My sympathies and condolences go out to the people of the UK over the recent terrorist attacks.  But to the Government of the UK y’all got some splainin to do. You see, cause on one hand I understand that the UK has disarmed its citizens so as to prevent all sort of armed tomfoolery.  You look your citizens in the eyes and tell them to outsource their individual security to you, the government.  Not this 2nd amendment loving man’s cup of tea, but whatever.  So when knife welding goat rapist started slashing and hacking your citizenry they were forced to fight back with bottles, bar stools, and chairs until help arrived.  And then, when help did arrive courtesy of the UK police the majority of them were not any better armed.  “We are saved,” your citizens exclaimed, “for a man with a stick has showed up to this knife fight.”  Look England, I’m not here to tell you how to run your country.  But might I suggest to you that in the age of terrorism you modify your love affair with disarmament.  For you can disarm your citizens or you can disarm your police, but perhaps just pick the one.

Couldn’t Do It

Eventually some officers with guns did arrive and pew pew some of the bad guys to death.  And whereas I heard that UK police were not armed in mass, I had no idea that the number of UK police carrying weapons numbered as low as one in 20.  Meaning, not only in a city of millions is there a statistically low chance of a police officer being next to you when an attack happens, but that the odds of that office being equipped to do anything about it is astronomically lower.  So tell me again why you have insisted on disarming your citizens if all you planned to do was bring a stick to a knife fight?

Now, I don’t want to make it seem like I’m some sort of bad dude who would rush towards a knife wielding attacker staring me down like dude above.  If I realized I am outgunned or out armed I don’t feel a need to test my manhood.  But were I to flee while a woman or child were being slashed that would in fact test my manhood.  For I don’t know that I could live with myself afterwards.  But more than that, I would be forever traumatized and pissed that the government stripped me of my ability to do anything about it.  I understand telling people no where near the action to run and hide, but for those already engaged in the fight for their lives it is little too late.

So I’m going to attack knife wielding man with a chair, a bottle, or Bea Arthur’s panties if I have to and he might just stab me to death until I die from it.  I wasn’t looking to play Wyatt Earp here, I just wanted a chance.  A chance to defend myself, a chance to defend the innocent being slashed, and a chance to go home to my kids.  Because I literally couldn’t just run away and many of your citizens couldn’t either.  Kudos to their bravery and that includes the first responding cops who showed up with Billy Clubs in hand.  Your government ordered you to defend the vulnerable against any threat imaginable and gave you a stick.  That’s literally the same thing I do with my kids when playing battle.  Yet you rallied to the cause.  But your government has some splainin to do if they continue this going forward unaltered.

Yes I’m an America Marine Gun Lover

I know I have some UK followers here on this blog and I’d love for you to chime in from across the pond. Because yes, I am an American and lover of guns so I could be a little biased here.  And if you get all uppity on me for trying to lecture your country I’m going to tell you to step back and know your role before I throw a bunch of your tea in the harbor.  Because honestly, this just doesn’t make sense as the odds are ever not in your favor.  You have turned the streets of London into a lottery where the odds of having an armed law enforcement office at your side when you need them most are just too low.  Too low for the threat you face and too low given the reality that you have disarmed your citizenry.

I don’t always carry a gun for a variety of reasons.  Yes, it irks me when I don’t and I wonder if this is the day I would have needed it.  But I don’t always carry.  I do however take some comfort in the odds.  For I know many good men with guns who carry regularly and I feel ok with the fact that I might be close to one.  They have me covered on the days I don’t carry and I’ll have them covered on the day they happen not to carry.  The odds are good in America that as long as you are not buying your delicious crack in the worst parts of town there are more good men with guns nearby than bad.

And should I find myself in the black hole of 2nd Amendment liberty such as Seattle or San Francisco I at least have the refuge of knowing that when the boys in blue show up they are going to be packing.  Bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do when they come for you.  Yes, America has gun deaths as a result of our 300 million gun collection.  But America also has a fighting chance and that’s all we are asking for.  Doesn’t guarantee my safety at all as terrorist can strike with speed and surprise.  But I got a shot people and its one the UK government might consider giving to its own people right now.  You can disarm your people or you can disarm your police.  But in the age of terrorism perhaps you just pick one.

