Malheur Refuge Stand off

In 2003 Iraq, myself and a few other Marines were settling down on our cots on a rooftop in the town of al Aziziyah.   Musing about the happenings of the day as we rested in a pool of our own sweat, we heard a commotion below followed by one of our buddies walking up to his cot steaming about the fight he almost got in with a fellow Marine.  Perhaps our minds were warped by the heat or we were just really bored, but instead of talk our buddy down we started joking about how the other Marine, who was quite goofy, punked him out and he was probably downstairs bragging about it right now.  A few minutes later, our buddy then said he forgot something and was heading back down, where sure enough we heard the commotion of another fight and we just laughed.  We were then joined by our friend who had a small mark on his face, but otherwise was smiling and we all laughed it off together.  Whatever, its grunt stuff and fights happen.  But let’s talk about all the Patriots out there who goaded the Oregon “militiamen” into a fight and then abandoned them at Malheur.

Not a Fan

If you peruse my previous writings on the matter, you will realize that I am not a fan of what those guys tried to pull off in Oregon.  I made it clear that they had zero legitimacy to claim that they were speaking on behalf of the American people, because when they appealed to the American people for support they got a bunch dildos instead.  The screaming fat man from the video who I lovably named, General Twinkies McHoHo doesn’t seem like the kind of cool customer I’d like to go to combat with and perhaps despite all the YouTube videos watched, they were tactically in over their heads.  I’ll take a pass on this revolution thank you very much but at least my words wouldn’t have led you to believe anything else.

For a few hours, I listened to the Live Stream call that was sent out when the police surrounded the last holdouts this week.  And I have to tell you, I actually developed a little compassion for them and not for the reasons you might think.  They are all grown adults who own the responsibility for their decisions and not being a fan of their desired revolution, I can stomach their arrest quite easily.  I do empathize with certain tenets of their argument as many with a conservative vision do and I appreciate that they were serious about it, just foolish, misguided, and most tragically misled.

Oregon Militia

But in the call, it became clear that they were truly shocked, dazed, and traumatized that their fellow Patriots were not coming to join them.  Honestly, the whole movement from where the guy got mad on video for all the dildos, to the death of Lavoy Finnicum, and down to this last stand these people had the same look on their faces that Braveheart had when he realized Robert the Bruce betrayed him.  They really believed the Patriots were coming and you could hear the despair in their voices when they realized it was never going to happen.  So I have a simple question for all the people who lit up social media to support this doomed action and attempted to make the rest of us feel guilty and less patriotic for not doing so.

Why Weren’t You There?

As I wrote my fairly harsh criticisms of these people, I would get push back from time to time by fellow Patriots claiming they were making an honorable stand, the Government is to blame, and the time to act is now.  However, that line of thought could always be shut down with one simple question, “Then why aren’t you there?”  I consider myself to be a “Patriot” as much as anyone, but I wasn’t there because I thought their actions absurd, doomed to fail, and entirely unwarranted.  We are all adults and we can just agree to disagree about the stand-off, but if you supported it then why weren’t you there?

Oregon Standoff

Because the screaming fat man yelling “Kill them” and “there are no laws in these United States anymore”  was bad, but I’m starting to believe the fat guy above might actually be worse and somewhat to blame.  You see, the people in Oregon were shocked and heartbroken that no one showed up because if you spend 20 minutes on conservative social media you would think it is time to raise an Army, cross the Potomac, and march on Washington.  Rhetoric matters and if you rattle the crazy cages long enough, don’t be surprised when a few take it too far and cause a federal building to be flooded with firearms, flags, and flopping dildos.

The actions of the people at Malheur were their own, but if you preached armed revolution when you had no intention of joining them then you are no better than me and my Marine buddies goading our friend into a fight.  Except the consequences here are devastating to the lives of those who attended.  General Twinkies Mc-Ho Ho will spend time in prison and I don’t think they let them have Twinkies or Ho-Hos in that place.  Lavoy is dead and apart from this standoff would have likely been a solid contributing Patriotic member of American society for decades to come. These men did not have the support of the American people, but I sure know why they thought so.

A Call to Tone it Down a Notch

I love the 2nd Amendment and I do believe there could come a day where the need to fight for liberty arises. But I’m confident there will be a mass awareness because true “Patriots” come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  If you have to guilt the American public on YouTube to join the revolution, then you don’t have a revolution but there is likely a bright future ahead of you in the sex toy industry.  Calm down your rhetoric to match the actions you are actually willing to take so as not to fool a fool into believing you and the cavalry are coming.  In fact, if conservatives continue to operate as the boy who cried tyranny it will actually make it all that much harder to recognize the wolf when it truly gets hungry.

