but I promise you that if the Taliban and Al Qaida didn’t have enough, neither do you. Consider yourself lucky.  For legal reasons I am guessing I can’t recommend what I am thinking, but you don’t want to know where my mind goes with this.

The Outcome

Yet, you survived and have moved on with your silly little frat life rituals and I say that having been in a fraternity myself.  I am sure somewhere right now there are candles, robes, and other little homo-erotic traditions you call sacred taking place in your “brotherhood”. However, my brothers and my traditions go back to 1775 and are sealed with blood spilt on foreign soil and not keg stands and unecceasry male nudity. Ok, full disclosure, there is actually a lot of alcohol in the military as well and a gratuitous amount of nudity, but if you got a problem with it, then lodge a formal complaint at the Camp Lejeune or Camp Pendleton Grunt barracks.  They will take your complaint with the best customer service you have ever received, I promise!

So what should happen now. Well, for one, the National Organization of Zeta Beta Tau should pull the fraternity’s charter. I know what you are saying, it was just some members right.  Well, let’s teach these pieces of crap that if you want to claim brotherhood then you live and die by the actions of your brothers just like those you defamed.  After all, it happens all the time in the fraternity world. Fraternity gets caught on film making racist chants, banned from the campus. Fraternity sends pledge to hospital for alcohol poisoning, banned from campus. Even the University of Tennessee suspended a chapter for doing something called butt-chugging which I honestly don’t want to know anything more about. But it happens.

ban the flag?

Bottom line,  this is a Fraternity and they should pay the reckoning.  If they want to avoid this penalty then again, I will offer them an alternative by taking this issue up with their local Veterans in a dark alley.  So, if you want to voice your opinion yourself, by the way, here is the link to the Zeta Beta Tau Facebook Page here:  Zeta Beta Tau  You  might think this is a little crazy, but then again, they did spit on our wounded brothers. So, I am just saying if a frat will suspend a chapter for butt chugging, well, then an apology just doesn’t do in light of these atrocities.  Again, ZBT, contact your local Veterans group or visit your local Marine Base if you want an alternative punishment.  You can keep your chapter all you want after that.

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53 Replies to “To the Fraternity Who Spit on Wounded Veterans”

  1. I am an honorably discharged US Marine veteran and had I witnessed this despicable act I would have willingly taken my lumps in court before a judge to beat these soulless human vermin to the ground. Treating another human being like that is unacceptable no matter the circumstances. Scum pure and simple.

  2. I first wondered how 2d Plt would have reacted if one of us had been spat on and then realized that if one of any of us who shouldered a pack or put on a uniform were to be spat on in our presence I believe it would have been time for an epic beat down. Bullets, words, and spittle are things that can’t be recalled. It took many years in the Corps to understand why everybody paid for an individual’s mistake. One of Sean Day’s favorite saying was that payback is a medivac. One man’s actions can cost the lives, or in this case the honor, of others. We know well the price that was paid so these kids could party their way through school. It’s funny that this could be swept under the rug until 20 years from now one of these little turd heads runs for the Senate.

    1. We would have just unleashed Kaulfurst and Shorter on them!!!! It would have been handled!

  3. Three of these PoS have been kicked out of the frat, but not the University – yet. UF is investigating, and does not tolerate this sort of thing well. The fraternity is being investigated as well. While I do not disagree with the beat-down theory, reckoning is coming.

    These idiots do not represent the attitude of the majority of students at UF. There is a lot of outrage in the entire community, and we are highly embarrassed by the actions of these few ignorant individuals.

    From the people of Gainesville (and veterans) we are so sorry.

    1. Thanks man. As much as they deserve a beat down, I am actually not recommending that! It would get out of control fast!!!

  4. I agree wholeheartedly. This behavior is appalling and embarrassing. As a college fraternity member (not ZBT) in the eighties, I think their national organizations and universities should revoke the charters and sell the houses.

  5. The American flag is not a flag of the government. It is a symbol of who we are as Americans. Burning, shredding, trampling, or disrespecting the flag, as much as it is freedom of speech, is like saying “**** you” to the people who fought for that freedom. Not only is it disrespect to those who fought for our freedom, but to those who are happy to be free. The flag represents the People of the United States of America. For God’s sake, if you think this country sucks so bad, go to another country like Iran. Burn their flag and see what becomes of you. You will quickly realize that America is a greater country than you make it out to be. People who burn the flag are just so narrowminded that they can’t see that their freedom took many lives to achieve. -God Bless America!!!!!!

