Turkey Shoots Down Russian Plane

Dotting the social media landscape for the past 8 hours has been news that Turkey shot down a Russian jet that had violated its airspace while bombing in Syria.  And since none of the major news organizations are reporting this yet, I just wanted to do my civic duty to answer your questions about the matter and tell you that I have no freaking idea if Turkey shot down a Russian warplane.  Honestly, and I blame you internet.  Not my readers, of course, I love you all.  But I mean the internet itself and the massive spamming of speculative journalism.  As such, here I am enjoying a nice quiet afternoon with the family oblivious to whether world war 3 is getting ready to start and I’m finally going to get my chance to yell Wolverine in the face of a Russian.

Speculative Silliness

If Turkey did shoot down a Russian jet then that’s great.  Look, it might have happened.  It means internet journalism beat every reputable news organization in the world to the punch.  But if you are not certain, why not just say that in the title of your spammy “news” article.  Instead of, “Major Escalation:  Turkey Shoots Down Russian Fighter Plane,” why not just have the title, “Turkey Might Have Shot Down a Russian Fighter Plane, I Don’t Know But It’s Like All Over Twitter.”   There, that is not hard is it? It’s very honest and at least I know what I am getting.  Because I want to know the truth about what happened as much as you.  I just can’t find it because of all the rampant speculative and misleading articles out there.

Turkish shoot down russian plane

But that is not how clickbait works.  As such, I don’t blame individuals for sharing the articles as it is simply not that easy to tell fact from fiction on the internet these days.  I have been fooled before and it is a sucky feeling to have spread fiction as truth.  But I do blame the websites that know full well what they are doing in creating these articles?  Because to them, it doesn’t even matter if it is true or not.  It will be shared a hundred thousand times on social media, advertisements will be seen, and money will be made.  Here is another honest article title for you, “How Weird Would It Be if Turkey Shot Down a Russian Jet?  Things Would Get Totally Cray Cray, Right?”  Honest and to the point.

Intentional Silliness

I will be so glad when President Obama leaves office.  Oh what a great day for internet truth that will be.  Because oddly enough, if you search the sites who reported Turkey shot down a Russian Jet it is a veritable who’s who of conservative websites.  That is hard for me to say because if you read this blog long enough, you will see I have some fairly obvious conservative leanings.  However, in this story line you see an obvious attempt to embarrass Obama by making the Middle East seem a little more looney than it already is with a twitter rumor.  Below you will see picture of one of the angry cows Obama has been breeding since Jade Helm.

obama on russian in syria

But why can’t we just do that with the simple truth?  The Middle East is a basket case right now and I do think his hesitant actions in the region and long-term academic approach have worked out poorly.  There, you see how I did that?   I said something bad about Obama without lying to your face.  I told you what part was speculation and made no assertion about facts I couldn’t verify.  So let’s try another title shall we?  “Twitter Keeps Saying Turkey Shot Down a Russian Jet.  I Think It Is Obama’s Fault.”  That would be an honest title if you wrote it and we could chalk up a win for the distinction between truth and opinion at least once in our lives.

Journalistic Silliness

I don’t know what the downfall of America will be but I am certain it is tied directly to our recent distaste for the truth.  We dismiss what we don’t like as conspiracy and flock to social media sites where everyone thinks the same way we do.  There is little original thought injected into the debate and if someone offers a dissenting opinion they are trolled out by the rest of the audience.  Then if the site posts something you really don’t like, you just “unlike” it and your baby eyes never have to be bothered with dissenting thought again.  It produces incestuous thought and I have never operated like that because I figure you can masturbate your brain on your own time without me.  Can you handle the truth?

Russia Jets in Turkey

But man, I wasn’t kidding when I said I love the readers of Unprecedented Mediocrity because you all have had some tough debates on here and kept it civil.  I thank you for keeping the tone and intent of this blog intact as you act unafraid to challenge your own thought and can stomach those who might see the world differently.  But this nonsense on social media where what should be honest good conservative thought is boiled down to a clickbait headline has got to stop if thought itself is to survive.  There is good conservative thought that needs to be heard and debated if we could but clarify for others where truth begins and the bullcrap from one of Obama’s legion of angry cows ends.

So did Turkey shoot down a Russian Jet and start World War 3?  Well, I leave you with one last headline to figure it out.  “People in Turkey Saw a Big Explosion in the Sky where 3 Turkish Fighter Jets were Flying.  It Might Have Been a Russian Plane, but No Official Sources Confirm It Yet.  Also, I Don’t Think Obama Has Been a Good President.  How Cool Would It Have Been If the Turkish Planes Just Inverted and Gave the MiG the finger.”   There, not exactly click bait, but the most honest answer you will find to date.  And if they did start World War 3, then cool, my fantasy football team sucks this year anyway so what’s the point.  And if someone reads the title of the article and comments off that alone, tell them “Bea Arthur wants her panties back.”  If You Can Handle the Sight of Dissenting Thought, then click Like Below on the Unprecedented Mediocrity Facebook Page!

