Iran nuclear deal

Since the close of World War 2 it would seem that the dreams and obsession of tyrants has shifted in the global community. Namely, it doesn’t appear that anyone is interested in conquering another country anymore. The price is too high and the juice is simply not worth the squeeze as they say. Perhaps it was due to the fact that Germany and Japan came as close as anyone in modern history and then suffered catastrophic defeat. Korea and Vietnam were more about ideological battles in a single country that was split along an arbitrary line. In 1979, China invaded Vietnam and then after a month decided, “you know what screw it we’ll just wait for Full Metal Jacket to come out” and left. The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and we all know how that turned out because we saw Rambo III. Then after a night of drinking and disecting how the Soviets messed that up America apparently thought, “you know what, we can do this.” To invade a country and either destroy or occupy it in a bond of holy matrimony until death do you part is simply not worth it anymore. Even Putin is only trying to pull off a game of “just the tip” with his excursions into Crimea and the Ukraine. The world has changed my friends and no one truly needs to worry about being wiped off the map or being ruled by an evil foreign power. Except Israel. They totally have to worry about it and as such, they are entitled to go all in on self defense.

The Iranian Conundrum

It has been awhile since I have written on my particular blog due to the fact that the news cycle has been consumed with only two things. Guns and Trump. I’ve written all I need to say about that and I’ve found it better to just huddle down and wait for something more interesting so as not to waste the reader’s time. I do write for a bunch of other people as a paid writer and I’ve got bills to pay after all. But this Iran thing actually has me intrigued because it is not really about Trump as much as we want to make it about his decision. He is President of the United States and he gets to determine the foreign policy of this nature. Most people admit the Iran Nuclear deal was less than ideal and if he thinks he can get a better one then well, elections matter and have at it.

The Iranian conundrum is really all about Israel and the threat a nuclear armed Iran would pose to the nation. You see, Iran could sneak a nuke one day into New York Harbor and kill untold numbers of Americans. It would suck, but America would move on after turning Iran into Mad Max Fury Road. Apart from the exponential increase in flaming guitar men, Iran would have to choose between survival just to give us a black eye.

Israel on the other hand has a bigger problem at hand. Israel has a population of only 8.5 million in a densely populated land while Iran has over 80 million spread out across a fairly large region. Yes, Israel could strike back but not before suffering a national holocaust that threatens their very existence. Iran could perhaps survive an Israeli counter strike unless Israel has been working on some really cool Ark of the Covenant level weapons which I bet they have. Yes, America could counter but there still remains the question as to how far we would go. Even if we went all in on a retaliatory strike that’s still pretty useless to millions of dead Israelis. For Israel this is about survival and they would be silly to leave anything to chance.

They Have a Reason to be Scared

Despite being a Christian, I don’t think America has some moral or even biblical obligation to support everything Israel does. Israel takes a pretty heavy hand with the Palestinians in the region and I think they are playing the long game of settlement and annexation. In other words, after Jews have settled the occupied lands for another 100 years who will ever question if they should be anything other than Israeli. That being said they are our best ally in the region and you can’t really blame them.

Israel doesn’t even hold the same square mileage as the western portion of my home state of Tennessee. Now imagine every state surrounding Tennessee on the map pledging to destroy us and wipe us off the map. I’m looking at you Kentucky, but it’s a good thing you have all the bourbon so I’ll let it slide. What exactly do you want Israel to do people? See that little sliver of land somewhere in Montana? That’s Israel and the rest of the people around them ain’t exactly the good guys. 

So when you have Iran potentially developing a clandestine nuclear weapons program why would Israel do anything other than prioritize self-defense at all costs. The Iranian Nuclear deal was a less than stellar deal because it paused the inevitable. Of course Iran wants a nuclear weapon as why wouldn’t they? If I were Iran I’d have my spies waddling Uranium across the border in their prison purses all day long. The prize and time it buys you for having one is too great. The problem is that Iran also has a religious devotion to get on down and whereas Kim Jong Un was crazy, he didn’t have a perceived God telling him it was his duty. Israel has a reason to be scared and they have a right to do what it takes to survive.

Monday Morning Foreign Policy Experts

Despite everything I have just typed, I have to admit that I am among the ranks of the armchair Monday morning foreign policy experts. The fact that I was in the Marines and Iraq bears no weight unless jalapeno cheese is what you need build a nuke. I have a degree in Political Science and even a Masters, but this type of foreign policy is some high level stuff. I’d say about 45% of the nation hates what Trump did because Trump did it and another 45% are glad we pulled out of the deal because Obama created it. Somewhere in America is about 10% of the people who truly understand what this means and its implications.

That being said, we have sacred right endowed upon us by Bea Arthur’s panties to comment on the affairs of our nation as the average Joe. Plus, I’m just really excited I get to talk about something other than Guns, Trump, Russia and that David Hogg kid. I’ll be picking up the blog work here in the future so stay tuned. Facebook has made it harder and harder to reach you all, but I’m trying. There is an Unprecedented Mediocrity FB Group you can find here and much to my joy you find some of the most civil discussions there on some of the most challenging topics. Here’s to hoping more absurd topics can make their way into the news as absurdity was always my muse and original hope for this blog. Hence the lead picture of Mel Brooks as a Rabbi in Men in Tights. Until then.

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