  6. My dad ww2 vet , 9o yrs old says everyone should spend 2yrs in military.This land would be a better place.

  7. anonymous..totally agree with ur dad…I am 74 now…wore the uniform for 13 years….did me good..
    I have 3 sons;;all have worn the uniform…one still does…retires sept…..two are now merchant
    marines….all 3 have turned out GREAT….ancient roman empire required 2 years service of some
    sort of every able bodied male….even if u r in a wheelchair…you can help someone in worse
    condition than urself…those children learned their behavior from an adult teacher/parent/adult..
    there is culprit..the one who needs an attitude adjustment….the Chinese have a good way of
    administering adjustments…in public…drop trow…bend over…receive a goodly numbers of whacks
    with a good ol switch/cane….does the attitude good and brings humility……hats off to ur Dad..

  8. To those advocating a charter revoking, consider this: what are you “teaching” the kids who weren’t involved? No, you’re not teaching them that “brotherhood” means sucking it up and taking the lumps that the other guy earned right alongside him. What you’re teaching is “Even if you do what’s right, and he does something wrong, you’ll all be punished, so there’s no reason to do what’s right”. You remove the incentive to act in a responsible manner by dishing out punishment far and wide. What *should* have happened is these veterans should have called the cops, and had the bastards responsible jailed on felony assault – according to the local news, there was even a good chance the DA would have even added a hate crime stipulation to the charges. Yes, spitting on someone is assault, and that’s a straight-up felony. Yet the police maintain, and those who’ve reported it don’t disagree, that they were not called. Which would you remember longer – being booted out of a fraternity that you feel is only a group to get drunk and stupid with, or a criminal trial for a felony charge that will haunt you for years to come, even if the judge suspends any jail time? A felony conviction has to be admitted to on every job application, and most home leases/mortgages, and can be the deciding factor in NOT getting the job, or the home, you want, at best it means explaining what you did to a whole host of people. By not involving the cops, that LONG punishment is negated, and its place, nothing that the kid ever has to explain to a potential boss or anyone else, ever…he can pretend it never happened. Me, I’d opt for the narrow, deep cut instead of the wide, shallow slash. Hurt the few a lot, leave the rest out of it.

    1. What you are teaching them is if you allow this kind of behavior to happen in your presence and do not stop it you are just as guilty as the ones who conducted the action. They want to call each other brothers act and be punished like brothers.

    2. Perhaps you saw my earlier post and in a communication with National, I made it clear that I thought the Chapter’s charter needs to be *revoked indefinitely*. ZBT spends thousands of dollars in a leadership enclave every year and this year they need to set an example of ‘You ARE your Brother’s Keeper’.

      I learned in the Infantry and saw at my chapter – run by Veterans, oddly enough – that you all rise and fall *together* and this is a clear example of failure and lack of self-policing by the Chapter leadership, by Brothers among Brothers, and, ultimately, at the National level.

    3. I’m a Vietnam Vet, Navy Aircrew in country ’72-73, our crew was a team, a “brotherhood”, one man f***ed up we all went down, we watched out for each other didn’t let anyone f*** up, there is no sorry and do over in combat…these three ZBT a**holes f***ed up, while other “brothers” did nothing, they all go down…f*** ’em all let God sort out the good ones

  9. I chuckled a little bit reading the article. The ZBT chapter at UF is notoriously Jewish, and here you have likened them to Muslim terrorist groups. Good bit of irony there.

    If you look at history there seems to be an ebb and flow where the military, and by extension its current and former members, are either wildly supported or seen as a weapon of oppression. The last 14 years have been decidedly pro military from a social perspective and its actions like these that make me wonder if the tide is turning yet again. Hopefully not.

  10. Wait, isN’t the wounded warrior headquarters in Jacksonville Florida. How can they allow this?

  11. As a Desert Storm Vet, when I came home and went to school most of the kids who didn’t serve were very respectful. You would certainly hope after what was done to Vietnam Veterans you would never see this type of intolerable disrespect again. Shame on you little pukes who never put boots on the ground in a foreign country.

