spider eyes

If you haven’t noticed, its that time of year again.  We are smack dab in the middle of Shark Week.  That is the Discovery Channel’s homage to all things shark.  Their power, beauty, and terrifying nature.  It become a bit of an annual tradition in America and to be honest,  I am not sure why.  If I were in the Ocean, I am sure I would be terrified to see a shark coming at me right now.  However, I’m not and neither are you probably.  No, you are sitting at home right now since its night, maybe laying under a blanket reading this post.  Perhaps you are already in bed snuggled under your blankets right now.  Well, I say no to Shark Week and yes to Spider Week for this simple reason.  There is probably a spider under that blanket with you right now as you read this.

Sure, maybe that tingly sensation you feel on your leg is just a loose strand of the blanket.  But its probably a Spider.  Maybe this guyspider 1 or perhaps this guy right hereRedback_frontal_view.  who knows really.  But what I do know, is that spiders walk among us every day.  In fact, your house could have hundreds of spiders in it right now.  Thats a fact.  Look it up.   Now go ahead and look up how many sharks are in the average household.  Most likely 0.

Did you know the average spider egg has 4 times the DNA as a human.  Let that sink in to your brain for a minute.  That spider watching you right now, probably knows what your thinking.   And make no mistake, they are watching.  What do you want to know more about, the alien you are likely to never encounter, or that strange guy that keeps looking in your window at night.

But what reason would Spiders have to attack humans you ask?  Well, lets ask that about Sharks.  How many sharks have you personally killed?  Now ask yourself how many spiders you have personally killed.  Or in the case of you ladies pulled a Herodius and ordered your man to kill them. Your not off the hook ladies.  No, the spiders watch the house every day and they know who is to blame.

So yes, sharks are dangerous if you happen to fall into the water covering yourself in blood.  But spiders need nothing more than for you to sit still long enough to read a 500 word blog to do their deed.  The real enemy is the one tickling your foot right now, or walking on your shoulder.  Or perhaps even dangling over your head Spiderman style ready to drop on your head.  They walk among us people. The Discovery channel could be filling us in, informing us of their ways and letting us know how they operate.  No, instead they talk to us about sharks.  The same cute lovable guy from Jaws has nothing on the movie Arachnaphobia.  For Jaws was one, but the Spiders are many.  Don’t be distracted public.  Stay vigilant.  Share this article with as many as you can and if you should happen to find a way to tickle their ear or toes while they read, well then hey, your just driving the point home and spreading the awareness.

Shark Week, whatever. Spider week is where the money is at.  Get your act together Discovery Channel.  The public needs you.