Yes, It’s Possible To Be Pro Vaccine And Anti-Vaccine Mandate

Vaccine mandate

If you notice in that picture, we all have our sleeves rolled up prior to entering Iraq because they had just given us all the smallpox vaccine and we were terrified of that little scab on our arms. A balanced argument does not weigh all sides equally. Rather, a balanced argument gives weight to evidence and while contrary ideas may be considered, they will need to bring something unique to the table in order to have an equal seat at that table. For my military veteran brethren, let me say it another way. What do we say to Carl, when Carl tries to chime in and alter the well-thought out plan? For those that don’t know, we say ,”STFU Carl” and we carry on with the plan of the day. That’s not to say that Carl may not have a good idea here and there, but Carl is going to need to prove that he is not so remarkably Carl to be rightly considered. In addition, a balanced and rational discussion should always start off by acknowledging your own bias. We all have them and I do my best to fully disclose mine here. So as it pertains to the vaccine, I’ll go ahead and let you know that I am fully vaccinated. Moreover, I think that while many have legitimate objection to the vaccine, I think a good number of people are just being silly about it. If I could snap my fingers and instantly vaccinate everyone in the world, I just might do it. The only problem is that Thanos like power is not supposed to exist in the United States of America and I wouldn’t trust myself to wield that power well. It is for that reason that I want to tell you that I am all for the vaccine, but I’m very much philosophically opposed to the vaccine mandate. If I can borrow a few minutes of your time, I’d like to tell you why.

COVID-19 Is Just A Virus

I previously posted by reasoning as to why I landed on the fact that COVID-19 is not a global conspiracy of the illuminati and is, instead, a deadly virus that warrants some intervention. I don’t want to repeat myself, but I essentially landed on the belief that either their is one centralized power causing the entire world to take very similar steps to fight the virus and if so, that power is new world order in scale. Free nations, autocratic nations, Islamist nations, natural competitors like Russia, America, China, and India were all doing roughly the same thing. Masks, distancing, and the pursuit of a vaccine. I noted this when one of my writing clients in Moscow indicated she was on lockdown at the very same time we were here in America. Whatever centralized power can cause that owns nearly every world leader.

If it is not a centralized power causing the world community to react in unison, then there must be some decentralized force at play causing the world to react in the same manner. Think about it this way, if a fire breaks out in a city in every nation around the world, without coordination or centralized effort, the people in every nation are going to throw water on that fire. No one has to tell them to do it. That’s because around the world, fire acts on its own accord in a decentralized manner and a fire will burn in Moscow without so much as acknowledging that there is a fire burning in Beijing, Boston, or Budapest. So what kind of decentralized force could cause the world’s leaders to act in unison? Well, how about a decentralized virus that is just doing what it is programmed to do.

The virus has no idea where it is at in the world and specifically as it is relevant to us here in America, the virus doesn’t know if it is in a blue state or a red state. As far as I can tell, the virus in one body is not so much as aware that a virus in the body next to him is doing the same thing. Now, whether the virus was intentionally created in a lab, accidentally released, or even funded by Fauci grants, is not my point and I honestly don’t have any idea. I’m just speaking that the virus is here and what makes biological warfare so scary is that once you let that cat out of the bag, it doesn’t go back in willingly. Like a ship of Marines pulling into port for weekend leave in Australia, COVID is fixated on reproduction and little else. It’s a virus, it’s here, and this is what we are dealing with.

Vaccines Are a Reasonable And Rational Defense

As it pertains to the vaccine, yes I know its not actually vaccine, it is a reasonable approach to a public health crisis. Just like everyone started throwing water on a fire, every country with the capacity started racing toward that end of producing a vaccine. Now, big pharma has done plenty to create mistrust and I think vaccine hesitancy is actually a wise and reasonable approach. I didn’t rush to get it, though my nonprofit work afforded me early access. Rather, I wanted to wait and see. I’m not an anti-vaxxer by any means, but when it comes to new medicine, I am very much a you go firster. Trump got his vaccine before me and he’s weighed in. Speaking of decentralized forces, consider that something has caused both Trump and Biden to not only get the vaccine, but that they want you to get it as well.

Because my nonprofit field worked with seniors, nearly everyone I knew in a professional capacity was vaccinated early. I had a good couple of months to wait and see. I don’t personally know a single one who had any adverse reaction other than being a little ill. Not a single one. I do, however, know those who have suffered greatly and even died of COVID. So now, my observational skills are beginning to paint a non-mainstream media deduced thought. Shortly after, the American Medical Association put out a release that 96% of registered physicians were vaccinated. Of the 4% left, half of those had plans to do so.