    1. No, shame on you for waging war on a country that never even threatened us. Destroying their country for oil, big man. Shame on you! I don’t give a **** what any of you say, there is not one time Iraq has EVER threatened a single American’s freedom.

      Nazis put boots on, too, champ. So did your enemies. There is nothing inherently honorable about killing civies because President Bush said so. When you watch Isis chop another head off, remember that is happening because you didn’t have the guts to stand up for what’s right, instead of doing what you were told.

      1. Why are you trolling on this page? Obviously you’re agaisnt the military and to cowardly to show your identity! American soldiers fight because we follow orders, you might be for Iraq but our president sent us to fight and therefor we fought and didn’t hide behind our mommy and daddy’s sucking on a gold pacifier! I say to you “whatever” F?ck You, you are a coward and you have zero ideal what the Iraqi war was over, you’ve only read some article that has lied and made untrue allegations and are now hating our military. It’s ungrateful people like you that abuse the freedoms past veterans have fought but are to cowardly to fight for it yourself. You make me sick and the best part of you was tuly flushed down the toilet!

      2. Come and see ME “whatever” and I will teach you some manners. Mountain Home Idaho; I’m in the book. You may walk up to my door, but I promise you that you will not walk away. You’re going to look really funny laying there in your own blood, poop and piss!

      3. You’re so incredibly dense. Somebody should really whip your ass. You truly don’t deserve to include yourself in the “us” that you speak of. I’m sure that in countries we wage war with, their people support their mother fuckin troops. I imagine several of them would hang a man caught speaking other wise. Fuck you. Patriot up or get out.

  12. Jeff, thank you for writing this. I do hope that you sent it to the ZBT HQ and to the chapter. These clowns need to hear this. They REALLY need to realize the ass beating they should have received at the hands of those who were there. This ranks right up there with the Valdosta State incident. And it pisses me off to no end.

    I am retired Army (Reserve side) and did two yrs in Iraq, one in Afghanistan. Regardless of branch, we are brothers all because, as you said very well, we “spilled our blood on foreign soil” together. I had the privilege of running missions with Sailors, Airmen, and Marines while on each tour. Bullets, RPGs, and IEDs are not addressed to individuals, but “to whom it may concern”, so blood spilled by my brothers is not something I take lightly. That brotherhood lasts forever. We all bleed the same, and we all have scars, physical and/or mental that we live with daily.

    Keep up the good work of holding ass clowns responsible for disrespecting of their freedoms and disrespecting those have bought and kept those freedoms for them.

    MSG (RET) Douglas Urbanski

    1. They didn’t “disrespect” their freedoms, they practiced them. Get over yourselves.

      1. Come and see ME “Feel Better” and I will teach you some manners. Mountain Home Idaho; I’m in the book. You may walk up to my door, but I promise you that you will not walk away. You’re going to look really funny laying there in your own blood, poop and piss!

  13. Amen bro, thank you for your words but unfortunately it’ll fall on deaf entitleist ears as these spoiled little bastard kids know nothing of sacrifice and real brotherhood! As I am not a Marine, I did spend 11 years keeping the B1 Bomber “Bone” in the air bombing and terrorizing our enemies and I’ll always have the up most respect for you!

  14. Please identify the alleged wrongdoers. Let them have their say in public–or could there be four? Or two? Emory University already claims none of the Zeebs from that campus were involved. How by the way do we know if they–whoever they are- Zeebs or dorks or just plain fools.

  15. Nice picture, fag. Pretty sure my frat could kick your asses bro. We train UFC and most of us went All State in football. That’s NCAA, do you even have any idea? But yeah, you guys make really scary faces with your M16s and Rambo knifes. Which one are you – one of the ones making really scary eyes, or one of the ones tightening your lips so you can look all sexy.

    “You actually pissed me off” well boo fucking hoo! I guess I better just run before a drone blows up my neighborhood and all the “stupid college kids” in it, who didn’t even do anything, you stereotyping fuck. We send the bottom of the barrel, intellectually speaking to fight wars… just ask your recruiter. Meanwhile, the Greek system turns out the people who literally run the world. But yeah, it’s my fault you fell for your recruiters lies.”

    Fuck you. I didn’t ask you to go kill a bunch of innocent people in 2003. Most of were saying, “Uh, Al Queada is THAT WAY fellas”… but yeah, we’re the “stupid” ones.

