In a very short time, if it has not happened already, Joe Biden is going to become the President-elect of the United States of America. Now pause for just a second. If that first statement caused disbelief, anger, and the desire to navigate away from this article, then you are a human being. It’s called cognitive dissonance and it’s a universal human trait. In the field of psychology, cognitive dissonance is when a person holds certain beliefs, ideals, or worldviews and they experience psychological stress when they are forced to confront any action or thought that goes against those beliefs. Now let me follow up with another statement. With 100% certitude, there were individuals and forces at play who attempted to fraudulently advance Joe Biden’s presidency in this election. Moreover, they likely got away with some of it. Once again, if that angers you and you want to navigate away, welcome to the human race. So if I can borrow a few minutes of your time, let’s touch on both and perhaps you can help your fellow citizen understand what is happening to them right now.

There is some element of fraud in this election

The past four years have been filled with rhetoric that Donald Trump is as bad as Hitler and his followers are fascists. They have cursed, yelled, and tried to cancel anyone who opposes that notion. The past six months or more have been filled physical violence, destruction of property, and rioting guided by the belief that it’s ok to be violent to stop fascism and advance socialism. What makes you think that those same people, if given the opportunity, would not feel morally justified in committing fraud to stop the reelection of Donald Julius Trump?

Would the same people who punch senior citizens for wearing a MAGA hat, slip in a fraudulent vote or two if they could? If you take to the streets screaming “burn it all down”, you typically don’t stop and say, we’ll lets save the integrity of our elections and the electoral college, but burn the rest of it down. As such, conservatives are right and just to want a high level of scrutiny into the results of the election. If you could go back in time and steal an election to stop Hitler, would you? So what are we supposed to think people who think Trump is Hitler would do?

As a nation, we are just to ask the question whether or not it is ever possible to truly have trust in the integrity of the elections with universal mail in voting. After all, if cognitive dissonance is a universal human trait, is it ever truly possible for any losing party to accept an outcome without experiencing that psychological pain which forces them to question the legitimacy. If you are a Biden supporter, do you not feel pain at the mere suggestion that elements of the election are fraudulent? So let me follow up with this statement. I believe that Joe Biden won the race because he won. I believe that Donald Trump lost, because he lost. So let me move on and cause psychological trauma to the other half of America.

Donald Julius Trump lost the election fair and square

Now, I don’t say 100% fair due to the above paragraphs. However, I don’t think anyone stole this election and Biden is justified to be the president elect of the United States of America. If you have evidence to support otherwise, present it in a court of law. If the Trump administration finds evidence, will he not present it in a court of law? There is no one in the world experiencing more psychological trauma and cognitive dissonance than Donald Trump right now. He will put all the evidence in a court of law if it is there to be found. Tweets are not evidence. His deeply held beliefs have been shattered and he cannot come to the conclusion that he lost in a fair fight. By the way, have you been told that Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself today?

Listen, in the last election, Donald Trump rightly won the electoral college but lost the popular vote. That’s our constitution, deal with it. In this election, he once again lost the popular vote and just barely lost the electoral college. At no point in this nation’s history has the majority of Americans wanted this man to be President of the United States. Now, I support the electoral college 100%, but you can’t be surprised that the man lost. He didn’t do himself many favors as for his own reelection, but the enthusiasm he built around him may have saved the Senate for the GOP.

I have confidence in our elections, not because of the GOP or the Democratic parties. I have confidence because every election is run by local official and volunteers of both parties. It’s fraudulent for Trump to say “They won’t let us in” when there are already some MAGA loving Trumpers on the ground and they’ve been there on day one in every single election. Now, this Presidential outcome is razor thin, so yes, fraud was possible. However, every city council election, state legislature election and other small local official is always razor thin. Thus, there are local elements on the ground in every election trying to keep it fair. Once again, that pain you are feeling right now as you read these words means you are human. And since I have officially caused psychological trauma to 100% of America with both sections, let me at least offer a remedy that 100% of America can pursue.

Stop sharing ignorant and stupid memes

Stop sharing stupid stuff that eases your psychological trauma. Democrats acting like there was zero chance of fraud and thus want zero oversight or evaluation of the tallies we are seeing are like the stupid parent who dressed up like Santa Clause to ease their child’s psychological trauma over the awareness that Santa is not real, and gets stuck in the chimney.