Unfortunately, we have developed this tendency to call any emotionally unsatisfying truth, fake news these days. If you would but recognize your own bias early on and weigh these reports that present evidence more heavily, I’m confident that there is enough information available where you could find such truth. The hard part is you have to be emotionally resilient enough to seek what you may not want to find. But fine, maybe the AMA are all in on the scam. So I looked to registered physicians that I personally know. People I went to college with and I’m fortunate to call 5 such physicians my Facebook friends. I went and looked, sure enough, everyone of them had their vaccine. Granted, its not a large sample size, but I’m confident these people are not part of the illuminati.

We All Rely On Experts To Help Us Understand The World

If I am to believe that 96% of physicians are vaccinated, then I at least tried to find some antidotal evidence that it seems true. Similar reports show 76% of other healthcare workers like nurses and so on are vaccinate and this was all before the mandates. Just recently, I came across an article that said the nation’s second largest steelmaker is offering employees a $3,000 bonus if the company can hit the 75% threshold. The steelworkers are currently at 60% vaccinated. There seems to be a correlation where the higher the subject matter knowledge one has about medicine, the higher the vaccination rate.

Look, if I had to build a submarine that would take me underwater and 96% of Steelworkers said to do it one way and yet, 40% of doctors disagreed with them, I’m listening to the Steelworkers. That PhD is not going to give me a proper weld and seal, of that I am sure. You know how when a plane has turbulence, they say look at the stewardesses? If they are not freaking out, you don’t need to freak out. If they are freaking out, then bring on the drink cart because you are going down brother. We all rely on the expertise of others to help us understand this complicated world around us.

Dougie Houser MD

I do not have time to go to medical school. Certainly not in time to make a decision about this virus and as such, I am obligated to give stronger weight to the argument with evidence. That 96% of physicians getting the vaccine is pretty compelling. There are about 1 million registered physicians in America and so that 2-4% is still about 20,000 to 40,000 who have not gotten it yet for one reason or another. So I’m sure you can find one who is anti-vaccine, but for every 4 you find, I’m going to have 96 on this side. Not to mention the 5 of which I personally know. I’ve got to make a judgement call and the 96% are coming to the table with a great deal of evidence. I actually didn’t want the vaccine at first, but I had to confront my own bias and make a call.

Weigh Evidence And Confront Your Bias

The vaccines reportedly worked quite well early on, but the emotionally unsatisfying truth that I’ve had to accept is that it is not the same case against the Delta variant. It still helps, but it is nowhere near the 95% efficacy against the original variants. We had a plan to open up and then the Sylvie variant of Loki showed up and created a whole new multiverse of more masks, pain, and death. That’s a Marvel reference, if you don’t get it, just move on.

However, the preponderance of evidence still suggest that the vaccine offers great protection against hospitalization and death. When Republican governors of Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, and West Virginia are coming out and begging people to get the vaccine because 85% to 90% of critical care and ICU beds are full of unvaccinated people, that is not an insignificant observation. Perhaps emotionally unsatisfying if you have weighed heavily on the idea that COVID is scam, but if you don’t recognize the weight of those stats then I have to suggest you have not begun to address your own bias.

In a decentralized manner across this nation, hospitals are responding the same way. Mississippi set up a field hospital in Jackson, Idaho just brought in help from the Army and in my hometown, there is nary an ICU bed left. Once again, maybe its media, but I talk to people I know personally. They are corroborating the same thing. My original motivation for getting the vaccine was not my own health, but so that I wouldn’t put seniors I work with at risk. While it is unfortunate that this is not full proof according to the data, I’ll have to settle on the fact that at least I won’t take up an ICU bed when someone you love gets in a car crash and needs one. It won’t be my butt struggling to breath in the bed that should have been used for you and yours.

Make Your Own Choice But Maybe Shut Up If You Can’t Confront Bias and Weigh Evidence

So, if you don’t want to the get vaccine, then don’t. However, unless you have thoroughly vetted the evidence, please stop encouraging others to abstain just so that they can be part of your tribe. It’s reckless and in my opinion, immoral. If you lived on a cove and a kid was playing in the street and you saw a car coming for that kid, I’m confident you would yell out and warn the kid. Now, how frustrating would it be for another neighbor on that cove to come out and start telling that kid, “there’s no car, I can’t see a car, he just doesn’t want you to have fun.” You would yell louder and louder for the kid to listen. Perhaps your other neighbors come out and they too can see the car, so they all yell in unison.

