You can still support Donald Trump and bemoan the fact that fake news has ravaged America’s ability to tell fact from fiction.  You can still believe, as I do, that Trump won the election fair and square while confronting a foreign government for “attempting” to manipulate our elections.  None of what you read above is mutually exclusive and America can, in fact, have its cake and eat it too.  But if you are the type of person who melts down into a tantrum at the first sign of thought and ideas you don’t like, this is going to be hard one for you Margaret.  You see, the Trump supporters I respect more than all in the world are those who continually follow my blog.  I’ve been hard on the man, but you have never flinched, offered great commentary, and reasoned thought that has actually shifted my views a bit. But more importantly, you didn’t flee dissent and you are the exact type of supporters a President Donald Trump needs.  If however, you are already about to quit this blog or cease this article because your Bea Arthur panties are in a bunch, then let me offer you this parting message from St. Felecia, the Patron Saint of Farewells.


Let’s Talk About Fake News Baby

If my above message seems harsh, it’s only because I don’t know what I have to offer someone who literally gets angry and shuts down for reading words he or she doesn’t like.  So if that’s you, let me introduce you to a partner more to your liking.  Closed minded individual, meet fake news.  Fake news, meet closed minded individual.  Now, this fake news girl is a real catch my friends.  It doesn’t matter whether you are conservative or liberal she has a little sumpin sumpin for you.  After all, everyone wants real and honest news in the streets but fake news in the sheets.  Am I right?  Nothing gets you all hot and bothered like an imaginary world which satisfies your deepest thoughts.


For years, I have been railing against fake news and warned you that it was nothing more than a source of revenue from some Google Adsense guru in his mother’s basement.  It wasn’t then nor is it now anything to do with Donald Trump.  It’s about preserving the virtue of truth in our western way of life.  If Russia did utilize fake news in an attempt to influence the election sadly, they were just jumping into the market that we Americans created ourselves.



If the war on drugs has taught us anything it is that where there is a demand there will be a supply.  And sadly, we Americans have become a nation of intellectually dishonest people seeking news which tickles our partisan ears and affirms our deepest desires.  Fake news is just a product of the partisan market, or perhaps even just a parasite in need of a partisan host to survive.  Are you the host?  Do you share the blatantly absurd, inexplicably unlikely, and just plain stupid?  If you have ever shared an article implying Obama is sending the Blue Helmets of the United Nations to take our guns I want you to punch yourself in the face right now.  I’m not being mean, I just hope it might knock the parasite out of your brain.  The pursuit of truth is the only cure and I’m afraid America is rapidly pursuing a terminal diagnosis.

What Makes News Fake?

Unfortunately, America’s love affair with fake news is about to have real ramifications for the press, conservative sites, and small time bloggers like me.  Facebook in particular is on a rampage to suppress anyone they might suggest fits into that category.  So if you share fake news, thanks a lot from this small time opinion blogger.  For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and in this case, getting controversial , yet true, information is going to be really hard when the powers that be clamp down.  Dang it Carl, see what you did by sharing fake news?  You awoke the sleeping giant that is progressive censorship.  Now look at this concrete evidence that Obama doesn’t wipe after he goes potty.  Raul Castro ain’t having any of that.

US President Barack Obama visits Cuba

People often like to deride those who attack conspiracy theories or fake news by saying, “Labeling it conspiracy of fake news is just the illuminati’s way to discredit it.”  Yes, I agree.  But sometimes stuff is just not true nor is it even remotely possible.  The UN is going to take 300 million guns from Americans who know how to use them?  Please.  Obama is going to institute Sharia law when has been one of the biggest proponents for gender and gay rights in history?  Please, I guess that whole transgender bathroom thing was a false flag for his real desire to execute them as sharia would dictate.  This stuff is not hard to sniff out my friends and if you click and share it you are doing nothing but driving the market for more of it.  Tsk Tsk, shame on you.


Look, the mainstream media has countless problems but they are not to be entirely discredited.  In fact, I think it would be dangerous to do so.  Take a look at the graphic above.  Now, I have no idea who created it, but based on my own observation it’s somewhere in the relative ballpark  You could argue one source more to the left or right, up or down, but in general I think it’s within a grenades range of being reasonable given human opinion.  The goal of keeping media accountable is not to rely on one source.  I get my facts from places all across that spectrum and I intentionally seek out those I’m least likely to disagree with.  Did you hear that, I intentionally seek out dissenting thought from my own?  What a concept.  Pro tip, if the website you get your information from has more than 10 ads including that annoying pop up it’s likely fake clickbait news.  Congrats, you just paid an internet nerd’s Xbox live membership.

Finally, Russia Hacking

I do not now, nor will I ever, support an Electoral College Coup against Trump.  I do, however, believe on the evidence thus far presented that Russia had their boy picked.  It doesn’t have to be that nefarious and nor does it have to allow for Trump’s involvement.  Trump could have just been the unwitting recipient of unneeded attention from Russia.  But I’ll tell you, Trump is not doing himself any favors by telling people to “move on, get over it, nothing to see here” type of response.  If this were some cop show and the detective showed up at someone’s door only to get that type of response tell me you wouldn’t think Col. Mustard might have actually done it in the library with the candlestick?


Trump, your PR person sucks so I’m going to offer an alternative response from the UM PR department.  “I am aware of the reports of Russia hacking coming out of the CIA and as future President of the United States I am committed to preserving the integrity of our electoral process.  As of now it is not clear whether the Russians even tried to undermine our Democracy but we see zero evidence that any of their reported efforts were successful in changing the outcome of this election.  This election was a movement that transcends any individual and born in the heartland of America.  But America can take heart that as President of the United States I will swear to protect our nation against all enemies foreign and domestic.  If any foreign nation would seek to undermine our sacred institutions they will find no greater foe than President Donald J. Trump.”