Chattanooga Marines

I think it is incredulous of certain elements of the Black Lives Matter movement to use the rhetoric they wield and then act shocked when some nutjob assassinates a cop.  Same premise here. If you had no intention of ever joining them at Malheur, then you had no place to goad them into this fight.  Words are powerful creatures and when wielded well, they will fight for liberty and when chosen poorly will send foolish men to their demise with your assistance.  This is not a call for more action, but wiser words so that we can be as one and at our best when liberty is at its most vulnerable and the time for action becomes self-evident to the masses.  Until then how about we all take it down a notch before more otherwise good men are misled and lost.  My buddy who fought that evening in Iraq made his own choice and handled himself fine, but I know exactly the words we used to help walk him down that path.  At least my example was funny grunt stuff while Malheur was a tragedy for everyone involved.  Simmer down and if someone comments on this article but clearly didn’t read it, I want you to tell them “Bea Arthur wants her panties back.”  I’m still trying to make that a thing.

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31 Replies to “To the Patriots Who Abandoned the “Militia” at Malheur Wildlife Refuge”

  1. In the immortal words of Aristotle (not really)- “If he talks the talk, does he walk the walk?” For the most part folks bark with conviction, then hide. And simmer down about “Bea Arthur wants her panties back.” I have faith in your phrase entering our American lexicon. Happy Presidents’ Day weekend.

  2. I just want to post “Bea Arthur wants her panties back.” in support. 😉 Otherwise, great commentary.

  3. Excellent article. On point, to bad most will read a headline and get all butthurt. Didn’t realize grunt Marines were so cerebral. Ha! Jk

  4. The internet makes for big balls, but it’s an illusion most of the time. Good post. I agree.

  5. Well said! Too many keyboard “warriors” out there. Even those of us with the best of intentions need to be careful of our words at times, and I include myself in that. A good reminder.

    1. Gunny you may never know the full extent, at least not until the statute of limitations is definitely up.

  6. Just wondering, When or What would bring about a second American revolution? Any thoughts on the last article about The U.S. Navy sailors captured by Iran? Now you’ve got me thinking about Bea Arthur in panties…It’s a bad thing man, A bad thing. TY.

    1. Bea Arthur can have that effect on a man! I think America has to be at a boiling point. Water only boils at 100 degrees and I would argue in 1775 the temp of the nation was 99.9. If you try to boil it at any less of a temp you get disasters like the one we see here.

  7. Other than the panties thing, which were probably called bloomers or unmentionables, there probably isn’t much you’ve so well pointed out in your article that wasn’t also true of the American revolution. No doubt there were a lot of big talkers down at the taverns and some that wrote flaming diatribes (anonymously) about kicking some serious British butt that, when the time came, realized they had a whole lot to lose and decided they were good Tories after all.

  8. Thank you for putting me in my place. It’s so easy to get caught up in this stuff when you’re a thousand miles away. Tone it down, I will, Sir. Thanks.

  9. While no doubt there were agitators….I believe there were many ‘characters’ in this game of call to action. Psyop is huge in this federal gov…they love to incite bs. Knowing now that the nazi feds are hunting those who were at the Bundy stand off…..this incident only fostered the nazis to call folks there so in time they too would hunt those folks down…it is ALL about silencing those who choose to stand up!

  10. Well written,and true, but,

    What a clusterfuck…

    This was NOT a Militia. This was Joe’s armed gang of Patriots. No discipline, no control, no rational plan. I am torn between pity and scorn.

    AND JUST FOR THE RECORD… not ONE well regulated Militia was in attendance at any point. The word Militia was not in ANY of the federal indictment docs. The Militia meme was promoted by Gov and the Media. And perhaps by the Bundys.

    I am so sick of any group of folks with guns using the term. If you do not have a code of conduct, bylaws, chain of command, elections, selections, regular qualifications and regular real world training YOU are not a Militia. No Uniform? NO patch? No unit identifier? You are NOT well regulated Militiamen, as far as WE are concerned.

    Article 4 of the Third Geneva Convention
    A. Prisoners of war, in the sense of the present Convention, are persons belonging to one of the following categories, who have fallen into the power of the enemy:
    1. Members of the armed forces of a Party to the conflict as well as members of militias or volunteer corps forming part of such armed forces.
    2. Members of other militias and members of other volunteer corps, including those of organized resistance movements, belonging to a Party to the conflict and operating in or outside their own territory, even if this territory is occupied, provided that such militias or volunteer corps, including such organized resistance movements, fulfill the following conditions:
    (a) That of being commanded by a person responsible for his subordinates;
    (b) That of having a fixed distinctive sign recognizable at a distance;
    (c) That of carrying arms openly;
    (d) That of conducting their operations in accordance with the laws and customs of war.

