For about 13 years, I spent a career in non-profit management working with emotionally disturbed youth.  It was a tough but rewarding job and I was in fact working there in 2003 when my infantry unit was activated for a little scenic trip to Iraq.  This was the post 9-11 era and even the troubled kids were patriotic despite all their problems.  They all made me cards and I can, in fact, remember one card which gushingly said, “Mr. Edwards we are so proud of you.  I know that when you die over there you are going to die with honor and make us all proud.”  Thanks a lot kid.  The youth here would often have a multitude of behavioral problems and this unfortunately led some of the newer staff to make deals with the kids.  Hey kid, just quit acting up and I’ll buy you a coke or some hot Cheetos, just don’t tell anyone.  In other cases, staff members would do something wrong in front of the kids and again, the newer staff not wanting to get in trouble would try to bribe the kids into keeping quite.  Nothing devious, just the ignorance of new staff on how to handle difficult situations.  And I can remember coaching the new staff as these mistakes blew up in their face on this one simple fact.  Once you have a “secret” with a troubled kid, that kid now owns you.  Ladies and gentlemen, If Trump does indeed have a secret with Putin lingering over from the election I’m sorry to say that Putin owns a portion of Trump.  But that’s ok conservatives as it’s not the end of the world.

The Facts, Just the Facts

To be clear, the facts to date do not prove Donald Trump himself knowingly engaged with Russia during the election.  It doesn’t mean it is or is not true, but just that we don’t have the hard facts as of yet.  That being said, Trump, is not exactly going out of his way to avoid the corroborating facts that continue to raise suspicion.  Even if you love the guy, you have to be a little bit mad at him for making your defense of him so hard with regards to Russia.

His constant praise of Putin during the election was bizarre to me.  I attended a Trump rally and heard him do as much with my own ears.  So no fake news here, just my own observation.  Since the election in his interview with Bill O’Reilly he doubled down on avoiding criticism of the man by pointing at our own faults.  Trump was correct in that America’s history is not without scars, but it seemed odd to point that out in defense of an enemy.  And for all the countries in the world, why is it Russia and Putin who seems draw Trumps most ardent defense?  Any true patriot has to be at least curious on the matter and you can still support Trump in the meantime.

Then you have to look at the appointment of Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State.  This is a man who literally was handed a friendship medal from Putin.  It makes me wonder why out of all the qualified individuals Trump picked a random Exxon CEO with ties to Russia considering the allegations against his campaign.  It’s not evidence Trump did wrong, just less than helpful.  It’s like your wife accuses you of cheating and in response you drive over to Victoria’s Secret, buy a pair of panties, and stick them in your glove compartment.  Is that evidence you are cheating? No, but less than helpful to say the least.


What IF it’s True?

Listen, don’t call me a leftist at the mere suggestion of that because I am a conservative and have been longer than Trump.  I’m just saying 95% of the world has formed their opinion on mere speculation and either side could easily be proven right or wrong.  We don’t have our own clandestine intelligence agencies, we don’t have our own investigative journalism depart, and none of us are being authoritatively briefed on the matter.  So even if you love Trump, you have to at least weigh the notion that it is entirely possible?  And then at least consider how much of conservative vision you want to tie to the guarantee it didn’t happen.

Look, I’ll say again that any of us who are emphatically denying or affirming the events are just speculating based on our political pre-dispositions.  But let’s look at a little bi-partisan logic.  Is it entirely unreasonable that a billionaire playboy likes girls to pee pee on him?  That’s not damning evidence, but an unfortunate image search of “pee pee tape” on Google to research this article has proven that more people are apparently into that than I would have imagined.  But he can still be a great President for us and for making James Mattis Secretary of Defense I feel like all of America might just owe Donald a little tinkle ourselves.