See, wasn’t that better and more reassuring?  Your PR person sucks Trump.  It looks like Russia tried and there is no upside to denying it.  For Americans who support Trump, it is only patriotic to find out if it happened and why.  It does no good to discredit the CIA, for if Trump’s response is any indication then why do we have a CIA to begin with?  The President basically said the CIA is unreliable and untrustworthy.  I had some glimmering post-election optimism for Trump, but his response to the Russian hack has diminished.  Why should we ever stop in the pursuit of truth and why shouldn’t our President be the one to lead us in that charge.

In Conclusion

I’ll say it again, you can investigate whether or not a foreign nation “tried” to influence our election and still believe Trump won it fair and square.  That’s where I’m at.  I know Putin denies it, but this is the same guy who denied the invasion of Crimea and Ukraine.  We have video and satellite evidence of tanks crossing the border and Putin is all like, “What tanks?”  Paramilitary forces entered Crimea, staged an election and annexed it.  And Russia was all like, “no I didn’t.”  So don’t act like it’s beyond the Bond-esque like villain to try?  There is a reason bi-partisan law makers are calling for an investigation and Trump’s innocence would be better served to support it.


There is more tangible evidence that Russia at least “tried” than all the Obama Jade Helm, Sharia Law, UN Blue Helmet fake news you have been so quick to share. Just investigate it.  Keep an open analytical mind about it.  It doesn’t have to hurt Trump and nor should it nullify the election.  Otherwise, foreign governments could easily influence the outcome of an election just by trying with a little reverse psychology.  Yes, America has interfered in the elections of many foreign nations and I am of the opinion those nations would have been served well to oppose it.  So shouldn’t we?  This doesn’t have anything to do with Trump, it’s about defending our future nation of which Trump will be it’s leader against foreign enemies.  Russia is the bad guy here, not Trump.

Did you make it to the end of this article?  How many times am I going to have to ask for Bea Arthur’s panties back from people who clearly didn’t read the article?  You might not have liked what I typed as this is just my opinion, but if you made it to the end you are my kind of people regardless of where you stand.  We need more of you and less fake news if America is to survive the new GWOT, that is the Global War on Truth.

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8 Replies to “Yes Margaret, Fake News and Russian Hacking Matters to America”

  1. The only thing more dangerous than a news source whose editorial board you disagree with is a news source that you do agree with that doesn’t have an editorial board.

  2. I’ll preface my response first by saying that last week I fell, suffered a head injury, concussion, etc. I feel like the wind is out of my sails, negative Fucks Given, Kelvin Fucks Given.

    The article, great read, thought provoking. Perhaps the role of POTUS should be the Officer Barbrady of the free world. “Nothing to see here, move along!” I say that because running a country, running the premier free country in this world, shouldn’t entail hand-holding the citizens of the free world through every step of their day. If, for instance, he says that Russian cyber tampering is not a concern, you have two responses, either accept it or challenge for more information depth information. The responsibility to research and harvest that information now falls on you, the consumer. And as your graphics show, there are many sources to look to for info. It’s been my contention to never discount any particular news source because there’s usually a kernel of truth hidden amongst the cow pattys. So, bottom line being, we are moving away from the days of our leaders spoon feeding us the warm fuzzies and leaving it up to ourselves to seek the truth.

    But that is only how I see it through my skewed view of the world.

  3. I find it interesting in an article about Fake News you supply a graphic without knowing the source of the graphic, but say that in your opinion it is pretty good. A few of those sources that are being hailed as reputable have been in fact proven to have provided fake news (or to have displayed that information in such a manner as to put a certain slant to it). This is the issue that a lot of people are having, and which you do point out in your article, when people get to pick what is fake and what is not, we all lose. I am not saying your opinions are not valid, but using questionable sources to support your opinion is in itself creating fake news. Just a thought, and no, I will not stop reading your article just because I don’t always agree with them. At least you have the courage an moral fortitude to admit what you actually think!

  4. At first I “Snoped” most articles that I found questionable, until I ran across one that said the head guy at “Snopes” had been arrested for fraud. Now what, I said, so I just started ignoring all suspect articles. I, like you, believe that if it happened, it happened, investigate and move on, but get the facts out before “fake news” gets their “news” out. By the way, your Graf pretty much matches the one I’ve had in my head for the last 15 years.
    Keep on writing brother, my panties arn’t in a wad yet.
    Semper Fi

  5. The prominence of fake news in society can be attributed to to our “drive-thru” mentality, in my opinion. We don’t want to put forth any effort to find the truth or even a reputable source for the truth. We take “news” posted on social media as fact because otherwise, it requires us to disprove it and that is just too much of work. I think we are becoming the people that we have been accused of being by our fearless leaders, clueless and lacking the ability to think for ourselves. THEY know whats best for us than we do. The push back from the election is proof that the majority has had enough. We are no going to accept the news at face value, or at least we shouldn’t. Check multiple sources, do your homework before you buy into a specific angle on a particular topic. Do not, as many people do, spout “Facebook facts” as the truth. There is some legitimate content on there to be consumed, but just because its on the internet does not make it true.
    For the record, I am a regular reader of your blog, as well as others. Differing opinions only make you think harder about your own position on any given subject. We all don’t have to agree all the time, but we all need to behave and get along. There will be no participation trophies handed out in the end.

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