    6. Inhabitants of a non-occupied territory, who on the approach of the enemy spontaneously take up arms to resist the invading forces, without having had time to form themselves into regular armed units, provided they carry arms openly and respect the laws and customs of war.

    Having said all that, we did support the SPIRIT of the normal protesters! But, once local support was voided, and multiple APs exposed, and glaring errors in strategy, tactics, logistics, intelligence and security pointed out, they went ahead anyway. FROM THAT MOMENT ONWARD they were fucked. Well and truly fucked. Not ONE unit east of the Rockies mobilized for this. We alerted in our local AOs, for sure. Our focus remains the same as it always was:


    Everyone wants to be Militia, until its time to do Militia shit.
    Everyone wants to speak for us, get support from us, claim our allegiance.

    THEN, treat us as the red-headed step-children of the Liberty Movement.

    At least the Professionals; JC Dodge, Max, Moseby, Pinelander and others don’t pretend to be our allies. In spite of the pretenses of some of them they care about us enough to be truthful from their own perspective and experience. Hell half our guys are veterans, many in their 20s-30s.

    We don’t advertise, we don’t make threats or bluster. We watch and act when when our LOCAL leadership requires it. NO local Militia in Oregon asked for assistance. And we owe no allegiance to corrupt bureaucrats (elected or not) at the state or federal level. Once they broke faith with us, and violated their oaths they LOST ALL LEGITIMACY with us.

    WE LIVE in a constant state of rebellion. We have been targeted for assassination, entrapment, IRS persecution and negative media propaganda for DECADES.

    90% of you don’t even know us.

    So quit pretending to be us. Read the IRA green Book and STFU.

    ps: No Militias were advised of this fiasco prior to the seizure.

    1. Well said, brother, I, too, was misled for a minute re: the happenings at Burns, but was fortunate enough to have my eyes opened by brothers like yourself who are not standing around waiting for any bandwagon to jump on. The reason some of us are not sheeple or wannabe militiamen is due to the knowledge and experience of better men than us, and the respect you have and continue to earn from we who have enough brains to appreciate the leadership of men such as yourself, my Captain, and including women such as Miz Lindsay, (a powerful combination of brains and beauty!) We love you, trust you, and will follow you to the ends of the earth with the faith that you are not in this for publicity, glory (as if war was a glorious thing), or power trips. God Bless You for taking on the responsibility of educating, teaching, ( yes, I see a difference ‘tween the two) and leading us to doing all we can do to honor Our Oath. I salute you, sir, and all of the people who dedicate themselves unselfishly to ensure the safety and freedoms of our children as God’s will has taught us. God Bless America, and the righteous, and we still have yet to go fishing! God bless Mom, too, hope she is healthy and happy, I know she is proud of her boy! Your bro, CD

    2. Great insight Sandman and that might be one of the best explanations I have heard to date. It is encouraging that there are those waiting for the true moment, not short of it. I honestly believe water boils at 100 degrees and nothing short. When the snowball was originally thrown, the colonies temp was about 99.9. Trying to boil water at 60 degrees ensures failure. Great words and very insightful for me.

  11. Said the same to my group and those who called me unpatriotic for not supporting the madness out there. Thanks for the validation. I’m out of the loop on the panties thing but whatever…
    Keep well

  12. How would Malheur have ended if dozens of patriots went to their aid… or hundreds of patriots went… or even if thousands of patriots had went to their aid?? And by aid I mean open conflict with men dying on both sides. It would have ended in defeat for the patriots because the Socialists and Communists in this country have been planning and preparing for this war for decades and the patriots of this country have not. The government would have come in with overwhelming force, both on the ground and from the air. The patriots would have lost the engagement AND given the government solid support from at least 50% of the country for gun confiscation, which is what they’re really after anyway.

    The enemies of this nation have been trying to goad the militias into armed conflict with incidents such as Waco, Texas and Ruby Ridge, Idaho. Now we have crooks and thieves in the BLM openly stealing lands from the people bringing more rage against the government.

  13. You are simply trying to make excuses for you not being by trying to play off the others not being there. Some of us were loaded , ready and waiting on the call to arms that never came ! We were not going to go into this with a small group and end up in the same predicament as the small group there ! It seems everyone wants to play Patriot but no one wants to be one when it’s required. I’m not trying to ruffle feathers here just showing that someone can easily call out others without knowing how the others truly felt……

  14. hehe… Bea Arthur’s panties. You gave me a chub, Devildog!

    Anyway, great article – and Sandman’s reply was on point. We need more level headed, logic-based leaders with these attitudes.

    Semper fidelis, brother.

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