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4 Replies to “Turkey Shooting Down a Russian Jet Means This for Us All…”

  1. Well, if Turkey did it then I say “good on You”, we always knew you had it in you. Everyone has always know it would be a bad day to piss off the Turks. Lawrence of Arabia found that out the hard way. I for one won’t worry one way or another. We lived, for a time, with constant day to day uncertainty and if it taught us one thing then that was that it’s good to have a full water bull, some chow and ammo, and some deep down crazy Brothers to share it all with. In other words I say let tomorrow worry about itself. We who survived war learned to thrive in an environment of disinformation and uncertainty.

    1. I agree man. The world is a crazy place and there is not much sense in worrying every day about it. I’d love to see some hot plane on plane air warfare though. Been a long times since the world has seen dog fighting.

  2. Hahahaha!!! xD belive me… If Turkey will do it in same time they will Lost 20 of planes in airspace. It is not true 🙂 Turkish propaganda.

  3. I am Turkish and also anti Erdogan (Turkish President).

    His ruling party AKP lost election and power on 7th of June election.

    Because of his corrupt regime, all other opposition parties wants to bring him to Justice.
    But this Fascist dictator, sacked all Justice department who are against him and his party.

    Recently he closed all opposition New Papers and TV’s without notice.(November 12 2015)

    He did not want to do coalition government with other opposition parties even opposition parties willing to.

    Then when times up..he announced 1st November election.

    7th of June election he under estimated party (Kurdish HDP) took 13.8 % of the votes and that made his party loose his majority seat in the Turkish senate.

    So.. to get back those votes and run away from justice, he push the button to create terror in Turkey.
    He made it look like Kurdish PKK (Trained by Israel, Build by Armenians and looked after by USA and supplied by German and UK) did it.

    Kurdish Turks (Not PKK), police, army lost their life under the attacks of PKK.
    He used every available propaganda and lied to Turkish people and said
    ” Are yo gonna vote for HDP again? You see what they have done?”

    But it didn’t work. public opinion poll shows AKP votes dropping down very fast.
    Then he start to try create more Terror.
    As all world has seen what happen on Ankara last Sunday.

    He shot down Twitter and Social media.
    Arrested many more journalist to not speak out against him.

    I witness in Turkey 16 yo kid has been arrested because he was twitting to his friend regards to Erdogan.

    The fumy thing is. Turkey had Twitter phenomenon called FUAT AVNI.
    He was keep passing to Turkish people what Erdogan is up to before happens.
    And last two years he never failed.
    Than Erdogan contact Twitter to get his ID and all that to get him.
    Twitter refused.

    Then this FUAT AVNI warn Turkish people,
    “Erdogan son will flee the county with billions of dollars”

    Than next 2 days they find Erdogan Junior in Italy.
    And he has no intention to come back unless his father wins the election.

    Than just before ANKARA bomb, FUAT AVNI warn Turkish people once again
    “Erdogan will create Chaos in Turkey to cancel election.
    He will start bombing major cities and it will make look like PKK did it.
    This will continue until the election day.
    If it’s not worked, he will SHOT DOWN TWO RUSSIAN PLANES near TURKISH BORDER
    to CREATE WAR.
    When country goes to war election will be cancel automatically.

    He is trying to speak tough and rough against RUSSIA, because he believes NATO is behind him. But all he is doing is, trying to save his life and his corrupt family

    Last warning from FUAT AVNI (last 24 hrs).
    He printed big amount of vote papers and they are on the way to delivery.

    This AKP never ever attempt to do democratic election like any civilized country on this world..
    He constantly cheat it. Showed the Turkish People he is Majority.
    Real fact is he is not Majority but Minority.

    He got great respect from whole world and Muslim countries when he Accused Israel for injustice and killing Palestinians.

    Then he got Bravery award from ISRAEL.
    He is the very first non JEW leader to receive such a award.

    Than Marmara Ship issue and all that.. World believed him.

    He contracted his son (youngest millionaire in Turkey) fleet of ships to transport petrol from Irak to Israel. And he is been doing years.

    So, we have here mad man, fascist leader to sacrifice his own people no matter what..
    just to save his life and the money he steal from Turkey..

    If you think Turkey shot Russian plane is fake or hawk… think again and watch closely next few weeks.

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