Muslims out breed europe

Often in conservative circles, you will hear the notion put forward that Muslims are basically attempting an insidious and yet strategic invasion of the Western World.  The thought is that first they move in peacefully.  Then, they out breed their host state.  Finally, once they are now the majority they impose sharia law on their host nation.  To be honest, it’s not something I have paid that much attention to mainly given the sources that put it forward.  While they might intrigue you to consider the historical realities of such a policy they unfortunately quickly follow it up with a post of chemtrails, lizard aliens, and Obama’s infamous Jade Helm.  And then today, I hear that the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey called for ethnic Turks residing in the EU to out breed their European hosts.  Specifically, he said have not 3 children but 5 because Turkish citizens are the future of Europe.  That’s the president of a NATO ally, calling on Muslims to out breed Europe explicitly.  No nuance or subtle innuendo, just straight up fact.  And while Muslim women in Europe are no doubt rolling their eyes at the notion of husbands cross Europe saying, “But honey, the President said we had to do”, it turns what as conspiracy into reality.  Is there an Islamic strategy to out breed Europe.  No chemtrails or lizard aliens to follow, just taking the Turkish President at his word.

Turkey is like the worst NATO Member Ever!

Apparently, this whole thing started when Turkey and the Netherlands entered into a schism I still don’t fully understand.  It would seem Erdogan is taking a page from the Putin play book and is pushing for unprecedented powers and the dismantling of democracy.  However, since the galactic senate has not voted him supreme chancellor powers yet he needs his citizens to vote him Emperor.  While campaigning, it was his desire to reach out to Turkish citizens in the EU for votes and the EU wasn’t having any of it.

The Netherlands denied Turkish ministers access to land and campaign in their country and that apparently got Erdogan’s panties in a bunch. Erdogan accused the Dutch of being Nazis and the followed it up with warnings of a religious war in Europe.  Doubling down he then made his call for Turkish nationals to get busy getting busy and make some babies so that they could be the future of Europe.  His words, not mine.

But in doing so, I can’t help but wonder if his Freudian slip might have revealed a little more about Islamic plans on the west than he would have preferred.  Granted, Erdogan doesn’t speak for all Muslims but he is a Muslim hardliner.  Would it not benefit it Turkey if Europe became more friendly to Islamic teaching via a shift in the population?  And with that, what was fodder for conservative nationalist circles has now been thrust into the mainstream.  Yes, the President of Turkey just encouraged his Muslim nationals to out breed Europeans. His words, not mine and it’s a big deal.

I’m Not a White Nationalist

I don’t think there is anything wrong with the term nationalist.  I am patriotic, I do think America should put its interests first and that is not inherently racist.  I didn’t support Trump by the way if you are wondering.  But I also don’t care what color of skin my fellow citizens are to be.  I’m a white dude and if we like to reject the academic notion of white privilege then it ought not bother us to become a minority.  Because it’s not really about skin color but more culture and that is going to be the problem with a Muslim breeding program in Europe or the west.  It’s not skin color or religion, its whether values are compatible with western democracy.  Sorry, but we will not go quietly into the night.  We will not vanish without a fight.

We are indeed a nation of immigrants who melted together to become, wait for it….. a nation of our own.  The color of that nation is irrelevant to me but the values on the very nature of liberty matter.  That’s what Erdogan is assaulting here.  He is asking for his citizens to overturn the nature of liberty in his own country via this vote and through the power of coitus he is asking his citizens to do it in Europe. He was explicit.  Listen, it is not racist to hold on to values that are essential to western liberty.  I don’t care how many Muslims or refugees the west might take so long as those institutions of liberty remain the law of the land. But if any action, to include asking Europe to become host for what would seem like a viral or parasitic breeding program, threatens those core institutions we have a problem.  Erdogan is bringing some serious street cred to those allegations.  No longer is it the ramblings of Alex Jones and Infowars, but the stated policy of a head of state.

To Breed or Not to Breed

The only implication one can draw from Erdogan’s words was that he wanted a cultural takeover of Europe towards values expressed in Turkey.  Whereas others have hinted at it, this official head of state was explicit about it.  And that my friends is worth fighting.  Now, I know many white nationalists are getting giddy right now so let me put you in your place.  America does not belong to white people, but it does belong to the western world and its values.  I don’t care whether I am eating a taco or a hummus plate, but I want to be eating under that tree of liberty we value so dear.

What Turkey’s President said gave legitimacy to some of the west’s concerns about Islamic migration to the west.  I welcome the refugee from Muslim lands and they are welcome to practice their religion here as they wish.  But our women are also welcome to dance on the beach in a bikini right next to their burqa clad wives.  In fact, Muslim women in America are entitled to rip off their burka’s and put on a bikini and do the same.  And their husbands can’t touch them for it.  Once they put hands on a woman in the United States of America it is domestic abuse and a crime.  If you are Muslim and cool with that then come on down.  But if the only reason you are hear is to out breed me and my wife so that you can put my granddaughters in a hijab by force of state we got a problem. Side note to the wife:  honey we can’t let that happen.  What do you say we put the kids to bed early tonight again!

Protecting western values and western liberty from the either tyrannical or fundamentalist hopes of President Erdogan is a legit defense.  Humans of all colors are more free when they have the right to pursue their own happiness under the protections of western life.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Europeans of all colors, feel free to use this article as an excuse to get it on tonight.  Make a baby, don’t make a baby, that’s up to you.  To any Islamist with visions of a sharia ruled Europe, I didn’t want to say anything but I heard your wife has crabs.  Like really bad crabs.  Just saying.  To my fellow Americans, in case you need any inspiration as to what you should do I offer the video below.  Honey, America is calling and its time for us to give our very best!

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  1. I enjoy your articles, and your way of stating things in a more articulate way than I can. I humbly offer some advice; proofread before you hit submit. I promise I’ll give back Bea’s thong if you will. I know you’re a busy guy, and a Marine, so I’d offer to proofread for you, but my own shortcoming is not checking my email in a timely manner, and you probably have deadlines.

    1. @Andrew, I get where you’re coming from but I’d vote for leaving them alone. I’ve had the same thought myself, but the bottom line is that we’re not paying for editors or professional “writers” whose credibility stems from being erudite. I enjoy Jeff’s posts as they are – typos and all, because they’re honest and heartfelt. I admit that typos in written material cause a little “hitch” when I’m reading, but blogs are kind of a stream-of-consciousness kind of thing. Editing would filter, and I’d really like to get the unvarnished take on his issues of the day. Just my $0.02.

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