Meanwhile, Trump supporters who insist the election outcome was rigged, despite zero evidence, is like the parent who keeps trying to explain away why Santa at one mall was white and the Santa at this mall is black. At some point you come to the conclusion that you have to break the news to the kid that Santa is a fraud, regardless of the psychological trauma aka cognitive dissonance that it might bring.

Which ever side of the spectrum you fall on, quit sharing stupid stuff on social media. It would seem that as Americans, we find relief from our own cognitive dissonance by stoking up the cognitive dissonance of our fellow Americans. Normally, that would be fair game. However, in this current season of American history it is reckless and dangerous. I’ve said it many times before, but if you shake the crazy cages of America, don’t be surprised when a nut falls out.

I like America better than the rest of the world

Police already had to break up a plot to storm and attack the Philadelphia convention center where the votes are being counted. Please, my fellow Americans, choose your words and your memes carefully in the days, weeks, and months ahead. I’ve travelled much of the world and the rest of it sucks balls compared to America. Apologies to my Canadian readers, but your bacon isn’t bacon. If our two countries ever war against one another it will be to force you to remove the word bacon from that travesty of a piece of meat.

From the Middle East, Europe, China and beyond, I’ll take America any day of the week. Those of you who muse about Civil War know not what you ask. Picture the horrors of the Civil War in Syria or Sudan and then mix in China, Russia, and every other adversary meddling in the middle of it. If you break the Humpty Dumpty that is America, there is no putting it back together again.

If you’ve not travelled the world, I highly encourage you to do so. We’ve got it made in the shade in America. We are free to criticize whoever we want in America. Donald Trump has a small penis (according to Stormy) and Joe Biden likes to sniff kids while simultaneously raising his own crack smoking kid. See, no secret police coming to get me. I’ve got guns, lots of guns, and you do too. We have a fairly decent, but sometimes flawed legal system that reasonably protects you from persecution. We are free to make as much money as our hard effort and ingenuity allows us to. Which by the way, if you want to learn how I make over six-figures writing as a side hustle, click below to check out the first free lesson of The Veteran Copywriter for free! Shameless plug, Capitalism, hell yeah!

My fellow Americans, my point is that life is pretty good here in America. Despite having a decent sized audience and reach, I’ll do nothing to incite any of you against each other. I will cause you a little psychological pain from time to time, but that’s only for your good. The founding fathers actually set up some pretty good mechanisms for America to change and vent its anger. So much so and unlike anything the world that I think the founding fathers were actually aliens sent here to create a great experiment to help us manage our humanity.

Yes, people tried fraud in this election and American needs to seriously rethink mail in voting if it is going to lead to the lack of confidence we have today. Yes, I think Joe Biden was legitimately elected President of the United States. But most importantly, I hope that spend some time evaluating your own pain and cognitive dissonance logically after reading this article. Evaluate yourself, choose your words carefully, and stop sharing stupid memes. If there is evidence it will find itself in a court of law. If it does not, then well, there you have it folks. The great American Trump experience was one hell of a ride, but it’s time to move on, because America is still worth it, regardless of who leads it. I hope you’ve enjoyed the pain I brought you all today, to follow along at Unprecedented Mediocrity for more or The Veteran Copywriter for all things writing.

10 Replies to “Your Position on Election Fraud is Cognitive Dissonance at it’s Finest”

  1. Great piece of writing! Thanks for taking the time to help us navigate thru the dark labyrinths of our anguished minds. It is no brainer — Trump or no Trump, cheaters will find ways to cheat. But there’s also intimidators –bribers –manipulators etc. We should not discount how rules/laws were broken to continue big rallies for example, despite the pandemic, and herding multitudes straight to the early voting centers after they’ve been pumped by fiery speeches –dare I say lies about Biden –so that the crowd’s anger easily translates into votes for Trump?