Moving on and scratching the notion of a pee pee tape, because it is absurd at its core.   Is it entirely unreasonable Putin’s new KGB is conducting espionage on captains of industry visiting Russia?  I’m sure we do the same thing.  Would a businessman like Trump have the same counter-espionage measures put it place as would government officials?  I heard they had a video of Michael Flynn wearing a diaper getting spanked by a Bea Arthur look-alike.  That’s totally rumor of course. Even if you dismiss pee pee gate, is it beyond Trump to do whatever it took to win or beyond mastermind like Putin to give it a shot.  Including, perhaps innocently at first, make what he thought was a benign backroom deal with Putin.  So again, there is no damning evidence but it’s possible and we do need to investigate it.  Because I’ll say again, if Trump does have a secret with the emotionally disturbed bad boy Putin then Putin owns a little piece of Trump.  That’s bad for America my friends, but it doesn’t have to be bad for Conservatives.

The Truth Shall Set Us Free

This whole Russia/Trump thing needs to be investigated and simply let the truth bear itself out.  In fact,  Trump’s refusal to consider a deeper investigation to me is more corroborating evidence that we need to know more.  And I’m sorry conservatives, but it turns out to be true that Trump has more illicit connections and collaboration with Russia of which he has been lying about then I think the dudes gotta go.  You can be sad about it as you love the man and lament the missed opportunity he offered America.  But if Trump has been in cahoots with Russia and lying to our faces this whole time we need to take Trump out into the woods and give him the full Harry and the Henderson’s treatment.  Get ready for a tearjerker.

Were Trump to step down, I still might shake the man’s hand on the way out.  Mike Pence is not a bad dude and conservatives will still get their Supreme Court picks, they still have the House and Senate, and prayerfully we will still have James Mattis at the Pentagon.  If Trump saved us from Hillary and then retired to play golf the rest of his life then all will be set right.

There is no reason for principled conservatives to tie the entire fate of conservative vision on whether or not Trump told a lie and tried to cover it up.   Is there damning evidence yet that Trump did all this from the pee pee down to the hacking?  No.  Are there enough ties to want more information as a Patriot? Yes.  But whatever the truth may be, I am confident that the truth is worth pursuing.  The truth will set us free my friends and we should want that.  We can all finally move on, whether that means he stays or goes.  And I’ll have no more reasons to Google “pee pee tape” causing an instant need to clear my search history.  If you want to see the worst picture that literally came up, I linked it here for you deviant Marines out there.  Knock yourself out my friends.

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5 Replies to “Trump’s Russia Problem is No Problem for Conservatives”

  1. I think it’s possible that his remarks regarding Putin may be due to his active engagement in the internet and its social media platforms… there are so many instances of Putin memes out there, showing him to be the alpha-male type… and there were many going around during Obama’s tenure contrasting the two in the extreme. This may have fostered a certain respect for a man who, while appearing to be a real-life Bond villain, at least appears to be a strong leader for his country… something that Trump obviously though America was in need of, as well.

    1. I definitely think that after 8 years of Obama the Academic, there is certainly an image thing here that is appealing to a lot of people. My sincere hope is that I’m wrong about any suspicions but I think Trump choosing his words a little more carefully could make a lot of this go away.

      1. yeah I think Trump ust has no fucks to give and is stringing the media out so he can drop a real hammer on them at the appropriate time…..It would fit his strategy that he has used to date IRT the MSM….I mean he played them like a fiddle during most fo the election and I think heis waiting to get things set up so that he can repeal some fo the libel and slander restrictions prior to ass raping them… just my thoughts

  2. I just wish he would stop with the lying and get on with the governing. He seems to be stuck in campaign mode. I don’t like him and didn’t vote for him nor did I vote for Hilliary, I just decided not to cast a vote in that race and voted strictly down ballot races. He was not my choice for President but he was duly elected by the people (electoral college) and therefore is my President. I just wish he would shut up and start acting Presidential.
    Semper Fi

    1. I agree. All of the extra drama is unnecessary and really just revolves around his personality. He can be doing all the things he promised without adding all the extra furor.

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