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4 Replies to “I Will Not Run, I Will Not Hide, But I Will Tell You Something UK”

  1. Very well said.

    Correction on Seattle, though–try as they might, the residents of that city have not yet been able to impose their will on the fine residents of Washington state (who, outside of the Seattle-Olympia corridor, are overwhelmingly conservative). Given the ongoing mass migration of Californians and other illegal immigrants into the state it wouldn’t surprise me if this changes in the next 10-15 years, but for now Washington is a shall-issue state with state-level pre emption–meaning you can carry (concealed or open) in the middle of Seattle all you like, and there’s not a damn thing the statists can do about it.

  2. I understand your view point Jeff, but consider that the UK rules result in the terrorists also being unarmed. The first police officer to engage the terrorists was off duty. The armed police response arrived and took out the targets within 8 minutes. 5 people died.
    When an assailant armed with rifle and handgun attacked a club in the US the armed response was only 5 minutes. 49 people died.
    No judgement. Just figures.
    There is a tendency to only look at one side of the equation and imagine “if only”. This is not a practical response however.
    Terrorists can attack with heavy vehicles as experienced in France recently. I have my doubts that even well meaning open carry laws could have stopped that carnage. Evil will always adapt to the situation and find a way to kill and maim. It is simplistic to think that firearm laws are the only answer.
    The safety of the masses comes back to good men who are good at violence. Armed, unarmed, it doesn’t matter. Think of the US soldiers who tool out the attacker on the French train.

  3. The Charlie Hebdo office was attacked with AK-47s, despite France’s complete ban on firearms. Britain has an admittedly low murder rate using firearms, but they still have one, and it’s growing. As it the flow of illegal firearms into the country. The flow of illegal firearms into the country has increased so much, that current black market prices have dropped to £200-£300 for a gun. Still high, but that’s the price you pay for illegal stuff. If terrorists WANTED firearms for their attacks, they could get them. Thankfully, they’re choosing to use knives and vehicles.

    In America, we have a firearm for every man, woman, and child. On the downside, we have a much higher murder rate using firearms. On the upside, more people are murdered using knives and baseball bats than firearms. Additionally, more firearms are used in the PREVENTION of crimes than are used in the commission of crimes. Like, by a LOT.

    So yes, my odds of being shot by a crackhead in the commission of a crime are higher here, but my odds of being able to prevent or end a crime are infinitely higher. At least I have that option, should the need ever arise.

  4. Hi from the other side of the pond again Jeff. You, along with a lot of other Americans equate the very restrictive UK firearms laws with ” disarming the British citizenry/public. The British citizenry/public were never armed in the first place, at least not in the US sense that you can open/conceal carry. When I got my first firearm licence solely for target shooting in the UK back in the early 80s, it took me 9 months to get a permit for a S&W Model 41 .22 lr. When I first saw the permit, it stated that I could purchase and own the pistol described, but that I couldn’t take it from my house to the range! It took another 2 months to get the illegal restriction removed. It was a very obvious big red rubber stamp right across the licence,as well as another pathetic excuse to restrict private firearm ownership.
    As for the police being no better armed, no better armed than who? One of the first people to fightback was an off duty policeman, another one was an extremely irate Millwall soccer club fan ( Millwall soccer fans have a well deserved reputation for violence ),.both of whom didn’t hesitate to attack those scumbags, even if it was with bare hands, bar stools, glasses etc. As for your claim that ” And then, when help did arrive courtesy of the UK police the majority of them were not any better armed. “We are saved,” your citizens exclaimed, “for a man with a stick has showed up to this knife fight.” The LEOs that did turn up were as well armed and probably as well trained as most of the US SWAT teams. A lot oft these guys train on a regular basis with some of the best in the world, ie. SAS, SBS etc.

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