  2. I didn’t vote for Trump or Biden and I agree with you on most things in this article, but you’re ignoring the very real possibility that now that the fraudsters are in charge, they may start looking for ways to suppress all those rights you mention. As you point out, they have been promising violence and abuse for four years and the system was wide open for fraud this year. But just listen to their own words. Kamala Harris has already promised gun confiscation if she becomes President and Joe Biden has suggested confiscation of semi-autos. He wants to ban oil and gas (which will plunge us into poverty since, at the current level of alternative energy technology, electricity and transportation (not to mention space heating) require oil and gas usage. I know we’d like to believe that the forces that have made Europe a place we don’t prefer over America can’t be brought to bear here, but if the Dems manipulate a triumvirate out of this election, they’re going to try to do just that. Does America remain a place we want to live in when the Democrats force everyone who likes it here to live as the leftist prefer or does it become a civil-war-torn hellhole? I’m thinking civil war just became likely, if not inevitable. The leftists needed a strong repudiation of their insanity, and since they didn’t get it, they aren’t going to back off without someone pushing back against their bullying. Just my observation. I’m not planning to participate in that, but I don’t see how it isn’t inevitable because of the level of division we’re experiencing.

    1. “As you point out, they have been promising violence and abuse for four years”
      The person elected has not been promising any such thing. He isn’t going to do anything to enhance likelihood of future fraud.

      “Kamala Harris has already promised gun confiscation”
      Not really. She didn’t. The actual QUOTE of what she said is “… I will give the United States Congress 100 days to get their act together and have the courage to pass reasonable gun safety laws. And if they fail to do it, then I will take executive action…. I would require a background check for anyone that sells more than five guns a year… I will require that any gun dealer that breaks the law, the ATF takes their license.”

      Having said that- she did say she would also require police to actively confiscate guns from people who are CURRENTLY NOT legally allowed to own firearms- felons and mentally ill at risk of harming others. Currently it is up to a felon to voluntarily surrender their firearms. Which makes how much sense?

      “Biden has suggested confiscation of semi-autos.”
      No, he hasn’t. The requirements he suggested are to have TWO options for “assault weapons” (yes, that’s a BS term) You can either register your weapon making it easy to track in the case of being used in a crime- or sell your weapon off to the government. He never suggested anything about restricting the ownership of these weapons and said he doesn’t intend on restricting it.

      “He wants to ban oil and gas ”
      No? He literally never said that. He wants to provide more incentives to help the country transition away from oil based fuels. Thereby preventing the very issue you bring up on our utter dependency on it.

      Having said all that- I’m not a huge fan of Democrats as a party. They have done some rather dumb things in the past that irk me- then again so have Republicans. At any rate, spreading lies and fearmongering like above serves nothing but to further worsen our problems. Please refrain from being part of the problem and fact check a little before repeating misinformation. We already have plenty of media outlets spreading lies. Let’s all not add to it.

        1. None of that relates to any of the above points. Nothing on any campaign site or not has he ever said anything about confiscation of firearms. He specifically says he wants firearm registration for “assault weapons”

          That site has a lot of cruft and conjecture. In some cases it just makes leaps and assumptions or just flat out lies.

  3. I believe if we were ever to have a transparent election then this would be that time. I also think there were some shady dealings that we may never know about. The election showed that the country is dangerously split this time and that is concerning. As a police officer I have to be concerned that our field has been and will no doubt continue to be highly scrutinized at every turn. People on the right get loud sometimes but have not, generally, been prone to violence and destruction. I pray that the left will tone down their rhetoric in the coming months. The police/public issues are due to a lot of factors that I believe most come down to a disregard for the rule of law that comes from a generation who didn’t learn the word no when they were kids. God help us if the common working man ever gets fed up and feels that he no longer has a voice.

  4. I could live in Canada, regardless of their bacon challenge. There is a lot to like about our Northern neighbors. I AGREE with you Jeff…I WOULD RATHER LIVE IN AMERICA than ANY WHERE ELSE. Plus we still have Former Sec Def James Mattis!!!

  5. Lest we forget: we are always one generation away from tyranny. That being said, I as an individual can only hope to do my own thing and live my life because let’s be honest, it’s short. However I do sincerely believe that the America as we know it (unless by some crazy stretch of reality Trump wins from this ligitation) died the other day. We certainly won’t become communist China overnight. We’ll start to look like France more and more and then in a few decades the America we see today will be unrecognizable.

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