    In before a bunch of PTSD burn outs demand I meet them somewhere LOL

    1. Another spoiled, suck-tit idiot. I am amazed you were able to type with your frat bro’s cock in your mouth douchebag. I would invite you to meet me someplace like you said, but I know you won’t because you are a weak little shemale. In case you have the vagina for it, my info is above.

  16. I am completely sickened at the actions of these young men no matter how many there were that was involved As a mother of a soldier and a daughter of two Vets this pisses me off they have no respect what so ever for the men and women who fought for and still to this day fight for their freedom as you and i both know that money will buy their freedom and clear their names and their records so life for them will go on as usual .So i say their punishment should be slap their punk asses on a plane drop them off right smack in the middle of the shit storm in the middle east with nothing but a kick in the ass and a good luck buddy .Now this may sound harsh or extreme but how else could we teach these kids in this generation compassion and respect for those who gave all they had and then some so these kids can walk around free and safe Those wounded vets took a bullet for you yes you the disrespectful little punks that you are instead of spitting on one of them you need to shake their hand and say Thank you for serving my country and giving me the freedom to be an asshole sorry for the language Signed One very pissed of Mother !!!

  17. One more thing you for you ponder, bud. I’ll give you a few months to think it over, since a really simple conclusion can be hard to come by for a know-nothing grunt Marine who has been brainwashed to believe he’s not a straight D student with few other options in life than enlisting so he can become Super-Soldier. Now here’s the question. What do you Iraq veterans have in common with your “Vietnam Vet brothers in arms” that might lead you both to have been treated with such flagrant disrespect by us dumb overprivilged meanies who don’t not know nuthin’. Any ideas? Now think reeeeeaaaaaallly hard….

    1. I actually have a degree in Political Science with a minor in History and French. Then a master’s in Public Administration. I did make a D one time college Biology because I skipped class a lot to hang out with this girl.

      Remarkably, you actually over simplify Vets. If you ask Iraqi War Vets whether the war was worth it or not, you get a pretty broad range of replies. If you ask me, I stick with the answer of, Probably not.

      Yet, I wouldn’t trade my experiences with my brother’s in arms for anything. It ignites the soul and speaks to purpose in a man. You see, one of those wounded soldiers might very well have joined after 9-11. Great cause right?

      Then, by 2003 because most contracts are 4 years minimum, was deployed to Iraq. So at age 20, for no other reason than serving his country faithfully, he takes a bullet to the spine and is paralyzed. All the while, he never agreed with the war to begin with. When the bullets start flying, you fight for man beside you and little else. That is what pissed us off so much.

      Then, fast forward to 2015 and some punk kids spit on them for it. You see, have been to college, was actually in a Frat, and served in war. It sounds like you are missing an element to you supposed education when compared to me.

      So might I suggest you pick up a weapon, step outside the wire and further your education if being informed is truly your objective. .

  18. I understand how upset everyone is about this incident, if i witnessed someone spitting on a wounded veteran personally, nothing would stop me from attacking that person with full force. But there is just one problem: we all were not there to see it. did one of the fraternity guys accidentally spit while he was talking because he was obliterated? Was urinating on the flag actually a complete lie to get national attention to bring in money for the wounded veteran cause? What if the first article that came out about the incident claimed that certain wounded veterans lied about the acts of fraternity members in order to get money from them? What if half of the wounded veterans were partying and drinking with the fraternity that whole weekend? Im NOT saying this is true, but this is why this organization should be innocent, until proven guilty. There can be so, so many parts of this scenario missing from our knowledge, and the the frustrating part is that the only people that truly know what went down right now is the wounded veterans and the fraternity members involved themselves. This is still an ongoing investigation, dont scare the living crap out of college kids that werent proven guilty of anything yet. i heard theyre already getting death threats? Come on…. if the acts of these fraternity guys are PROVEN true, then go on and judge them accordingly. But wait it out for now, give these guys a chance to plea their case, who knows what kind of unknown circumstance could unfold. im not defending anybody yet. So sit tight, wait for the results, and dont judge these guys until its the right time

  19. @”Jarheads…” I find it amusing that you would attempt to intimidate anyone with your, “We train UFC and most of us went All State in football. That’s NCAA, do you even have any idea?”


