So, it appears today a College Professor from Arizona stated that the American military was as bad a threat as ISIS.  No words, but let me just type.  Now if you read the title and you’re thinking this is just going to be a typed out version of a Toby Keith song, then think again. Anyone can search the internet to find any number of reasons to support America. Some true and others not so much. However, in this particular article I want to emphasize the hard realities that exist in the world and combine them with a little of Team America to convey one simple message. America really is Number 1. So let us proceed with the top 3 reasons.

1.  The Grass is not Greener – I know everyone likes to take their shots at America.  When America messes up, the World decries our superpower status and blames us for all that is wrong with the world.  Well let me ask you this World, who else do you want running things?  Because you realize this right?  Someone will be running things.  I know it’s the ideal vision that every individual country handles their own business.  However, tyrants and evil men have historically been known to quickly become discontent with their boundaries and America has constantly had to step in to stop this very thing.

America is Number 1

Well, lets take a look at a couple of contenders then.  China you say.  Well yes, I taught English in China back in 2004.  For the most part, they are good people.  Very practical people as it turns out.  Most of them would love the idea of full freedom if their Government would extend as much to them.  In fact, I remember a little over 20 years ago, some students gathered together to ask for as much.  I can’t remember the location, I think it was Fiananmen, dohanimen, oh yeah, that’s right, Tiannamen Square. Look, I know every country, including America, has its black eyes from history.  However, if you are going to run over your own population with tanks, we typically like such incidents to be at least 100 years ago before we give you the keys to the world.

Ok, well then Russia you say, to which I say Putin.  Case closed. Read my Article 5 Reasons Russia Will Always Be the Bad Guys.  Europe then.  Europe is Western.  They are civilized, free market-ish, and generally good people.  Well Europe had their chance and they couldn’t hold it down.  You know why, because they got a judo kick from George Washington and Team America, that’s why.  Are you sure you want Old Man Europe running the show?  I don’t think so. Look, America may not be perfect, but is there someone else you really want running the show here.  Last time I checked, the Dali Lama didn’t have any smart bombs to stop ISIS from beheading people.

2. The World is More Violent Than You Realize – I think the words of Brad Pitt from the movie Fury are very insightful.  He stated, “Ideals are peaceful, History is Violent.”  Man the world is a rough place.  I have traveled the world, fought in a War, and seen some things you know.  And you know what, most of America is a law abiding place where peace reigns.  Yes, I know Murders make the news, tragedies happen.  But we have it good here compared to the world.  Now I’m sure you might quote some Scandinavian country with some awesome statistics.  However, they can do so because they rest in the umbrella of peace that America provides.  In the words of Jack Nicholson, let me just say “I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way”

I think ISIS represents the worst of what can happen in the world. They are as evil as it gets these days.  Torture, rape, mass murder, and to think that these people were just citizens hanging out in these countries.  There is much of this just waiting in the world.  And when you really think about it, we are so shocked at what is going on in the world in the aftermath of the fall of people like Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, and the Taliban. That’s right, Saddam, Gaddafi, and the Taliban, were the better alternatives to what we have now.  That’s the violent world that exist as a reality.

Yes, sometimes we don’t exactly get it right.  Sometimes to get rid of one bad guy, we wind up creating another, or arming the guy that we will wind up fighting 15 years later, but you figure this stuff out then.  I’m sorry that while disarming the tyrant pimps of the world we couldn’t simultaneously get every one into tyrant rehab and make everyone love us at the same time.  This world power stuff is complicated and if you got a better candidate, then see reason number 1.

3.  Its My Home – Its my home people.   And its your home too.  Unless your viewing this blog from another country which my site stats say is highly likely.  In that case, no offense or anything, but we are number 1.  Sure not in Math or Science test scores.  Sure, Canadians are extremely nice. Like really Nice.  Almost absurdly Nice. I’ve been there.  I saw two angry Canadian dogs run up on each other and start kissing. Literally, I saw that happen.  Even their Dog’s are nice. Sure, I got sick in China and spent 3 days in a Hong Kong hospital that only cost me $500 dollars. But America is my home.

I know America is not perfect people.  But we have done a lot of good in the world during a couple centuries where a lot of evil people in the world intended to do a lot of bad. We were here.  Our liberty is second to none in the world. Our economy might be second to someone eventually, but I’ll still take American Liberty any day. I don’t have a problem if you value your homeland, its natural.  I’m just saying I value mine, and the world while not perfect, has a lot for which to give thanks to America.  Many of our fallen brothers died, not on American soil defending America, but on foreign soil defending yours.

Look, I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad about their home.  Truthfully, I’m just a little pissed off that some Arizona College Professor said America was as bad as ISIS.  So there you have it.  This is my reaction to that guy.  We are allowed to be Patriotic and shouldn’t feel guilty about it, regardless of what flaws we may have.  Enjoy.


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  1. Great post! “I’m sorry that while disarming the tyrant pimps of the world we couldn’t simultaneously get every one into tyrant rehab and make everyone love us at the same time.” This cracked me up!

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