I’ve been hard on candidate Donald Trump my friends, but I truly hope the best for President Donald Trump.  I don’t think anything has given me confidence in the man as much as the fact that he is reportedly considering and meeting with President, ahem excuse me, General James “Mad Dog” Mattis for Secretary of Defense.  You see, about 18 years ago being a Marine Reservist attending college I joined the fraternity of Lambda Chi Alpha.  Despite being a Marine and recognizing the silliness of some of the frat rituals it was a great time and some of my best friends exist as a result to this day.  But on this particular day, we found ourselves wandering through the woods on some silly frat thing when a fellow pledge felt it necessary to throw rocks.  Perhaps he didn’t see me or he was just as retarded as I believed him to be, but on one such throw, he struck me right in the face with a rock.

Now, morbidly one of my best friends to this day was recording the event and as the camera showed I dropped to one knee and then stood up oblivious to what had just happened.  I had a gash from the bottom of my nose to the corner of my lip that was oozing with blood.  Dazed and confused, I looked around wondering what everyone was freaked out about as they led me up the hill to the car and to the ER.  Had I been more aware of my surroundings a certain “brother” would have been the recipient of a butt whooping the likes they have never seen.  But at the ER, the on-call surgeon just happened to be a plastic surgeon and thanks to that man simply being in the room, you can’t tell to this day that some ignorant kid hit me in the face with a rock.  Point being, I don’t know what surprises the world will bring us during Trump’s presidency,  but I know I will feel better with James Mattis in the room.  Let’s talk about reason number 1.

The Intellect Compliments the Warrior

As a Marine, I’ve known men who were brilliant in combat, brilliant in civilian affairs, but to be both is the win.  For in the end, brilliance simply begets more brilliance.  The hard talking blunt General known as the “Warrior Monk” is just that.  I might think I know a thing or two about the world, but if General Mattis told me North was South and Left was Right I’d likely believe because of the man he has displayed himself to be.


Rarely will you find a General so revered by his men and admired by the intellects who often attempt to run this country.  The guy has it both my friends.  I don’t care what you think about Donald Trump, if this man is at the helm of our nation’s military you can be certain he will be receiving the most brilliant military advice on the planet.  It’s just incontrovertible fact that our nation’s Veterans would like to see no one else than General James “Mad Dog” Mattis.

Cabinet Meetings Would be Epic

On any given meeting, you would find a polite and professional General Mattis.  However, you would also find a man likely with a plan to kill everyone he met.  Now, I say that facetiously a little bit as I doubt General Mattis would take out the heads of our Government.  But I just like the idea that the dude might actually have a plan to do so.  I picture the first cabinet meeting something like this:

The truth is that I like, you should like, and we all should like the idea that General Mattis’ voice will be in the room.  I don’t know what the next 4 years hold, but I know conflict with Russia and China will be looming.  Screw Islamic Terrorism as you are the pimples on the butt of the world’s security.  Big wars could loom my friends and Mattis is the guy we want in the room.

The A Political Mattis

Back when I was espousing his Presidential run, the one complaint I would often get was that we don’t know the man’s politics.  And while that was an asset to me, it was a detriment to others.  However, as Secretary of Defense I find great comfort in the fact that we still don’t know the man’s politics.  He is a competent General with a proven intellect.  Is there anything else we really need?

You simply don’t rise to the level he did without recognizing the need for relationships and to balance the politics.  Revered by the men, loved by intellects, and as about a bi-partisan General as you can find?  Please, the choice has never been clearer.

It Fulfills a Trump Promise

Trump would often refute his lack of experience with the notion that he would hire and surround himself with the best people.  Not all his appointments have given me such reassurance, but this one would be a step in the right direction.  I can’t imagine a world where General Mattis does not speak his mind in the face of ignorance.  If Trump wanted “yes” men, he could think of no poorer choice than General Mattis.

write in mattis for president

Donald Trump might have the hope of a nation, but General Mattis has the resume.  Ask me if there is any other man that I want at the helm of my nation during war and I’ll name you a thousand over Donald Trump.  Ask me that about General James Mattis and I’ll just stare at you until you feel awkward about it.

It’s a Win for Veterans

There have been few Generals who speak with the same reverence and elegance about the men they led than General Mattis.  When he says we are not broken goods, I believe the man.  The story about him as a General serving watch duty so that a Marine officer with a family could spend Christmas with his family inspires every Grunt to ever stand fire watch.  He is the real deal America and contrary to the words of Batman, he is both the Sec Def we need and the Sec Def we deserve.


Being a less than stellar fan of Trump, I’ll sleep better at night knowing General Mattis is at the helm.  Or for that matter, I’ll just sleep better at night knowing General Mattis is in the room.  Neither tyranny or ignorance can prevail in his presence.  Let us all hope President Trump makes the smartest decision of his administration and put the man in the room.  As for the rest, don’t worry, General Mattis has a plan.

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4 Replies to “Top 5 Reasons General Mattis Should be Secretary of Defense”

  1. Why don’t you try writing to him at Trump tower with your proposal (an old-fashioned letter)? You have a not-insignificant audience of Trump supporters and right now the president-elect is looking for means to stay in touch with people who will treat him fairly. No need to be a raving fan, just fair, which you have always been even when you’ve voiced concerns.

  2. Hi Jeff,I posted this on Gruntworks page a bit earlier, I think it fits here too.
    ” Even tho’ I’m a Brit from the other side of the pond, I really hope he gets the job. It’s about time you guys had someone with integrity, honour and the big balls to go with it as SoD. If it’s true, and I really hope it is, then it would go a long way to prove that The Donald isn’t as stupid as some idiots seem to think he is. I don’t do the praying thing, but, I’ll quite happily sacrifice some of the local Spanish politicians ( I live in the Spanish Canary islands off the Atlantic coast of Morocco ) as well as some retarded tourists.”

  3. If I was President Elect, Mattis would be my top pick for Secretary of State. Think about it, top diplomat is someone who states; “Be polite, be professional but have a plan to kill everyone you meet.”

    Send Mattis to strike a deal. God damn, results.

    Yes, Mattis for SecState.

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