    First of all, if you “train UFC,” you train in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts.) MMA, where you or your opponent can “tap out” when it gets too painful so that someone doesn’t wind up in a wheelchair. You just threw out the equivalent of, “I know karate!” in a childish, ridiculously lame chest-puffing. Hilarious.

    NCAA? Yeah, heard of it. Big, fat, hairy deal. One step up from high school athletics. It’s an organization to manage children on the verge of adulthood who play various games on an amateur basis. Games, son, not real life. Games. Playing games, especially as an amateur, does not make you impressive to combat veterans. Wow. You can throw a ball and chase each other around. Even in the roughest of these amateur events, you would wear protective equipment so that you, well, don’t wind up in a wheelchair. Do you have any idea how ridiculous it is for you to thump that amateur, UFC-wannabe chest in front of men who performed professionally where, to the opponent, leaving someone alive to occupy a wheelchair was not really the outcome they were trying for? Yeah, it’s pretty silly. You really have no idea what it means to play for keeps, and how insignificant someone like you can be when things get really nasty. Afghanistan put self-important done-nothings like you in perspective. There was no tapping-out.

    High-speed ballistic projectiles, the application of the physics that you dabble with in your little classrooms, such as the shaped-charge warheads on RPG’s or the IED science projects that littered the world we moved through… these things don’t care if you tap out. No whistles are blown. No injury timeouts. Class lasts for a year, and the subject matter is life-and-death. You think that your lame little cries of what kind of amateur athletes you and your fraternity brothers are will be impressive and/or intimidating? Seriously?

    You want to project yourself as somehow intellectually superior… having already demonstrated that you don’t know that in the UFC, they fight using MMA, Being overly impressed with the NCAA, and not having the perspective to understand that it is just an organization to manage amateur sports at the collegiate level (mostly because college kids will cheat if no one is looking), leads me to believe that you might not be the best judge of what superior or inferior really means. You seem to believe that you are smarter, and somehow more valuable, than a Marine. As one man has already demonstrated, you have no idea the education level or intelligence levels… or the value… of any of the men you are judging with your arrogant child’s mind. As far as value, you are a parasite. You complacently ride the coattails of every veteran who has ever served, and you can’t even comprehend the truth of my statement. A barnacle on the boat you didn’t build, providing drag on the rest of us and making senseless noise.

    While you rattle your tiny foam tap-out-if-I-hurt-you saber and impress yourself with your amateur athletic feats, others have already faced the opponents who don’t tap out. Some of us wound up in the wheelchairs because we wouldn’t tap out, either. And you, childish little college boy, don’t impress any of us.

    You think that a college boy who would spit on a disabled man is somehow a badass. Badasses don’t spit on those who can’t rise up to strike back. Wimps do. Cowards strike at those who can’t get out of a chair to offer retribution. You stand with those cowards, and you have made that clear. Go ahead; stand there with your kin. Birds of a feather and all that.

    In your second screed, you were alluding to a similarity between us and our brothers from Vietnam. Yes, I get what you’re trying to say… and I understand that you don’t get what we really have in common with them. Now, I can explain to you, in detail that would boggle your brilliant little mind, all of the dissimilarities and similarities both militarily and politically between the current conflict and Vietnam, but I’ll break it down for you Barney-style. What we really have in common with them is coming home to an ungrateful mall-driven society that has broken faith with us. You are just another example of the real reason we sometimes ask ourselves if it was worth it.

    You, individually, are not.

    1. Old Blue, my husband is a Desert Storm Marine. This was absolutely beautiful. I have a Master’s Degree from a very good university, and just about DIED when that child said he plays NCAA ball! Thank you for this, but most of all, thank you and all Vets, for your service. Please know that the truly educated can see who’s really foolish by their behavior. Final thought: Keep in mind that ignorant Trolls on the internet prove their pathetic mentality and lack of class or dignity. Let them talk. They screw themselves…every time. At least a Vet has the courage to speak out to someone’s face. NCAA… I still can’t stop laughing!

  20. PLEASE when you graduate and seek a job in the cooperate world let them that you were in that frat and what you did. See if you can get a job GOOD LUCK on that. Your frat buddies carry your shame. Russ Rowley USAF Retired MSgt 100% permanent and total disabled. Gainesville FL

    1. Well said MSgt! They might be surprise how many Veterans are out there running things in the corporate world!

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