I don’t smoke pot and, full confession, I never have. That might cause Cheech and Chong to rescind my invitation to Thanksgiving but it is the truth. Remarkably, I live in Washington State where it is legal and in 10 minutes I could be purchasing all the pot I wanted and then head to the Baskin Robbins next door to the pot shop. Just not my thing. This week Attorney General Jeff “Buzzkill” Sessions announced that he would roll back the Obama era directive telling law enforcement to prioritize other stuff than cracking down on states who through the will of the people and State Governments said pot is ok. Be it medicinal, recreational or just as a house plant, pot is legal in multiple states. Except according to the Federal Government. In response to this crackdown, many are applauding Sessions by saying “the law is the law” in their best Judge Dredd voice. Truthfully I think many are saying this as a reluctant support of the current administration and anything they do. Personally, I’m not buying it. If you want to say the “Law is the Law” on pot then you might want to consider this first.

Laughing my DACA Butt Off!

Oh I’m not a DACA immigrant, but I do find a certain level of irony here. If you were one of those who used “we are a nation of laws” or “the law is the law” to strengthen your position to end DACA that’s fine. However, if you are one of those same people now decrying Session’s war on pot then I have no choice but to laugh my butt off. Perhaps you should have clarified that “immigration law is immigration law” or “we are a nation of immigration laws” because you didn’t really think that one through did you? Either all law is the law or it is not, right?

I’m fine if you want to end DACA as there is a legitimate case to be made for it even if I might take an alternative approach. No big deal, good peeps disagree all the time. But I find it amazing how to support this policy many were willing to espouse what I can only understand to be a blind authoritarian application of the law. No room for discretion, human judgement or context. Simply, the law is the law Judge Dredd Style.

Well, now they are taking your pot so what you think about that “law is law” stuff now? How many of you are offended when you are pulled over by a cop for committing a blatant violation of the law and are let off with a warning? If the law is the law then I assume you insist the officer give you a ticket. This is not really about DACA at all so I’m moving past that, but here is my point. States have been fighting back to let citizens determine what they do with their own bodies against Federal law. So where side you? With the states and individuals or with the federal government and an old dude from…

The Pain in the Process

The one defense I can see for Sessions in this whole ordeal is that it, like DACA, does force Congress to deal with the hard issues. It’s seems Congress has been too busy playing pin the weiner on the intern to deal with this stuff and it is indeed time they get to work. However, what Obama did was alleviate the suffering while America is having a much needed debate on the matter. What Sessions did was to Judge Dredd senior citizens in pain, young adults whose lives could be ruined and yes and most certainly applicable here, veterans.

The veteran community has spoken up loud and clear on this issue. After 17 years of war we have countless veterans who have been prescribed all sorts of zombie inducing drugs. The verdict is in, veterans think pot helps more. Imagine that, a natural herb over a suitcase full of pharmaceuticals. I don’t know how long it will take America to settle the debate on marijuana use, but I can name you tons of veterans today who can’t wait that long. Veterans whose service is without question, gallantry or dispute and yet, they are being denied what helps.

You are indeed correct that we are nation of the laws and the law is in fact the law. However, if you can’t see this is a cruel application of the law then I am going to wig snatch any libertarian credentials you might have and issue you a Judge Dredd suit. The discretion of law enforcement and prosecutors has always been a thing in America. I do not want to live in a country where the authoritarian application of the law has replaced human judgement. I certainly don’t want to cause intermediate pain and suffering while the Federal government fights a losing battle against the will of its citizens over pot. All because “the law is the law” and it’s being enforced at the Federal level against the wishes of state governments by some out of touch white dude from…

In Conclusion

America is indeed a nation of laws, but we are also a nation of humans. It’s no different than being on deployment and the ROE says you can blog the haji away but you don’t. Because it’s just a camel herder out of place and you can see he is doing no harm. I moved to Washington, a legal state, from Tennessee where it is still illegal. It’s a trip to go from somewhere that it is illegal to place that has electronic billboards saying “get your pot here.” I work one block from an indoor pot growery and if Sessions would have me believe everyone inside looks like this.

The truth is that they are a bunch of cool dudes who let seniors citizens use their parking lot when ours overflows. Oddly enough though that is how several of them look, just minus the guns. When I first moved here I was still a little shocked at all the pot shops so I sat in my car outside to see what kind of people went in. Sessions would have me believe they look like this.

In reality they looked a lot more like this.

Sessions had a choice, Trump had a choice and Obama had a choice. Pot is not even a partisan political issue unless you want to make it one. It’s just a cruel application of the law at the Federal level on states and individuals. I don’t smoke pot, but I can’t support this. Not while my fellow veterans are suffering on zombie dope and not while it makes criminals out of old ladies with glaucoma.  Not while the state ruins lives for a personal choice through criminal conviction. Do I want to live in a nation where the rule of law is void? Not at all. But I do want to live in a nation of laws interpreted by humans that doesn’t turn grandma and your veteran neighbor into a criminal. It’s a choice, not either or and we can make it. Tsk tsk and a denial of Bea Arthur’s panties to the rich old dude from…

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4 Replies to “Veterans, States Rights and Session’s Cruel Application of Marijuana Law”

  1. Prosecutors still have discretion. You could saved yourself 1K words. It’s currently the law and Sessions gets a boner about dope. Congress get off your ass and fix this.

  2. I am 75 years old and have had several spinal surgeries . I also was wounded twice as a Marine Sgt. in Vietnam. For years I have been on several opioids from the Veterans Administration for pain.The opioids do help some. I take 4-a day or more of several opioids. I ask my primary care physician what will these opioids do to my kidneys and liver and he stated that I would have to make a choice. Live with the pain, or take the opioids and face addiction and most likely an early death. Two friends, one with cancer and one with parkinson’s suggested trying pot stating that it changed their lives and help them with pain and in several other ways. I risk my life and jail time trying to find some. It did more for pain than anything the V. Admin. gave me over the years. The only problem with pot is the cost and availability. With pot I don;t need the opioids anymore and feel 100% better and almost pain free.

  3. 29 states have legalized some form of marijuana use. That’s 58 senators and however many representatives. Pass federal legislation allowing prescription marijuana, or pass legislation allowing the various states blue laws to determine. From everything I’ve seen, Trump errs on the side of Congress to pass, or not pass legislation. He appears to take executive action only when appropriate and doesn’t seem to let congress skate.

  4. it will force congress to do something about it, one way or the other, same for DACA. congress has been kicking both of these cans down the road for too damn long.

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