But the one neighbor persists to confuse the kid and though mortal danger is approaching, the kid remains frozen and confused. When and if that car does hit that kid, the one neighbor who told the kid to stay in the street can’t use, “I didn’t see the car coming because of the fence.” That is a piss poor excuse when he could damn well see every neighbor on the cove with a better vantage point pleading with the kid to move. If you don’t want a vaccine, don’t get one. However, please stop yelling out to your fellow citizens that there is no car coming when you can damn well see what 96% of neighbors themselves have weighed in on the matter. A politically and emotionally satisfying dank meme is not evidence. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s not.

Finally, Why I’m Against Mandates

You’ve just spent 15 minutes hearing my bias and why I am very much supportive of the vaccine approach. That being said, President Biden is wrong on an ethical, moral, and constitutional level to enact this mandate. I’m not saying such a mandate might not be necessary in an unforeseen future. Right, I mean if Ebola was spreading this fast and we had to watch our kids vomit until they broke their backs from convulsing, I’d Thanos snap a vaccine in your butt in a heartbeat. There are some scenarios so terrifying that we must put a pragmatic face on the expression of liberty. I’m just saying the Coronavirus is far too low a bar to start trading one’s individual liberty over the own body for security. Yes, one can abuse liberty and but our predisposition must be to fear abuses of power with more dread.

COVID is bad and I’m sorry that you may have lost loved ones, but this threshold is too low. Not in this politically divisive season of history. Bias disclosed, I’m no Trump fan so please here my genuine thought on Biden. If he wanted to united Americans, he couldn’t do worse by forcing 30% of them to get a shot they don’t want. Actually no, he can do worse as L.A. has shown where they are mandating all kids 12 and up, soon to be more, to get this vaccine. So, forcing parents to give their kids a shot that has been around less than a year is a bridge too far. Even for me because if my kid got COVID, I know it was just biology and he has a reasonable chance of fighting it. If he got till or worse because the government forced me to give him a shot, that is force and that is something I would have a hard time forgiving. If I choose to give him the shot, that’s on me and I’m doing my best. When the government gives me no choice, it is force. Understand the difference.

Convincing people that the vaccine is helpful and that public health officials are just doing their best to live up to their responsibilities is hard work. When you come out with a mandate that is so heavy handed while saying you are losing patience, let’s me know that you were never really respecting liberty to begin with. Sort of like when my kid wants to tell me all the reasons he should stay up all night and listen to him knowing full well that his butt is going to bed when it is over. “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force. Like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master; never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.” George Washington

This Is An Afghanistan Level Bad Mistake

President Biden, make no mistake about it, this mandate is about force. I fear where in this divisive political season of our history where such an irresponsible action may lead us. You know, sort of like how you though pulling the troops out of Afghanistan and abandoning Bagram would end well? I’m confident that there are plenty who are fed up with the irrational logic of some people refusing the vaccine. I understand their dilemma as discerning truth is very difficult in this day and age, which is why I spent the bulk of the article doing so. This mandate will further mistrust and deepen our already widening divide. Americans don’t need anymore reason to read each others social media and respond like this to their fellow citizens.

The threat of Coronavirus is not so great that we must unleash the force of government on large swaths of society. There may come a threat that warrants such force in the future, but that is not here today. The mandate is such a monumental bad idea that a foreign adversary couldn’t think of a better plan to divide America. I’m vaccinated and I think you should be too. Worst case scenario, we’ll all just die together along with 96% of America’s finest physicians. In the meantime, I am morally and pragmatically opposed to this mandate. I invite any and all vaccinated Americans to join me and spreading this word as we might be the only ones who can honestly say we have weighed the evidence, checked our bias, and our fervently opposed to mandates. Maybe, just maybe, someone will listen.

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Jeff Edwards


  1. I really enjoy your blog and look forward to your articles. This has given me a lot of thought as I wasn’t opposed to the mandate. After 21 years in the military and being vaccinated against every known plague on earth whether I wanted it or not it seemed like a good idea to stop the madness but I do see your point and will rethink my stance. Thanks again for a thoughtful article

  2. I have communicated with you before. I am fully vacinatined my family is vaccinate. I cannot believe any level of government can mandate, dictate vaccination. I question the efficacy of this ” vaccine”. I can still get the disease, I can still die from the disease, I can still transmit the disease.

    • I agree what you are saying but the important part that is not included is the percentages of contracting, getting sick and dying are way down with the vaccine. Nothing is perfect and this technology has been around since the 80’s so it isn’t something that is just new and untried. My 3 cents worth.

      • So then why couldn’t they develop a traditional vaccine for COVID that gives you natural immunity (by giving you a dead or weakened version of the virus) like the Tetanus/Diphtheria or measles vaccine? Why trot out this unproven, low-efficiency (in comparison to traditional vaccines per the CDC) mRNA “vaccine” as a cure all if it can’t even guard against mutations or breakthrough cases?

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